Complete List of Bell Channel List 2023

Complete List of Bell Channel List 2023

Bell has firmly established itself as a leading player in the area of entertainment, offering a comprehensive lineup of channels that cater to a diverse range of interests. As we venture into 2023, Bell continues to redefine the entertainment experience, providing an extensive selection of channels that span various genres and categories.

Bell’s Channel Diversity

Bell’s reputation in the entertainment industry is synonymous with variety. With a commitment to offering an expansive range of channels, Bell ensures that viewers can find content that resonates with their unique preferences. This dedication to diversity has positioned Bell as a go-to destination for those seeking an immersive and engaging entertainment journey.

Categories Galore: Exploring Bell’s Channel Lineup

Bell’s channel lineup is thoughtfully organized into various categories, ensuring that there’s something for everyone. Let’s delve into the major categories that define Bell’s channel offerings:

 Entertainment Channels

For those who crave captivating narratives and engaging series, Bell’s entertainment channels are a treasure trove. From thrilling dramas that keep you at the edge of your seat to reality shows that offer a peek into real-life stories, these channels offer a diverse range of content to suit all tastes.

Cinematic Bliss: Movie Channels

Movie enthusiasts are in for a treat with Bell’s movie channels. Whether you’re a fan of timeless classics that evoke nostalgia or the latest blockbuster releases that leave you in awe, these channels bring the magic of the silver screen to the comfort of your living room.

Sports Channels

Sports fans can indulge their passion with Bell’s sports channels. From live coverage of various sporting events to expert analyses that provide in-depth insights, these channels offer a front-row seat to the exhilarating world of sports.

News Channels

Staying up-to-date with current affairs is effortless with Bell’s news channels. These channels are dedicated to delivering accurate and timely information, ensuring that viewers remain connected to the latest global events and developments.

Kid-Friendly Fun: Kids Channels

Bell ensures that young minds are nurtured and entertained through its dedicated kids channels. From animated adventures that spark imagination to educational programs that make learning enjoyable, these channels cater to children of all ages.

International Channels

Experience cultures from around the world without leaving your home through Bell’s international channels. These channels offer a glimpse into diverse perspectives and global content, enriching your entertainment journey.

Lifestyle Channels

For those who relish lifestyle content, Bell’s lifestyle channels offer a diverse range of shows covering topics such as culinary delights, travel escapades, home improvement, and more.

Niche Interests Channels

Bell’s specialty channels cater to niche interests, delivering content tailored to music enthusiasts, tech aficionados, fashion devotees, and more. These channels provide specialized content that caters to unique passions.

Accessing Bell Channels

Accessing Bell’s extensive array of channels is a straightforward process:

  • Set Up Your Bell Receiver: Ensure that your Bell receiver is properly set up and connected to your television.
  • Navigate the Channel Guide: Use your remote control to navigate the Bell channel guide. Browse through the available channels and categories.
  • Select Your Desired Channel: Once you’ve found a channel that piques your interest, simply select it using your remote control.
  • Enjoy the Content: Sit back, relax, and enjoy the content on the selected channel. With Bell’s diverse lineup, you have an abundance of options at your fingertips.

Complete List of Bell Channel

Below is the complete list of Bell channel:

1. ABC

2. CBS

3. NBC

4. Fox

5. PBS

6. The CW

7. CTV

8. Global

9. Citytv

10. CBC

11. ION Television

12. CTV2

13. FOX News Channel

14. FOX Business Network


16. CNBC

17. CNN

18. HLN

19. A&E

20. Bravo

21. Comedy Network

22. Discovery Channel

23. Lifetime

24. Food Network

25. National Geographic

26. History

27. Investigation Discovery

28. Syfy

29. TLC

30. TV Land

31. Animal Planet

32. Outdoor Channel

33. TSN

34. RDS

35. Sportsnet

36. Sportsnet One

37. Sportsnet World

38. Golf Channel

39. Disney Channel

40. Disney Junior

41. Disney XD

42. Nickelodeon

43. Nick Jr.

44. YTV

45. Treehouse

46. Teletoon

47. Much Music

48. VRAK

49. Canal Vie

50. Canal D

51. Ztélé

52. Télé-Québec

53. TVA

54. Évasion

55. Séries+

56. FX

57. FXX

58. W Network

59. Lifetime

60. Showcase

61. Slice

62. E!

63. MTV

64. MTV2

65. Comedy Central

66. BBC Canada

67. BBC Earth

68. BBC Kids

69. DejaView

70. Gusto

71. AMC

72. MovieTime

73. Sundance Channel

74. Crave1

75. Crave2

76. Super Channel 1

77. Super Channel 2

78. Super Channel 3

79. Super Channel 4

80. Hollywood Suite 70s

81. Hollywood Suite 80s

82. Hollywood Suite 90s

83. Hollywood Suite 2000s

84. Viceland

85. CP24

86. CP24 GO

87. BNN

88. CPAC

89. CBC News Network

90. RDI

91. Weather Network

92. Treehouse HD

93. YTV HD

94. Much HD

95. Teletoon HD

96. TSN1 HD

97. TSN2 HD

98. TSN3 HD

99. TSN4 HD

100. TSN5 HD

101. Sportsnet 360 HD

102. Sportsnet One HD

103. Sportsnet Ontario HD

104. Sportsnet East HD

105. Sportsnet Pacific HD

106. Sportsnet West HD

107. Sportsnet World HD

108. Golf Channel HD

109. Disney Channel HD

110. Disney Junior HD

111. Disney XD HD

112. Nickelodeon HD

113. Nick Jr. HD

114. A&E HD

115. Bravo HD

116. Comedy Network HD

117. Discovery Channel HD

118. History HD

119. Investigation Discovery HD

120. National Geographic HD

121. W Network HD

122. Showcase HD

123. Slice HD

124. FX HD

125. FXX HD

126. MTV HD

127. MTV2 HD

128. CP24 HD

129. BBC Canada HD

130. MovieTime HD

131. Crave1 HD

132. Crave2 HD

133. Super Channel 1 HD

134. Super Channel 2 HD

135. Super Channel 3 HD

136. Super Channel 4 HD

137. Viceland HD

138. BBC Earth HD

139. BBC Kids HD

140. DejaView HD

141. Gusto HD

142. AMC HD

143. Sundance Channel HD

144. Hollywood Suite 70s HD

145. Hollywood Suite 80s HD

146. Hollywood Suite 90s HD

147. Hollywood Suite 2000s HD

Personalizing Your Channel Lineup

Recognizing that each viewer’s preferences are unique, Bell offers the ability to customize your channel lineup:

  • Access Channel Settings: Within the Bell menu, locate the settings related to your channel lineup.
  • Add or Remove Channels: Tailor your channel list to your preferences by adding channels that align with your interests and removing those that don’t resonate with you.


The complete list of Bell channels represents an all-encompassing solution for your entertainment needs. With its wide range of categories and channels, Bell ensures that there’s always something captivating on screen. Whether you’re a movie buff, a sports enthusiast, a news follower, or someone with niche interests, Bell’s commitment to delivering an immersive entertainment experience makes it a premier choice for modern viewers seeking diversity and engagement.


Can I access Bell channels online?

Yes, Bell offers online streaming through its platform, allowing you to enjoy channels on various devices.

Are there additional fees for premium channels on Bell?

Yes, premium channels often come with an extra subscription fee, depending on the package you choose.

Can I record shows on Bell?

Yes, Bell’s receivers typically come with recording functionality, allowing you to capture and watch shows at your convenience.

Is there a way to watch Bell channels on multiple TVs?

Bell offers multi-room viewing options, allowing you to access your channels on different televisions in your home.

Does Bell offer on-demand content?

Yes, Bell offers on-demand content through its Fibe TV service. Fibe TV offers access to a variety of on-demand content, including movies, TV shows, and sports. It also offers access to Netflix and Crave, which offer additional on-demand content.

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