How Long Does the Hourglass Last on Snapchat

How Long Does the Hourglass Last on Snapchat

Hello Fam! Hope you all having fun Snapchatting. You may be wondering how long the Hourglass lasts on Snapchat after working on your streak for a very long time and maybe your friend has not responded to your snaps to keep the streak going. The Snapchat streak is one of the many fantastic features of Snapchat.

Once the hourglass appears on the screen, though, this feature becomes bothersome. You’re going to lose your streak, according to the hourglass! So how long does the Snapchat hourglass last? Let’s investigate!

A wonderful social networking app is Snapchat. Over the years, a lot of Snapchat-like apps have been created, but none of them can fully replace them. The features of Snapchat are fantastic. This software has a lot to offer, including filters and a variety of lenses. 

If you’ve tried looking up the duration of the hourglass on Snapchat in the help area, you already know it’s useless doing that. I have therefore gathered all the data related to your inquiry. To find out how much longer your Snapchat streak will last, scroll down. 

How Long Does the Hourglass Last on Snapchat
How Long Does the Hourglass Last on Snapchat

What Does Snapchat’s Hourglass Mean?

You’re not alone, and this page is here to help if you’re still confused about what the hourglass sign means. When you see an hourglass icon, it implies that your streak with a friend is about to end and you have a short window of time to extend your streak and erase the hourglass icon.

Users of Snapstreak are informed when their streak is about to end by the appearance of the Hourglass, which is a warning to act right now. This sign aids individuals in remembering to transmit snaps to one another to maintain the SnapStreak

The length of the streak is only based on the total number of images taken by one user and forwarded to another user. Text messages and sticker messages are not included in SnapScore calculations on Snapchat.

As a warning that the streak is about to end if no action is taken from either side, an hourglass will appear next to the user’s profile and the profile of whoever the user is sharing the streak with. 

How much time does The Hourglass stay up on Snapchat?

Time to address yet another pressing inquiry: How long does Snapchat’s timer last? The hourglass is not a good portent for the future if you want to maintain a Snapstreak.

You’ll need to maintain your Snapchat game until you and your pals decide to halt the streak, either separately or collectively.

According to a lot of Snapchat users, your streak only lasts for two to three hours before it ends. Others, however, hold the view that it lasts for four to seven hours. Due to a lack of information on the support page, there is no conclusive fixed timeline for how long it can last. 

Some people think that the elusive era exists because not all streaks receive equal attention. The hourglass sign may show up to seven hours of warning after months of constant use. However, the emblem might only be shown for two hours if your streak is only a few days old. 

How To Not Get The Snapchat’s Fearsome Hourglass

Since we are unsure of how long the hourglass symbol will last, we can calculate how long it takes for it to appear. According to Snapchat, you must send at least one snap to the person on the other end of the streak every day. The hourglass stops at 24 hours.

You can stop stressing over Snapchat’s ticking hourglass timer by using these techniques. 

  • Instead of sending chat messages, send a snap.

A fun and simple way to get around the Snapchat streak timer is to send a Snap rather than a text message. You may continue to be witty while still motivating the recipient to take action as a result.

When you need to communicate with someone fast, remember to snap at them rather than texting or messaging them directly.

  • Morning Snaps

Send your buddies a “Good Morning” photo as soon as the day begins. The hourglass timer on Snapchat can be easily avoided with this technique. Now that you won’t be running out of time, you won’t have to worry about the day passing before you open Snapchat and send a snap.

Take one selfie in the morning and send it. The Snapchat streak timer can be hidden using a straightforward method, as we previously mentioned. 

  • Provide Your Snapstreak Friends With A Shortcut

We believe that we must send a snap to continue the run.

We neglect to accomplish this, though, and the game’s momentum is lost. To make sure you never miss out on anyone while sending streaks, use Snapchat shortcuts!

A persistent reminder to use the ShortCut will be provided if you add it to your phone’s home screen. With the Shortcut option, those of us who are famously slow to react will be reminded to send pictures frequently. 

Do both Pals get the hourglass?

The hourglass is visible for both users, yes. When a snap streak is set to expire, Snapchat notifies both users. The streak has a better probability of being saved in this manner.

If you haven’t sent your friend a snap in the past 20 hours, Snapchat will alert you both about the streak. Your friend will be able to remind you to send a snap this way. 

Only the person who has not submitted the snap matters, even though both users can see the hourglass icon.

Check to see who hasn’t sent a snap that day once you and your friend see the hourglass indicator. Only that person can send a photo or video to save the streak. 

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