How to Cancel AA Membership

The AA is a multi-national service that specializes in Insurance, Car Insurance, Home Insurance, AA Travel Insurance, European Breakdown Cover, and Home Subscription. As a route planner, AA provides a paid membership for access to a wonderful life and much more. AA provides various methods for canceling users’ memberships; thus, in this guide, I’ll walk you through how to cancel an AA subscription.

So, if you have to sign up for AA car insurance, Home subscription, or other AA services and are taking time off to terminate your subscription, you will be asked to pay the sum of £30 as your termination fee, and you will not receive an agreement fee back, according to the AA user agreement.

How to Cancel AA Membership
How to Cancel AA Membership

Termination Fee for AA

When you set up car insurance with the AA, you must pay a £28 arrangement fee. However, if you cancel your insurance policy before it begins, you will receive a full refund, including the arrangement fee.

In addition, if you cancel AA during your 14-day cooling-off period, they will refund you in part. The AA will deduct the calculated amount it has insured you for during the cool-off period, which is typical £15. However, the £28 arrangement fee will not be credited to your account when your money is refunded.

However, if you choose to cancel your AA subscription after the 14-day cooling-off period, you will be charged a £30 termination fee.

How Does AA Refund a Terminated Account?

There is a way AA works when you end your subscription intending to request a reimbursement. So, if you decide to end your AA car insurance, they will bill you some fee that you must pay if you want to continue with the termination.

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The fee, however, is determined by whether or not you were still within the cooling-off period. If you are still within the 14-day cooling-off period, you will probably partly be paid back, with the AA subtracting the number of days you have been insured, but if you are not, you will be precipitated to pay the sum of £30.

This regulation can also be distributed over a year if paid in advance, and the length of time you have been insured will be subtracted from the insurance fee.

Canceling Your AA Account by Phone

  • To deactivate your account, call the AA at 0343 316 4444. Press 2 for renewals or subscription inquiries from the choices presented. After that, you must enter your 16-digit subscription number. It should start with 6356 as the standard number and is on your AA subscription card. If you don’t have it, use the hash-key (#). It will give you more options, and you can press 4 if you want to leave the AA.
  • Tell an AA adviser that you want to deactivate your ‘breakdown cover and go elsewhere if you call them. If you are unhappy with the cost, you may bargain with the AA to get a lower rate instead of canceling. If you are determined to cancel, be firm and inform them you do not wish to continue with your subscription and will end future payments for it.
  • Within 14 days of starting your AA subscription, you can deactivate and receive a full refund. They may, however, deduct a termination fee from the refund amount. If you have annual or 2-year coverage, you can cancel, but you will not receive a refund unless you die or become unable to drive because of illness or injury. If you pay monthly or quarterly for continuous cover, you must give 30 days’ notice to cancel your AA subscription. This will take effect on the next payment date, after which they will no longer charge you. The AA will not refund previous payments.
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Online Cancellation

Log in to your AA account online to view the terms of service of your membership before canceling. You can view your payments and check the dates of your renewals. If your renewal date is approaching, it may be better for you to wait and cancel at renewal to avoid cancellation fees.

Regrettably, you cannot currently change your AA insurance policy in your account. You must contact the AA directly if you want to make changes, including termination. If you prefer not to make a phone call, you can still do this online. Simply contact the AA at [email protected].

Cancellation via Post

If you want to cancel your AA subscription by mail, send a letter to the AA. Include information such as your name, address, and subscription or policy reference numbers. You should also include your contact details so that the AA can verify the termination with you if required and inform you of any termination fees that you will be required to pay before it can terminate the agreement. If you are unhappy with changes to your premium or terms of service, you can deactivate within 15 days of receiving notice of such changes and receive a pro-rata refund for any unspent cover.

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You can cancel your subscription by writing to the AA at the address provided:

The Automobile Association Lambert House Stockport Road Cheadle Cheshire SK8 2DY Member Relations

How to Deactivate an AA Subscription Over the Phone

Follow the steps below to deactivate your AA subscription breakdown cover over the phone.

  • Call the AA’s helpline at 0843 316 4444.
  • Request a meeting with a representative agent.
  • Give the AA support agent your insurance policy number and contact information.
  • Inform the agent that you would like to cancel your subscription.
  • Request a confirmation email.

The AA termination confirmation email will put your mind at ease that they have successfully canceled your AA subscription.

FAQ About AA Account Termination

What is the subscription number for the AA?

The AA Subscription number is a 16-digit number found on the rear of your subscription card. When you decide to terminate your AA subscription, you must provide these numbers to the AA support agent assisting you.

How Do I Get Refund Procedure

When you cancel your car insurance policy, they will usually charge you a fee. The fee is determined by the insurance company. It also depends if you are still within your cooling-off period.

If you paid for the entire year in advance, they will reimburse you for the rest of your policy. However, AA will deduct a portion of your refund to cover the insurance you’ve already purchased. They’ll charge you a cancellation fee. It is fairly common among most car insurance companies.

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