How to Cancel Anytime Fitness Membership Fee

How to Cancel Anytime Fitness Membership Fee

Anytime Fitness is one of the world’s leading gym chains, with over 4700 locations worldwide. They may not have large, luxurious studios to entice you, but they provide a great gym session environment in which you can work towards your fitness goals at a reasonable price.

However, even at Anytime Fitness, you may find yourself with no choice but to cancel your membership. It could be a medical condition, moving to a new location, or simply becoming dissatisfied with being a member of that club.

In all of these cases, suspending your subscription may be your only option. So, here’s the big question: can you cancel your membership at Anytime Fitness? You certainly can. Stopping an Anytime Fitness subscription is simple, except that it may charge you an early termination fee if you have not completed the minimum term. We’ll get to that later in this article.

For terminating your Anytime Fitness subscription, you can do so via their website, in person at the club, or by phone. However, read your subscription terms and conditions carefully and know the words regarding when you can cancel your subscription and what the termination fee will be. In the following sections, we will explain how to suspend your Anytime Fitness subscription using various methods, as well as how much you would have to pay to suspend the subscription.

How to Cancel Anytime Fitness Membership Fee
How to Cancel Anytime Fitness Membership Fee

How to Deactivate Your Own Anytime Fitness

Anytime Fitness provides a seven-day cooling-off period. You have seven days to change your opinion if you want to.

If you don’t, keep in mind that ending Anytime Fitness is a difficult process. You’d likely be able to get a six-pack quicker than you could end your subscription before your next charge. To end your subscription, you must do:

Canceling an Anytime Fitness Membership Online

You can cancel your Anytime Fitness subscription available on the internet from wherever you are.

A stage process guide to canceling your Anytime Fitness subscription is provided below.

  • Go to Anytime Fitness’ main website here:
  • To gain access to your account, enter your username and password.
  • They will direct you to your subscription portal when you submit.
  • Go to the subscription termination section.
  • The ‘membership cancellation’ page will appear when you click the cancel button. 
  • Fill in your name, membership number, correct address, membership cancellation date, and club address.
  • After you have filled in these details, click the proceed button.
  •  It will take a moment for the system calculates the cost of your subscription termination and other details.
  • Within a few seconds, a pop-up will appear displaying the cost of canceling your Anytime Fitness subscription.
  • The technique is finished. They will send you an email admitting your termination request of your subscription.

If you do not receive the notification, you can track the progress of your termination request on their webpage. There will be a ‘membership status’ alternative. Check the status of your termination by clicking on it.

In-Person Cancellation of Anytime Fitness Membership

It is also possible to terminate your Anytime Fitness membership traditionally. To deactivate your Anytime Fitness subscription in person, follow these steps:

  • Go to your local Anytime Fitness club.
  • Inform their front desk executive that you want to terminate your subscription.
  • They will then have a discussion with you about why you want to terminate your subscription when you want to terminate your subscription, and so on.
  • They will then provide you with the Anytime Fitness termination form. Fill out the form with your information, including your name, address, Anytime Fitness unique identification number, joining date, termination date, and gym address.
  • Check the information and hand over the termination form to the employees.
  • Hang tight a few mins max for the executive to assess how much you’d have to pay to terminate your subscription.
  • Now, pay the termination fee and finish the process.

The benefit of terminating your Anytime Fitness subscription in person is that they will finish it within a day and you will not have to put it on hold for their email confirmation.

That being said, be prepared to explain why you want to terminate your subscription, as you will be directly interacting with the staff, as opposed to other forms.

How to Cancel Anytime Fitness Membership by Phone

Besides the online and in-person methods, you can deactivate your Anytime Fitness subscription by phone.

This is the exact procedure to follow.

  • To begin, call Anytime Fitness’ toll-free customer service line.
  • Select the language in which you want to communicate (mostly English or Spanish if you are in the United States). You will then speak with a customer service representative. Inform them you wish to cancel your membership.
  • Explain why you’re canceling your subscription. Remember that if you cancel for medical reasons, it may rescind your termination fee in part or in full.
  • Then, give them your data, such as your name, address, Anytime Fitness number, date of joining, and date of termination.
  • If you have to pay the termination fee, they will provide you with the guidelines. Alternatively, the process is nearly finished.

When you are admitted to a hospital, ending your Anytime Fitness membership over the phone may be a better decision.

Anytime Fitness charges a termination fee.

There is a service charge for terminating your account at Anytime Fitness. The amount you would have to pay is determined by several factors.

To begin with, there will be a minimum term arrangement when you take part. If you wish to terminate your Anytime Fitness service agreement before the minimum term is up, you must pay a fee equivalent to or greater than 50% of the amount due for the Minimum Term or a sum equal to 30 days of Subscription Fees.

If you have 6 months left on your minimum period, you must pay half of what you would have to pay for these 6 months.

That was the termination fee if you terminated your Anytime Fitness subscription. However, if you have a health condition and cannot continue, your total termination fee will be equivalent to your ’30 days subscription fee’. However, to take advantage of this benefit, you may be required to submit a letter from a doctor.

One other situation in which you can reduce your Anytime Fitness termination fee is when you relocate to a different location that is more than 15 kilometers away from your present location.

In that case, your termination fee will be the same as their 30-day fee.

Last, those are the penalties for terminating your Anytime Fitness subscription before the minimum term expires. However, once your minimum term has expired, you may terminate your subscription without penalty if you provide a 30-day notice. You can also cancel your membership without penalty if you learn the club is violating any of the terms you both agreed to when you signed the agreement. 

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