How to Cancel Audible Membership on iPhone

How to Cancel Audible Membership on iPhone

If finding a cozy nook and putting on headphones is your idea of a good read, you’re probably familiar with Audible, Amazon’s subscription audiobook and podcast service. If you sign up for Audible, you get a free trial to experience the world of the oral story. It’s also worth noting for those who are interested that Audible offers free books for your listening pleasure.

But, let’s be honest, our grandiose audiobook plans don’t always go as planned. Finally, cancel your Audible subscription before the free trial expires. Whether you’re a new listener or a long-time listener who isn’t getting the most out of your subscription, canceling an Audible membership from the desktop site is simple.

Simply removing the Audible app from your tablet or smartphone will not result in the termination of your subscription. Similarly, terminating your subscription is much easier on a PC, but you can do so from your tablet or smartphone as long as you use the smartphone’s web browser.

Here’s how to suspend an Audible subscription.

How to Cancel Audible Membership on iPhone
How to Cancel Audible Membership on iPhone

Reasons to Terminate an Audible Subscription

For audiobook fans, Audible has a lot of advantages. However, there may be some personal drawbacks for you as well. One of them could be your primary reason.

  • The subscription service fee for Audible is too high for a month-to-month credit.
  • You dislike Audible’s recommendation system because it does not surface titles that you require.
  • The purpose of utilizing the app has been modified and is no longer in need. 
  • When you read instead of listening, you understand more.
  • There are less expensive options for Audible audiobooks.

Your reason may not be on the list above, but Audible makes it simple to cancel a subscription with a few clicks.

Before Cancelling Your Audible Subscription

Read through these points before clicking the orange cancel button. It also highlighted them on Amazon’s Help page.

  • You can only deactivate the month-to-month plan. Prepaid plans cannot be deactivated because they simply expire.
  • From the desktop site, cancel your subscription. You cannot deactivate any plans from the Audible mobile apps. However, you can access the site and complete the process using the desktop versions of Chrome and Safari.
  • With the premium membership, any unused credits are also deactivated. Make use of them before terminating. They can’t be passed on to someone else. 
  • Continue to listen to your audiobook selection. You can still use your old audiobook library and download them.
  • Cancel your subscription before the next pay period. Maintain your online subscriptions and suspend them before the next billing cycle begins. Also, if you are in the free trial and do not want to be charged when the test period ends, cancel your membership.
  • Audible books are still available for purchase. However, you cannot take advantage of special discounts, deals, or Audible features such as audiobook exchange or returns.

On my iPhone, how do I cancel my Audible subscription?

  • To deactivate your Audible membership on your iPhone, launch the App Store and select “My Library.”
  • Navigate to the bottom of the page and select “Audible” from the drop-down menu.
  • Then, select “Account Settings.” You could either log out of your account or continue as a guest from here.
  • To cancel your account, select “Cancel Subscription.”

How to Terminate an Audible Membership in a Unique Way 

After you’ve determined your reason, you can cancel your Audible subscription. We’ll start with a simple step-by-step procedure and then go over some additional guidelines you should know.

  • Navigate to the Audible desktop website. The Audible phone or tablet app does not allow you to cancel a membership.
  • Select Account Details from the drop-down menu arrow next to your name.
  • At the bottom of the “View membership details” section, click Cancel subscription.
  • On the following screen, Audible requests feedback on the purposes for the termination. Explain why you want to cancel your subscription and then click the Cancel Membership button.
  • Amazon may offer you an alternative based on your location and the reasons for your termination. For example, it may suggest a pre-paid subscription model rather than a repeating plan. It may also offer you a “special” plan to entice you to stay. If you are not interested in the product, proceed with the termination process.

FAQ Cancelling Audible Membership Account

How do I pause my Audible subscription? 

Audible has a “pause” feature that allows you to cancel your subscription fee for up to three months. Log in and go to the ‘manage my membership’ tab to pause your account. Under the headline “Pause Membership,” select “Pause My Membership.”

It will verify and confirm your selection and set a date for the reinstatement of your membership. 

Why is it so difficult to deactivate Audible?

Audible makes it difficult to deactivate. They make it extremely difficult to reach them and unrealistic to speak with a representative.

Audible is a subscription-based virtual audiobook business that also offers radio shows and audio versions of print periodicals. It is difficult to deactivate Audible because there are no contact details on their webpage. You can’t call anyone; you can only email seeking deletion.

How do I cancel my membership to Audible Australia?

To deactivate your profile, go to the Audible website and select “My Account.” In the top right corner of the page, click “View Account.” Select “Your Subscription.” You will see a “Cancel Your Subscription or membership” button. Clicking this will take you to a page with termination guidelines.

How do I cancel my Subscription with Audible India?

To deactivate your Audible India subscription, please email from the email address you used to sign up. In the email, include your full name and the email address you used to create the account.

Is it simple to deactivate an Audible trial?

No, canceling an Audible trial is not simple. You can deactivate your trial by going to the “Accounts” tab in the “Settings” menu and selecting “Cancel Trial.”

How do I find out if they have canceled my Audible account?

If you have an Audible subscription, you can cancel it. After canceling, you will receive a confirmation email informing you they have canceled your account. If you have any further questions, please call Audible at 1-844-266-4231.

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