How to Cancel LA Fitness Membership

How to Cancel La Fitness Membership

LA Fitness and health has formed an important part of our lives these days. We have disregarded the importance of health in our hectic lives. Those who understand the value of health are working out at home, taking part in yoga classes, sweating it out at the gym, or engaging in some other form of fitness regimen. For those interested in working out, LA Fitness offers the best alternatives for citizens of the United States and Canada.

This post will show you how to deactivate your LA Fitness subscription. To deactivate your LA Fitness subscription online, fill out and submit the LA Fitness subscription termination form correctly.

How to Cancel La Fitness Membership
How to Cancel La Fitness Membership

Canceling a LA Fitness Subscription in Person

Heading to your local gym in person and requesting an account termination is the best way to end your subscription. This is because conversation may be more effective in person than by phone or email, and you will explain to the person why you wish to terminate your subscription.

You can also get a termination form from them or bring your own printed and completed form while they handle the rest of the details. Even better, you can talk to them if you have questions or problems because they are there to help you.

To deactivate your LA Fitness subscription in person, you must do:

  1. Fill out the LA Fitness Termination Form and print it.
  2. Deliver the form to the closest LA Fitness gym.

Canceling a LA Fitness Membership Via Email

If you prefer to cancel by email, you can do so as well. It is very simple, but it may take a little longer to complete than the other options. If this isn’t an issue for you, here’s how to cancel your LA Fitness subscription via email:

  • Contact Fitness International at [email protected]. In this email, request that your membership be terminated.
  • Include pertinent information such as your full name, email, birth date, billing address, phone number, home gym location, and the last four digits of your credit card.

Canceling a LA Fitness Subscription On the phone

On the phone by phone is also an option, and it is one of the best ways to end the membership if you do not want to leave the safety of your own home. When compared to email termination, it is faster and may provide strong connectivity. To cancel by phone, complete the following steps:

  • Call 949-255-7200 for customer service at LA Fitness.
  • Inform the support representative that you wish to cancel your LA Fitness membership.
  • Fill out the cancellation form and send it in.

Canceling a LA Fitness Membership by Mail

The old way of terminating a membership is by mail. For people who do not want to undergo the online guidelines or cannot attend their gym in person, LA Fitness offers this option. To deactivate your LA Fitness membership, you must first fill out the LA Fitness termination Form. You will also need to complete the following steps:

  • Visit the LA Fitness website.
  •  Sign in to your account, then navigate to the “My LA Fitness” page.
  • Select “Cancellation Form” from the “Account Information” section.
  • Print it out and fill it out completely.
  • You should mail the completed and signed form to:

You should mail the completed and signed form to:

Irvine, CA 92619-4170 LA Fitness PO Box 54170

Wait, a few days before calling LA Fitness to confirm the termination.

FAQ on Cancelling a LA Fitness Membership

Can you cancel your LA Fitness private training session?

You can also deactivate your LA Fitness private training subscription. The termination will be simple if you understand the fundamentals of personal training.

You must first contact your local gym to cancel this type of subscription. Inform them of your identity and express your desire to deactivate your private training subscription. After gathering your information, the official will set up a face-to-face discussion at the gym within three days.

When you arrive at the meeting, you will be required to show them an identification card. You’ll also need to create an excel spreadsheet or a document that lists all the fees owed. They will then give you the termination form, which you must sign.

Once completed, the form should be given to a member of staff, who should keep a copy for their records.

Then you can leave the meeting with the paperwork signed. The representative will then cancel any future billing plans, and we will deduct any outstanding balance from your credit or debit card.

Is it possible to cancel my LA Fitness member status?

The subscription has no contract and is available on a month-to-month basis at LA Fitness. If you want to cancel your current subscription, you must notify the staff 5 days before the next billing cycle.

Is it possible to cancel a Subscription to the phone?

You can cancel your gym subscription by phone, but there’s a catch. You can call the staff and inform them of your intention to cancel the subscription, but to do so, you must mail the termination form.

Some other alternative is to go to the nearest LA Fitness gym in person and inform the help desk that you want to cancel your subscription.

Will I be able to put your LA Fitness subscription on hold?

You can halt or pause your account especially if you plan to return to LA Fitness in the future. However, before you rush to freeze your account, you should know there will be some fees associated with this service.

Month-to-month subscribers will be charged $10 for a one-month account pause, while regular subscribers will be billed $60 for a six-month account pause. The latter will incur a $35 fee for the account holder. Kid Club members’ accounts can be paused without charge. Members who pay weekly dues cannot pause their membership.

Is it possible to get a refund if you cancel your membership at LA Fitness?

Unfortunately, you cannot receive a refund after terminating your subscription. If you deactivate before the end of the pay period, you can continue to use the LA Fitness services till the next cycle begins. However, requesting a refund will not help.

However, there is an exception to LA Fitness’s no-refund policy. The exception will apply if you send the LA Fitness termination Form and they receive it less than 5 days before the last paid month ends. They will charge you for the following month unless you request a refund.

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