How to Cancel Spokeo Subscription

How to Cancel Spokeo Subscription

Spokeo is a people-intelligence service that allows users to search for truthful, precise, and up-to-date information about the people they are dealing with. Spokeo has large numbers of datasets from which to generate simple reports. The user can retrieve contact information, work details, family details, social media accounts, and much more from the reports.

Spokeo’s basic search is free. These search results typically include information such as the person’s city, state, age, relatives, and location. Spokeo’s many offerings include checking details on the location, family, personal, wealth, and work. It also looks for public records or specific individuals.

This information should not be used to make employment, tenant selection, or any other important decisions. Subscribers can search through vast numbers of collected data by becoming a member of Spokeo. This facilitates communication with relatives and friends. Subscription is available in two forms: one-time purchase and recurring monthly subscription. 

However, keep in mind that it has been rated as risky because it reveals details on personal data and appears to be the ideal tool for cyberstalkers and stalkers. So, if you now want Spokeo to deactivate your membership, you will find the techniques to deactivate your subscription here, following the Spokeo termination agreement. 

How to Cancel Spokeo Subscription
How to Cancel Spokeo Subscription

Canceling Your Spokeo Membership

The company provides both physical and digital methods for Spokeo members to deactivate memberships.

We will straightforwardly explain the procedures so that canceling becomes more useful and you encounter fewer problems.

  1. Cancel through the Spokeo website.
  2. Cancel via email
  3. Cancel via phone

Let us go over the methods in detail. 

How to Deactivate Spokeo Subscription Through the Webpage

You can go for spk Spokeo Search and cancel membership at any time using the online method.

The following are the steps that you must take:

  • Go to the Spokeo official website: To begin, navigate to the Spokeo official website from your preferred web browser to cancel your subscription.
  • ‘Log In’ to your Spokeo account: Then, using the necessary credentials, ‘Sign In’ to the Spokeo account.
  • Go to the account Page’ section: Then, go directly to the section on ‘Account Page.’
  • Scroll down and click the ‘Manage Account’ button: Next, scroll down the page and click the ‘Manage Account’ button.
  • Click the ‘Cancel’ button: Now, tap the ‘Cancel’ button to confirm the discontinuation of your Spokeo premium membership.
  • A confirmation email will be sent to your associated email address or phone number: Finally, preserve the company’s email confirmation for posterity. 

Can I cancel my Spokeo membership via email?

To cancel my Spokeo subscription via email, please follow the steps outlined below:

  • Create an email: The first step is to write an email requesting that my Spokeo membership be canceled.
  • Send an email to the following Spokeo address: After that, the email should be sent to [email protected]
  • Provide account information: Next, provide personal details and account details to identify yourself along with the email address.
  • Request a confirmation email, either by mail or over the phone: Make sure to inquire about the company’s confirmation email regarding the successful cancellation of the membership.
  • Keep the following confirmation from the company: Then save the confirmation email in case you need it later. 

How do I deactivate my Spokeo membership by phone?

When attempting to cancel a Spokeo membership via phone, it is recommended that the following information be kept on hand:

Account Name, Account Password, Users First Name, Last Name, Email Address, The last four digits of a credit card, as well as the date and amount of the most recent charge.

The following are the steps for canceling a Spokeo membership over the phone:

  • Contact Spokeo Customer Service: We must contact the Spokeo Service Experience center at 1-877-913-3088.
  • Hold for a moment: We may have to wait for the customer representative to return our call. 
  • Speak with the representative about canceling the membership account: Next, speak with the agent directly about canceling my Spokeo subscription account.
  • Provide details when asked: We may now require you to provide account details so that the rep can easily access our Spokeo account when asked. 
  • To confirm the discontinuation, request that they forward you the acknowledgment email: Finally, we should ensure that we receive the confirmation email and request that they send it to us as proof of the termination, and we must keep it for future reference.

Cancel Spokeo Subscription Through PayPal

If the user paid for a subscription with PayPal, the subscription can be canceled through PayPal’s website.

To cancel via PayPal, carefully follow the steps below:

  • Go to
  • Enter your PayPal account information.
  • Select the Profile option.
  • Please visit My Money.
  • In the My preapproved payments section, click Update.
  • Cancel, Cancel automatic billing, or Cancel now
  • Cancel your subscription
  • Follow the directions.

Refund Policy Following Cancellation

Spokeo will not refund any processed payments or provide users with a prorated refund. Users can access the content and benefits until the payment period expires. For refund-related inquiries, please call 1 (888) 906-0849 or send an email to [email protected].

Alternatively, you can contact Spokeo directly via their website at For more information, visit to get more information about policies. 

Can you find out if you look them up on Spokeo?

All searches conducted through Spokeo are completely private. The individual you’re looking for will not be notified. Spokeo allows you to conduct a basic search without even creating an account. 

Is Spokeo simple to deactivate?

You can effortlessly deactivate your Spokeo membership from your Spokeo account settings; however, you may need to wait a few days before deleting your Spokeo account; the only way to delete your account is to contact Spokeo customer service.

Are Spokeo results reliable?

Spokeo’s results are generally accurate because they rely on court records, property records, social networks, consumer and business records, and so on. They reveal personal information, criminal records, sex offenses, and DUIs. 


As a result, for Spokeo search Terminate membership subscription, you can select any of the ways listed above, the one that you consider is the most suitable, and proceed with the termination protocol. 

Still, if you have any questions or need assistance, contact the customer service team at the number listed above. They will assist you with any Spokeo cancellation issues. 

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