How to Cancel Spotify Premium on iPhone

Spotify is still the perfect representative of the digital music industry, with 138 million premium members and a global music service. The Swedish company is competitive in the industry, but it has taken numerous steps to popularize itself and boost revenue. This, combined with increasing competition from similarly priced Apple Music, Amazon Music Unlimited, Tidal, and other services, is causing some users to switch allegiances. 

Spotify introduced a new free version in April in an opportunity to woo more persons to the service, ostensibly in the hope that they will upgrade to the premium membership.

Leading up to the launch, Spotify provided two tiers: an ad-free $9.99 per month tier and a free, ad-supported tier. The former allows you to download music to listen to offline and does not limit access; the latter limits access to popular playlists and only on shuffle. You can listen to any song from 15 Discovery playlists on-demand with the new Spotify Free tier.

Spotify also provides Student, Family, and Spotify Duo accounts (for two people at a discounted price). Each unit is reasonably priced in comparison to others on the market.

If you want to save money every month, it might be time to terminate your premium membership fee.

This article will show you how to deactivate your Spotify Paid subscription.

How to Cancel Spotify Premium on iPhone
How to Cancel Spotify Premium on iPhone

Things to Consider Before You Terminate Your Spotify Premium Membership

If you are a Spotify Premium subscriber, you must terminate your membership before closing your account.

Any playlists you’ve downloaded for offline listening will be deleted; you don’t own that music, and if you cancel your subscription, you’ll lose those locally stored playlists. 

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If you cancel your subscription but continue to use Spotify Free, you will be able to stream those playlists and they will be saved in your listening history. Notwithstanding, if you deactivate Spotify entirely, you will gain access to that music library both online and offline.

Furthermore, deleting your Spotify account will result in the loss of your username. Furthermore, if you have a special discount, you won’t be able to apply it to another account until a year after you first signed up for it. 

Canceling Your Spotify Membership fee

Before you delete your account, you must cancel any subscription services to the service. This may appear simple and sufficient, but there is one potential snag: where do you cancel it? If you successfully registered for Spotify through their website, you can deactivate your account by going to their website. 

Some users signed up using their iTunes account, while others may have used their Google Play account or another service.

The first step is to determine where you’re paying for the service and cancel it accordingly. 

Can You Terminate Spotify Premium Subscription Using a Web Browser?

Terminating a Spotify Payment subscription is not possible via the desktop or mobile apps; alternatively, go to the Spotify webpage.

Following these steps will ensure that you effectively deactivate your membership:

  • Connect the Spotify webpage using your computer, Android phone, or iPhone browser.

Access your Spotify account. If you’re using a desktop, go to the top right-hand corner of your window and click login.

  • The three horizontal lines icon in the top-right corner of mobile browsers should be tapped. Then click Log In. 
  • Go to the Account page after successfully logging into your account.
  • Look in the top-right corner of the desktop version and select Profile, then Account from the drop-down menu.
  • On mobile, tap the three horizontal lines icon in the upper right corner and select Account from the drop-down menu.
  • Scroll down to the Your Plan section, and then click or tap Change Plan.
  • When you arrive at the next page, scroll down to the Spotify Free section and click or tap on the Cancel Premium service. 
  • You will be taken to a page that details what you will lose if you cancel your Premium account.
  • You can read it or simply scroll to the bottom and click Continue to deactivate.
  • To deactivate again, click Continue on the next page.
  • To affirm your termination, click “Yes, cancel.”
  • You will then be returned to the Spotify Free version. 
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Can You Cancel Spotify Premium Subscription on an iPhone Using Your Apple ID?

If you sign up for Spotify Premium membership through the Apple App Store, the termination process will be distinct for you.

This is because you must deactivate your membership through your Apple ID settings. This is how you do it:

  • On your iPad or iPhone, open the Settings app. 
  • Tap on your name and Apple ID to reveal them.
  • They are easily visible at the top of the Settings page.
  • Then, go to the Apple ID page and select Subscriptions.
  • Find and select Spotify from the list of subscriptions.
  • Tap Cancel Subscription on the Spotify page.
  • This completes the cancellation procedure. 

How to Get Rid of a Spotify Premium Membership 


If you no longer want to use Spotify, you can delete your Spotify Paid subscription account.

This also applies if you no longer want to use your free Spotify account.

To completely delete your account, you must first complete the following steps:

  • Go to Spotify’s help page.
  • Select “Account.”
  • Choose “I’d like to close my account.”
  • To permanently delete your Spotify account, follow the steps outlined there. 

FAQ on Spotify Premium Subscription Termination

If you have any remaining questions about the Spotify Premium termination, here are among the most commonly asked questions:

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After canceling my account, I was billed again. What occurred?

If you nixed your Paid subscription but were still charged for it, likely, you didn’t cancel your account before the renewal date.

When you cancel your Spotify subscription, you will receive an email with a confirmation of the cancellation.

Check your email if you have been charged for a subscription after canceling it. It will be assigned a cancellation date. 

However, if everything checks out and the payment was an error, you should contact Spotify support.

Can I revive a deactivated account?

If you have a premium account, you can still reactivate it as long as your account is still active. All benefits and playlists will also be reactivated.

However, once you decide to permanently close your account, there is no way to recover.

Your previous account has been deleted, as has all data saved while the account was active. The data will be deleted once the cancellation is completed. The only thing left for you to do is create a new account and some new playlists. 

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