How to Cancel Starz on Roku

How to Cancel Starz on a Roku

Maybe you have been wondering how you can cancel your Starz subscription on Roku. Worry no more because you are on the right site for that. Starz is a popular premium TV network. It is one of the leading TV network and entertainment companies around the globe. Starz TV Network is also part of Lions Gate Entertainment. Starz can be streamed worldwide in HD (High Definition) using devices like Roku, and Apple TV.

You can also get Starz on Amazon Prime Video. Starz on Roku makes it easy for you to access movies or series as the contents or videos are organized according to their genres. Also, new content or videos are frequently added to the library. The cost of a Starz subscription is $8.99 per month. You will get a 7 days free trial on Starz. Also, you can cancel your Starz subscription on Roku before the 7days free trial ends to avoid the Starz subscription charges on Roku.

Reasons Why You May Want to Cancel Starz on Roku

  1. After a day’s hard work, most people prefer to watch movies, series, or TV shows while they ease up at home. And Starz on Roku offers a variety of in-built channels that is enough to satisfy your entertainment needs. Because of this, so many people subscribe to the Starz channel by paying $8.99 per month. At a point they discover, they don’t enjoy fully the Starz services as they have limited or less time to watch movies at home. Therefore, there is no need to be paying for what you don’t have time to enjoy, it is a waste of money. So to save and stop getting billed by Starz, they have to cancel their Starz subscription.
  2. Again most people will want to get rid of their Starz subscription because they feel they can no longer afford the subscription cost. This may be because; they have other important bills to pay. Therefore, they will want to apply opportunity cost.
  3. You may have linked your credit card on Roku to allow you to subscribe directly to all supported TV channels on Roku. As such, your Starz subscription on Roku will be automatically renewed after it expires. So, to stop this, you have to unsubscribe or cancel your Starz subscription on Roku.

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How to Cancel Starz on Roku

Note that when you cancel your Starz subscription on Roku while your current subscription is still active, you will still have access to watch movies or series on Starz until that current subscription ends. And that is when you have entirely canceled or unsubscribed from the Starz channel.

Now we will teach you how to cancel your Starz subscription on Roku using both Roku Device and Web Browser.

How to Cancel Starz subscription using Roku Device

Here are the 9 easy steps to cancel your Starz subscription on Roku using your Roku Streaming Device.

Step 1: Turn on the Roku Streaming Device. When you turn on your Roku Device, you will see the channels grid. Then if you don’t see it, look for the “Home button” on your Roku remote controller and press it.

Step 2: Use the directional button which is in the center of your Roku remote controller to scroll down the menu, and then select “Streaming Channels” from the menu.

Step 3: Now look for the Starz channel icon or just select the “Search” and type in “Starz” using your Roku remote controller.

Step 4: Once you have found the Starz Channel icon, click on it (Starz Channel icon) to open the channel.

Step 5: Now the Starz Channel will open, press the “*” button on the Roku remote controller to open the options menu for the Starz Channel.

Step 6: You must select the “Manage Subscription” option from the list of options displayed. If you do this, you will see the renewal date for the Starz Subscription as well as other options.

Step 7: Now, select the “Cancel subscription”. When you select the “Cancel subscription” option, a message will pop up. The message will tell you how long, you will continue to have access to Starz on Roku after canceling your monthly membership. That is, the date your current subscription will expire.

Step 8: You now have to confirm your Starz subscription cancellation by selecting again “Cancel subscription”. If you do so, another message will pop up confirming the Starz subscription cancellation as well as when you will no longer have access to the Starz channel.

Step 9: Finally, select “Done”. When you do, the Starz Channel windows will close and take you back to the Channel grid menu. This means your cancellation is successful. But will be fully completed when your current subscription to Starz expires.

This is all you need to know about how to cancel Starz on Roku using the Roku Device. Now let us go over how to cancel your Starz subscription on Roku using a web browser.

How to Cancel Starz Subscription on Roku Using a Web Browser

You can also opt-out of your Starz subscription on Roku using your Roku account on a web browser of any smartphone or PC. This is the easiest and most reliable way to manage all your subscriptions on Roku that is linked to your Roku account.

Steps to Cancel Starz Subscription on Roku Using a Web Browser

Step 1: Open the web browser on your PC or smartphone and go to the Roku website.

Step 2: Click or tap on “Sign in” displayed on your device screen. And enter your Roku account information to log in.

Step 3: After a successful login, select “Manage your subscription” from the Manage account.

Step 4: Now, the list of all your subscriptions linked to your Roku account will be displayed. On the list, look for the Starz channel and select “Unsubscribe” which is on the right.

Step 5: Lastly select “Done” to complete the Starz subscription cancellation on Roku.


Now, we have learned the two methods you can use to cancel your Starz on Roku. It is also wise and beneficial that, you should maximize the use of all your subscriptions. If not so, you might be paying bills on a subscription you don’t use. So it would be best to cancel the subscriptions you don’t use.

FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) on Starz on Roku.

Can I still have access to Starz if I cancel my Starz subscription on Roku?

Ans- You can only have access to Starz Channel when you cancel your Starz subscription on Roku if your current Starz subscription is still running. You will have access to Starz until your current subscription ends, despite canceling the Starz subscription.

Can I get a refund if I cancel my Starz subscription on Roku?

Ans- No, Starz will not refund you. So you will have to use your Subscription until it expires.

Can I download movies to watch later on Starz?

Ans- Yes, you can download movies and watch them later on Starz.

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