How to cancel the Planet Fitness Membership Fee

How to cancel the Planet Fitness membership fee

Planet Fitness has its advantages. It’s a fantastic gym with an awesome Black Card area full of intriguing services. You may utilize all of the club’s facilities for as long as your subscription allows. It’s an accommodating, pleasant gym with good equipment and a reasonable price.

Planet Fitness attracts customers by providing lower registration and monthly fees for a longer membership period. Fitness club members find these benefits attractive and take advantage of the first offer they receive. Fitness club members however find it difficult to cancel their membership, even if they want to. As a result, Planet Fitness members become dissatisfied when they realize the club is simply not for them. It’s even more aggravating if the member has to move to a location where there is no Planet Fitness.

How to cancel the Planet Fitness membership fee
How to cancel the Planet Fitness membership fee

How to Put Your Planet Fitness Membership on Hold

Perhaps you do not want to cancel your Planet Fitness membership. Presumably, you simply need a pause from Planet Fitness to cut costs for more significant items.

Fortunately, Planet Fitness has an alternative for people in this position. You can pause your subscription so that it does not expire. This way, it will simply put your account on hold, allowing you to focus on more important things before returning to your Planet Fitness subscription later.

Clubs will allow you to pause your subscription for up to 3 months for health reasons. Nevertheless, not all clubs work the same way, and their rules may vary. So, before requesting a pause, notify customer support at the location where you have your subscription.

For this matter, you can notify customer support by going to the area or phoning the club.

Canceling Your Planet Fitness Membership

Why is it so difficult to cancel your Planet Fitness subscription? They’d rather you just quit going but put off canceling. And continue to pay the monthly fee.

Canceling a gym membership, regardless of the company, is very often a hassle. They simply wouldn’t want to let users go!

It’s reasonable considering their bottom lines and subscription statistics.

So, how do I deactivate my Planet Fitness subscription?

In this blog entry, we’ll go over everything you need to know about canceling Planet Fitness. But before that, you’ll need to recognize what kind of subscription you have and what it entails.

Then we’ll talk about how to avoid termination fees.

Month – to – month Fees for Planet Fitness

Planet Fitness is a massive gym network with over 1500 global locations. Planet Fitness provides a $10 monthly gym subscription to entice users to register for everything they offer. This is a no-commitment participant that allows you to cancel in certain club spots.

Sadly, this is not true in all spots.

For some club spots, a 12-month commitment is needed for this Classic subscription. Also, the $10 monthly fee is not consistent across all club spots. Some sections cost a monthly membership fee of $15.

Because the Planet Fitness clubs are franchises, the fees can vary. The owners set the prices they charge their customers.

Black Card Subscription

If you want better or unrestricted access to all facilities, including Complete Body Improvement, Planet Fitness Tanning, and Hydromassage, must upgrade to the Black Card subscription. This is more expensive than the Classic and could cost around $21.99. However, the Black Card subscription is more expensive in some areas.

Once more, this will be determined by the availability of the Planet Fitness club to which you are requesting.

Renewal of Annual Membership

Aside from the month-to-month fees, there is also a yearly subscription fee of $39 per year. There is a sign-up fee, which is typically around $29.

The values displayed here may differ from place to place, but they only provide a reasonable approximation of the fees associated with a Planet Fitness membership.

Termination Fees at Planet Fitness

Scrapping your Planet Fitness subscription can be a surprise. Perhaps your schedule or conditions have changed, or you simply believe that Planet Fitness wasn’t for you.

Sadly, if you want to deactivate suddenly, you will almost certainly have to pay a termination or deactivation fee.

If you simply want to end your subscription and don’t concern about needing to pay this fee, you can skip this section. The following are some scenarios in which a termination fee will be billed:

  • When your subscription encompasses a 12-month dedication and you’ve not completed the 12 months, you can normally buy out the agreement for around $58.
  • When you end your subscription, it will also charge you a termination fee. If you cancel your subscription a week before your repayment, you will not be charged. If you’re past your expiration date, you’ll almost definitely be billed a termination fee.

Terminating your Planet Fitness Subscription in Person

Although terminating in person is the best option, it may not be suitable for all. The steps for this method are:

  • Make a list of everything you need to remember–Gather all the information required to cancel your subscription. Your subscription unique identifier and some private details, such as your date of birth, address, driver’s license, social security number, and so on, would be included.
  • Write Letters Of Termination, Planet Fitness will need a written letter of termination to terminate your subscription. Check your service agreement for requirements so you can write the letter accordingly. If you are qualified for a termination fee waiver, please include your explanations in your letter. Also, describe the documents you are attaching. These documents will assist you in successfully getting the cancellation fee waiver. After that, sign it.
  • Ask To Meet With The Club,  Should not just walk in with your termination letter. It is better to call and find out what hours they are open. Ask to meet to terminate your subscription.
  • Individual Visit To The Planet Fitness Club: Once you’ve planned a meeting, you can just go to the Planet Fitness club and hand over your written proof to the delegate in charge. Get written confirmation that your termination has been endorsed. Make certain that the staffer signed it so that you have evidence that it has canceled your subscription. It depends on your subscription and scenario, you may still be required to pay a termination fee or cover this month’s fee. Ensure that once you have paid, they will not charge you any additional fees in the coming months.
  • Check Your Credit Card Or Bank Statement: After terminating, monitor your credit card fees. Make certain that it does not charge you a monthly or yearly membership fee. If they do, you must contact them again to resolve the issue. If they insist on paying, show them the paperwork signed by their staffer stating that you have already abruptly canceled your subscription.

FAQ About Planet Fitness Membership Fee

How much does it cost to cancel your membership at Planet Fitness?

The cancellation fee is determined by the type of membership you have. Those who have made a 12-month commitment but have not completed the first year will be charged $58. For those who have been a member for more than a year or who signed up for a no-commitment membership, there is no cancellation fee.

When will I be able to cancel my Planet Fitness membership?

You can cancel, but depending on your membership, they may charge you fees. Because they do not bill you until the 17th, the best time to cancel is between the 1st and 10th of the month. I should cancel annual contracts by the 25th of the month.

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