How to Cancel Xbox Live subscription

How to Cancel Xbox Live subscription

For a valid reason, Xbox Game Pass has developed a loyal following among gamers. With over 100 high-quality titles to choose from, Game Pass can keep a gamer glued to their device for hours. However, even the best titles can lose their allure after a while, and you may want to cancel your Game Pass subscription. 

In this blog entry, we’ll show you how to deactivate an Xbox membership and explain the consequences of doing so.

How to Cancel Xbox Live subscription
How to Cancel Xbox Live subscription

What exactly is Xbox Live?

If you own both an Xbox One and an Xbox 360, Xbox Live will complete your Xbox gaming experience. Even though it has been around for a while, it has successfully become a market favorite even today.

Xbox Live Gold is the premium membership service that Xbox Live provides. It was followed by Games for Gold, which debuted in 2013 on the Xbox and 2014 on the Xbox One and was a huge success. This paid subscription allows you to connect to Microsoft’s exclusive gaming network and play multiplayer games on your console. 

However, some people believe that Xbox Live Gold is no longer necessary.  Voice chat and the chat party system were previously available only to Gold members; however, due to recent changes implemented in 2021, these features are now available to free players.

Multiplayer access for free-to-play games like Fortnite has also been unblocked. You also don’t need Gold if you’re playing offline games with multiplayer components, such as split-screen games on a single PC. It’s also not necessary if you’re playing multiplayer games offline or browsing video streaming websites. 

What Is the Appeal of Xbox Game Pass?

The Xbox Game Pass membership has a lot to recommend it.

Before you deactivate, let’s go over what the service does provide to ensure you’re ready to proceed with the termination.

  • No need to wait for games to be shipped to you, as there is with other premium services.
  • Simply download and start playing.
  • They provide both single-player and multiplayer titles that can be streamed.
  • A PC, smartphone, or even an Xbox console can be used to access titles.
  • You will receive free games for as long as your subscription is active.
  • Every exclusive title is kept in the library in perpetuity.
  • New releases are available on Game Pass on the day they are released.
  • It provides subscription packages that are difficult to beat. 

Why Should I Terminate My Membership?

Even though there aren’t many drawbacks to the service, there are a few reasons why someone might want to cancel their Xbox Game Pass membership.

  • If you don’t have a lot of time to play, you may miss out on some games.
  • Once the subscription expires, access to “free games” is lost.
  • Some of the titles on offer may be familiar to you.
  • You might prefer a more diverse selection of games. 

Terminating Xbox Live Premium Service

As previously stated, some paid Xbox Live functionalities are now available to free users as well. For one thing, free-to-play games no longer require a paid subscription, so if your Xbox experience revolves around games like Fortnite, the free subscription is sufficient.

There are numerous other reasons why you should not subscribe to Xbox Gold. You could be trying to save money or reduce your playing time.

Regardless, you should be able to easily cancel your Gold subscription. In the following sections, we’ll go over how to cancel your paid Xbox Live subscription. 

Cancellation of Xbox Live Online

Canceling your Xbox Live Gold membership is straightforward, and there are several options. The most basic is to unsubscribe via your browser.

Follow the steps outlined below.

  • The first step is to go to the Microsoft Xbox website.
  • On the right side, you’ll notice several sections, such as the Game outage alert, Controller replacement days, and so on.
  • The green Sign In button is located on the left.
  • Continue by pressing that.
  • Log in with your Xbox account.
  • Navigate to the My Account button at the bottom of the interface once you’re in your account.
  • You will be presented with several options, including Xbox Live. 
  • Navigate to the Xbox Live section.
  • Confirm by clicking Cancel Auto Payment.

After you confirm your discontinuation, your membership will be terminated at the end of the next pay cycle.

You can continue to receive the advantages of your premium membership until then, but once your next billing period arrives, everything will be disabled. 

Terminating Xbox Live from Your Xbox One

Don’t worry if you’re not a PC gamer; you can terminate your membership directly from your Xbox console. Simply follow the steps outlined below.

  • Start your Xbox console.
  • Select “Accounts” from the Settings menu.
  • You will then be given a list of options.
  • Select Subscriptions from the drop-down menu.
  • All of your Xbox Account memberships, particularly your Xbox Live Gold membership, will be displayed. 
  • Navigate to the subscription you want to cancel, then press the “A” button on your controller.
  • The following section will provide you with information about your subscription.
  • You should be able to find the “Cancel Subscription” button under the “Payment and Billing” section. Select that. 

There will be additional guidelines to follow, so simply follow the on-screen directions until you deactivate your payment.

Cancel Xbox Live Service on Your Xbox Series X/S

Microsoft also allows you to cancel your subscription directly from your Xbox Series X/S. Simply follow the steps outlined below.

  • Start your console.
  • Steer to Xbox’s help page from your homepage.
  • To sign in, click the blue sign-in button.
  • Log in with your Microsoft credentials.
  • You should then see information about your Microsoft Account.
  • Locate the Xbox Live Gold section.
  • Look for and click the Manage button. 
  • You’ll see a slew of options for your Microsoft Account here.
  • Select Turn off auto-renewal.
  • Microsoft will request your confirmation.
  • Simply affirm your selection if you’re still not sure. 

Is the Xbox Live Free Trial a paid premium service that automatically renews?

If you’ve signed up for the Xbox Live free trial, keep track of when your trial will expire. Because your trial subscription will automatically convert to a monthly paid subscription once it expires. You will be charged using the payment method you added to your account when you signed up for the free trial. 

How to Get a Discount on Xbox Live Gold

You can play several games for free for a limited time using the Games With Gold feature. Anyone with an Xbox Gold premium membership can salvage them for free, and you can keep them indefinitely. You will not be able to keep the game if you do not redeem it before the time limit expires.  The Games for Gold promotion can last anywhere from a few weeks to a month. You will then be able to play all redeemed games for free until your premium service expires.

This means that if you are diligent in redeeming games, you can build a library of hundreds of free games.  In addition to these features offers on Games With Gold, Microsoft provides attractive deals that are only available to Gold subscribers. These offers change every week, so if you have your eye on a specific game, make sure to check back every week. If you buy a membership from Deals With Gold, you will not lose access to it even if your premium service expires. 

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