How to Cancel Zips Car Wash Membership

Having a subscription to good car service, such as Zips Car Wash, is a huge benefit. It provides you with the convenience of easy car cleaning or readily available DIY car wash tools, as well as the benefit of saving money. However, if you’re moving somewhere without a Zips Car Wash location, intend to reduce your spending, or otherwise, you can cancel it with ease. You can cancel your Zips Car Wash membership in three ways: online, by email, or in person. Just make sure you meet the process’s requirements. 

How to Cancel Zips Car Wash Membership
How to Cancel Zips Car Wash Membership

Terminate Zips Car Wash Subscription Procedures

The termination procedure is outlined below. It’s not a difficult process, so you’ll be able to complete it in no time. Furthermore, requests submitted to the Zip Car Wash team are typically processed within 72 hours or three business days. However, for your cancellation request to be accepted, it must be submitted at least one week before the annual membership billing date. If you do not request cancellation at least a week before the billing date, your membership will be renewed and you will be charged. 

Deactivate your Zips Car Wash Premium subscription by going to the Zips Car Wash website.

  • Click “Manage My Subscription” at 

Once you’ve arrived at the website, scroll down and look for a button labeled “Manage My Membership.” When you click the button, you will be taken to another page.

  • After clicking “Submit a Request,” select “Manage My Subscription”: 

 “How do I cancel my membership?” Click “Submit a Request” on the page that you are directed to. Then you’ll see a drop-down menu with various concern categories. Select “Manage My Membership” from the drop-down menu. 

Please complete the Zips Car Wash Termination Form:

After clicking “Manage My Subscription,” you will be directed to a form that you must complete.

Fill out all of the required information to cancel your Zips membership.

Remember to click “Cancel” on the “Please Select an Option Below” drop-down menu.

Select the “Submit” button:

Click the “Submit” button once you’ve finished all of the required fields. Zips Car Wash Customer Service will then get back to you as soon as possible. 

Email Zips Car Wash to deactivate your subscription.

  • Write an email requesting that your Zips Car Wash membership be canceled. 

Include all necessary details about your car wash subscription in your email, such as your contact details, the RFID number on your subscription sticker, and your preferred date of termination.

Also, request an email confirmation of your Zips subscription termination.

This way, you’ll have proof in case you’re charged again.

  • Send an email

Send your membership cancellation email to [email protected] once you’ve finished writing it. 

In-Person Cancellation of Zips Car Wash Membership

  • Visit a Zips Car Wash location.

You can cancel your membership in person at any Zips Car Wash location.

If you have recently relocated, you can locate the nearest Zips Car Wash by searching their locations page on the company’s website.

Look for directions to the nearest branch and its operating hours.

  • Gather the Requirements

Bring an ID, your credit card, and any other necessary documentation for the membership cancellation before entering Zips Car Wash. 

  • Talk with the Personnel at Zips Car Wash

With all of your requirements in hand, drive to the nearest Zips Car Wash location and speak with the person behind the counter about the Zips Wash Club Cancel process.

Don’t forget to request a letter or email verifying your subscription termination. If you are still charged after canceling, you have grounds to complain. 

Can I Put My Zips Car Wash Subscription on Hold?

You can cancel your Zips Car Wash subscription for a month or more. There will be no charges to your account in the interim, and you must restart your subscription on-site or via email.

Possible Consequences of Cancelling Zips Car Wash

According to the terms and conditions of your subscription, which can be found on the Unlimited Club FAQs page, all termination requests must be submitted seven days before the yearly payment due. Noncompliance with the time constraint may result in renewed subscription fees.

Can I Receive a Prorated Refund If I Cancel?

Zips Car Wash, unfortunately, will not refund your money for partial use or the remaining months of your membership. 

Final Take

You don’t want to be charged for something you’re no longer going to use or that is no longer covered by your budget. As a result, you must terminate your Zips Car Wash subscription by following these instructions.  

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