How to Convert 90 Minutes into Hours

90 Minutes is not that new to all of us. I mean, if you are a soccer or football lover, you will know what lies ahead of your favorite team after 90 minutes of play.

These numbers of minutes may seem small and negligible. I know because when I one to make something small to justify another in comparison, I will use the smaller unit even though it came with a bigger number.

In this blog entry, I will be guiding you on how you can change or convert 90 minutes into hours. At the end of this post, you will be armed with the basic knowledge of time conversion.

The good news is, converting 90 minutes to an hour(s) equivalent is not something that you will need all the mathematical knowledge before you can be able to do it.

With just basic arithmetic knowledge, you can do that. And also, there are online calculators you can use to convert easily and will not have to go through the stress of doing it manually.

Are you ready? Ok, let us go right into the topic and see how we can convert 90 minutes into hours. 

How to Convert 90 Minutes into Hours
How to Convert 90 Minutes into Hours

Why Will you want to convert 90 Minutes to Hours?

I may not predict exactly the reason you may want to convert 90 minutes to hours, so, I will have to work with my assumption. ”If I were you” This may be my reason(s) to convert from 90 minutes to hours.

  • To know the hour equivalent of 90
  • How long does a football match last in an hour
  • To know long I will have to wait for someone, ETC
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All the above are valid reasons for me to convert from minutes to hours. Are these your reasons too? You can let us know in the comment section why you will want to convert from minutes to hours if this is not your reason.

How to convert 90 Minutes to Hours

We will start by using basic arithmetic knowledge to convert 90 minutes into an hour. It is very easy and you do not need any knowledge of algebra or higher derivative calculus to work this out. All you need is your calculator with you.

Are you ready with your pen and paper to work? Okay, let us see how you can do this with ease!

First step: Write out the number of the minute you want to convert

Second step: Multiply the number of minutes by 1 divided by 60. In our case, it is going to look like this: 90minutes × 1 hour/60.

Third step: It is the same as dividing 60 by 1 which will still give you 60. Your equation will now look like this: 90 = 60.

Final Step: To get your minutes in hours, you will divide 90 by 60. Remember we get the 60 from the number of minutes that will give you an hour. Your result should be 1.5 hours or 1hr 30 minutes.

Is this not very easy to work it? I am very glad you can grasp it within such a short time.

How Do You Write 90 Minutes In an hour?

Easy, writing 90 minutes in an hour is very easy. To achieve this, work on it and converted it as I have done it above.

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Writing it in an hour will not be that big deal again once you are through converting it. Here is how you should write 90 Minutes in hours. 

1hr 30 minutes, yes that is your answer. Just type that and you are good to go.

Are 90 minutes the same as One and a half hours?

Yes, writing 90 minutes as one and a half hour is right. YOu have committed no crime at all.

Remember, 60 minutes make an hour and 30 is half of 60. Joining the two will give you a 90. Automatically, calling it one and a half hour makes it grammatically correct!

What Other Ways can I convert 90 Minutes to Hours?

You saw how to use simple arithmetic to calculate and get minutes to hours within a short time. What if there is a shorter way you can do that?

This part of this blog entry will introduce you to some of the online calculators you can use to get this converted within seconds. Yes, you read that right. Within seconds, you should be able to convert 90 minutes to hours using these online calculators.

With no further ado, let us see how you can use these online calculators to convert minutes into hours.

  • 24 Hour Time
  • Minutes Hours 
  • Unite Converter

Using 24-Hour Time to Convert Minutes to Hour

  • Log into the website using this link
  • On the right side of your screen, there is a list labeled our article. Click on Minutes to hours.
  • Scroll down to see the calculator
  • Input the number of minutes into it.
  • You will see the conversion happening in a window just under.
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That is all, you have successfully converted from minutes to hours. I feel I should stop here cos common, who will still not be able to convert from minutes to hours after all these lengthy tutorials already. Well, let me continue for your sake.

Using Minutes Hour Calculator to Convert Minutes to Hours

To do this, follow the steps below:

  • Log into the website at this link
  • Click on convert Minutes to Hours. It is on the first window as the site load.
  • In the next screen that will be opening, input the number of minutes you want to convert.
  • Click on convert.

So far so good, I think this is the easiest to go by. Not much stress, it is straight to the point and direct.

Using Unit Converter Calculator To Convert Minutes to Hours

Follow the steps below to convert from Minutes to Hours using Unit Converter Online Calculator.

  • Log into the website using this link
  • Click on the time Converter
  • Input the number of minutes you want to convert to hours
  • Choose minutes in the drop menu
  • Select hours in the next drop menu
  • Click on convert afterward.

That is it, you should be able to see your result in the next window immediately. If you still need more support on this topic, please leave a comment and our admin will respond to you shortly.

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