How to Delete Instagram Account Permanently 2017- 2023

How to Delete Instagram Account Permanently 2017- 2022

Probably you are tired of using Instagram. Or it may be due to some update that you do not like about Instagram and you are looking for a way to delete your Instagram account. One of the largest social media platforms in the world, Instagram is used by millions of users to share billions of photos, videos, and advice as well as to sell goods via Instagram Shopping.

You’ve come to the right site if you want to learn how to delete your Instagram account because even while everyone doesn’t need to use it, it doesn’t mean they should. You have had your fair share of the social network already and can do without it.

We’ll walk you through the process, explain what it implies for your data, let you know if you can undo it, and show you which devices you can.

Let’s start right away without further ado!

How to Delete Instagram Account Permanently 2017- 2022
How to Delete Instagram Account Permanently 2017- 2022

What Is Instagram?

Like Facebook and TikTok, Instagram is among the most well-liked social networking sites. It is projected that in the next few years, there may be one billion Instagram users, up from the current millions.

You can interact with other Instagram users by following them, leaving comments on their blog posts, loving their photographs, and tagging them.

It also had several other features, such as Instagram Stories, Instagram Reels, and shopping. Instagram usage is cost-free. You can get it via the play store or through a web browser. 

Can you Delete your Instagram account from your smartphone?

We will be discussing the different ways you can delete your Instagram account. On your phone as well as your smartphones. It’s crucial to realize that some methods cannot be carried out on a smartphone, regardless of whether it runs Android, iOS, or another mobile operating system. You can only use those methods to delete your Instagram account using a computer’s browser.

Accessing the official Instagram website and logging in with your account are the first two steps in the process. 

How Can I Permanently Delete My Instagram Account From My iPhone?

It takes time to delete your Instagram account permanently. Instagram may take up to 90 days to delete your profile after you request it, so you must first submit the request. Here is how to do that:

Go to Instagram settings.

You must get in touch with the Instagram help desk if you want to permanently remove your account. Open the Instagram app on your smartphone to find the support center.

In the top right corner, tap the hamburger icon. Go to settings after that.

Visit the help page

The next step is to choose Help from the settings. The “help center” next. The option to remove your Instagram account can only be found in the help center. The Instagram account 

Delete Your Account

  • Go to “Manage your account” by tapping on the three vertical lines at the top of the help center.
  • The option to “Delete your account” is located under “Manage Your Account.”
  • Touch it.
  • Before deactivating your account, Instagram will then request that you download a copy of your account data.
  • To proceed, click Delete Your Account.

Give a justification for your choice.

You’ll be asked by Instagram why you wish to unsubscribe permanently. Select a justification from the drop-down list of the most popular justifications. Instagram will invite you to visit the help center to resolve any issues, depending on the reason you gave for choosing to delete your account. 

Enter your Instagram username and password.

After you have finished explaining why you want to delete your Instagram account, you will be prompted to enter your password. You cannot delete your Instagram account permanently unless you input your IG password. After entering the password, click the delete button.

You have now applied to Instagram to delete your Instagram account. Instagram will tell you 30 days after you submit your request that your account, as well as all data associated with it, will be permanently deleted.

As a result, it may take up to 90 days to delete everything you’ve submitted. 

It further states that after the 90-day period has gone, it may maintain a copy of your data in its backup and that it will only use it in the event of a disaster, software error, or other data loss, or for legal reasons, violations, or harm prevention measures. 

How to Permanently Delete Your Instagram Account From Your Computer

Here are the procedures to permanently delete your Instagram account in 2022.

  • Go to Instagram and sign in to your account.
  • Select ‘Account Settings from the ‘Three lines Icon.’
  • Now, pick ‘Help Center’ from the ‘Help’ menu. 
  • Select ‘Manage your Account’ from the ‘Three Lines Icon.’
  • ‘Tap’ on the ‘Delete Your Account button.
  • Scroll down to ‘ From a Mobile Browser or Computer,’ then click ‘Delete Your Account.’
  • Give your reason for deactivating your account on the new page. 
  • Enter your password now, then click the “delete” button.

Remember that Instagram will permanently delete all of your information when you request that your account be terminated, and you won’t be able to retrieve it. 

How To Temporarily Deactivate An Instagram Account

  • Log in to your Instagram account using a web browser.
  • Go to “Account Setting” by clicking on the “Three lines” symbol.
  • Go ahead and select “Temporarily Deactivate My Instagram Account” by scrolling down.
  • Why do you want to “Deactivate your Instagram account?” Please include a “Reason.”
  • Retype your password, then click the “Temporarily Deactivate Account” option to shut down your account.
  • Your account can now be temporarily reactivated after being temporarily deactivated. 

How to Prevent Permanently Deleting Your Instagram Account Data?

Your Instagram account can only be deleted once. Your previous posts and comments will all be permanently lost. That is if you don’t save it first. 

  • Open Instagram on your phone and tap the profile icon in the bottom right corner.
  • Tap the hamburger icon in the top right corner.
  • Select Settings by scrolling to the bottom.
  • Activate the Security tab.
  • From the drop-down option, choose Download Data.
  • By selecting Request Download, you can enter your email address. 

Within 48 hours, Instagram will send a complete copy of your profile to the email address you provided. There will be storage for all of your pictures, comments, profile data, and anything else you might need later.

If you don’t preserve your profile data, and you delete your Instagram account, you’ll lose all of your information and you’ll never be able to get it back.

It is preferable to have something than to require it and not have it. 

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