How to Delete Search History on Samsung Galaxy Phones

How to Delete Search History on Samsung

Do you want to delete the search history on Samsung but you don’t know how? You are at the right post. In this blog entry, I will be guiding you on the steps to delete your search history on any Samsung Smartphone.

Deleting your search history consists of some easy steps that will not take you a lot of time to do it. If after reading this post you still find it difficult to delete your search History, please leave a comment and I will personally respond to you within 48 hours.

How to Delete Search History on Samsung
How to Delete Search History on Samsung

Supported Samsung Galaxy Device

  1. Samsung Galaxy F34
  2. Samsung Galaxy F32
  3. Samsung Galaxy F31
  4. Samsung Galaxy F30
  5. Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 5
  6. Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 4, Z Fold 3
  7. Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 2
  8. Samsung Galaxy Z Fold
  9. Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 5
  10. Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 4
  11. Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 3
  12. Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 2
  13. Samsung Galaxy Z Flip
  14. Samsung Galaxy M34
  15. Samsung Galaxy M33
  16. Samsung Galaxy M32
  17. Samsung Galaxy M31
  18. Samsung Galaxy M30
  19. Samsung Galaxy F54
  20. Samsung Galaxy F53
  21. Samsung Galaxy F52
  22. Samsung Galaxy F51
  23. Samsung Galaxy F50
  24. Samsung Galaxy A24
  25. Samsung Galaxy A23
  26. Samsung Galaxy A22
  27. Samsung Galaxy A22
  28. Samsung Galaxy A21
  29. Samsung Galaxy A20
  30. Samsung Galaxy F14
  31. Samsung Galaxy F13
  32. Samsung Galaxy F12
  33. Samsung Galaxy F11
  34. Samsung Galaxy F10
  35. Samsung Galaxy M54
  36. Samsung Galaxy M53
  37. Samsung Galaxy M52
  38. Samsung Galaxy M51
  39. Samsung Galaxy M50
  40. Samsung Galaxy A54
  41. Samsung Galaxy A53
  42. Samsung Galaxy A52
  43. Samsung Galaxy A51
  44. Samsung Galaxy A50
  45. Samsung Galaxy A34
  46. Samsung Galaxy A33
  47. Samsung Galaxy A32
  48. Samsung Galaxy A31
  49. Samsung Galaxy A30
  50. Samsung Galaxy M14
  51. Samsung Galaxy M13
  52. Samsung Galaxy M12
  53. Samsung Galaxy M11
  54. Samsung Galaxy M10
  55. Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra
  56. Samsung Galaxy S23 Plus
  57. Samsung Galaxy S23
  58. Samsung Galaxy S23 FE
  59. Samsung Galaxy S22
  60. Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra
  61. Samsung Galaxy S21
  62. Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra
  63. Samsung Galaxy S20
  64. Samsung Galaxy S20 Plus
  65. Samsung Galaxy S20 FE
  66. Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus
  67. Samsung Galaxy S10
  68. Samsung Galaxy S9 Plus
  69. Samsung Galaxy S8 Plus
  70. Samsung Galaxy S7
  71. Samsung Galaxy A14
  72. Samsung Galaxy A13
  73. Samsung Galaxy A12
  74. Samsung Galaxy A11
  75. Samsung Galaxy A10
  76. Samsung Galaxy F04
  77. Samsung Galaxy F03
  78. Samsung Galaxy F02
  79. Samsung Galaxy F01
  80. Samsung Galaxy A04e
  81. Samsung Galaxy A03e
  82. Samsung Galaxy A02
  83. Samsung Galaxy A04s
  84. Samsung Galaxy A03s
  85. Samsung Galaxy Xcover 6
  86. Samsung Galaxy Xcover 5
  87. Samsung Galaxy Xcover 4
  88. Samsung Galaxy Xcover 3
  89. Samsung Galaxy Xcover 2.

How to Delete Search History on Your Samsung Device

Here are steps to delete search history on a Samsung device:

  • Unlock your Samsung device and go to the home screen.
  • Open the “Internet” app or the browser you use on your Samsung device.
  • Tap the three-dot menu icon (usually located in the upper-right or lower-right corner of the screen) to open the browser’s menu.
  • Select “Settings” from the menu.
  • Scroll down to find the “Privacy” or “Privacy and Security” section in the settings.
  • Tap on “Clear browsing data” or a similar option.
  • You will typically be presented with a list of data types to delete, including “Browsing history.” Check the box next to “Browsing history” or any other data you want to delete.
  • Optionally, you can also select other data types like cookies, cached images and files, and site settings if you want to clear more than just your search history.
  • Once you’ve selected the data types to delete, tap the “Clear data” or “Clear” button. Confirm your choice if prompted.
  • Your search history and selected browsing data should now be deleted from the browser on your Samsung device.

Why You Should Delete Your Search History

There are a lot of reasons you will want to delete the search history on your Samsung device, Here are some compelling reasons why you should delete your search history:

  • Privacy Protection: Search history can contain a wealth of personal information, including your interests, habits, and location. When you delete your search history regularly, you will have less risk of a third-party individual accessing your search history for any malicious behavior.
  • Data Minimization: Keeping a clutter-free search history ensures that only relevant and recent information is stored, making it easier to find what you’re looking for when you revisit your search history.
  • Security: Deleting your search history can help protect your online accounts. If someone gains access to your device and your search history includes sensitive information, it could be used for identity theft or other malicious purposes.
  • Embarrassing or Sensitive Searches: Sometimes, you may perform searches that you’d rather keep private due to their sensitive or embarrassing nature. Deleting your search history helps prevent others from stumbling upon these searches.
  • Ad Personalization: Search engines and online services often use your search history to personalize ads and content. By regularly deleting your history, you can reduce the extent to which you are tracked and targeted by advertisers.
  • Device Performance: Over time, a large search history can take up storage space on your device and potentially slow it down. Deleting your history can help maintain optimal device performance.
  • Peace of Mind: Knowing that your search history is clean and free from unnecessary information can provide peace of mind, knowing that your digital footprint is more under your control.
  • Compliance with Regulations: In some regions, there are data protection regulations (e.g., GDPR in Europe) that require companies to allow users to delete their data, including search history. Deleting your history helps ensure compliance with such regulations.
  • Enhanced Security for Shared Devices: If you share your device with family members or colleagues, regularly clearing your search history prevents them from accessing your search data and potentially compromising your privacy.
  • Start Fresh: Clearing your search history allows you to start with a clean slate, ensuring that your future searches are not influenced by past queries.

Clear your browsing history on Samsung Internet

  1. Start by finding and launching the Samsung Internet app on your Samsung device. You can usually locate this app on your home screen or in your app drawer. Look for the icon with a globe.
  2. Once you’ve opened the Samsung Internet app, access the main menu by tapping on the icon in the form of three horizontal lines. This menu is typically found in the upper-right or upper-left corner of your screen, depending on your device’s configuration.
  3. In the menu that appears, locate and select the “Settings” option. This will take you to the settings menu for the Samsung Internet browser.
  4. Within the settings menu, look for and tap on the “Personal browsing data” option. This is where you’ll manage your browsing history and other data associated with your web activities.
  5. Within the “Personal browsing data” section, you’ll find an option labeled “Delete browsing data.” This is the crucial step where you decide what data you want to clear from your browsing history.
  6. Upon selecting “Delete browsing data,” a new screen will appear, presenting you with several options to customize what you’d like to delete. These options typically include your browsing history, cookies, cached images and files, and site settings. Choose the data types you want to remove by checking the corresponding boxes.
  7. After selecting your desired data types, tap the “Delete data” button. This action signals your device to begin clearing the selected browsing data.
  8. Depending on the amount of data you’ve accumulated, the process may take a moment or two to complete. Be patient as your device works to remove the chosen data.
  9. Finally, a confirmation prompt will appear. To complete the process, tap the “Delete” button, confirming your intention to clear the selected browsing data.

Now, your Samsung Internet browser will systematically remove the specified data, including your browsing history. This helps safeguard your privacy and ensures that your browsing experience remains clutter-free. Keep in mind that if you have a substantial amount of data on your device, the clearing process may take a little longer, but it will eventually complete, leaving your browsing history refreshed and your data management in order.


In this blog post, we have successfully guided you on how you can successfully delete your search history on your Samsung device. We treat the reasons you should delete the search history and also give you steps to delete it on the Samsung mobile internet browser. If you still have issues deleting your search history, please leave a comment and I will respond to that in no time.

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