How to Download Apps on LG Smart TV

Once it comes to having the best TV displays on the planet. LG is the only brand that gets it right every time. LG has smart TV in every price range, pixel density, and even screen size. LG smart TVs have a lot of useful features because they run on a dedicated Operating System. The ability to install or download apps is one of the best features of the LG Smart TV. This portion will teach you how to add apps to your LG smart TV.

Television networks and their programs are no longer generally defined on televisions. Because of the addition of functionalities such as internet access, smart audio, video, and even the incorporation of digital assistants to control the Smart TV, Smart TVs have a wide range of applications.

The most useful feature, however, is the support for Apps, which aid in the operation and control of other Smart TV features.

There are numerous apps available for almost every category and platform. LG televisions, in particular, use their webOS software on all of their smart televisions. The ability to install apps provides end-users with the ability to select from a variety of content to consume. 

How to Download Apps on LG Smart TV
How to Download Apps on LG Smart TV

Is it possible to install third-party apps on your LG Smart TV?

Yes, if the app you want is available in the LG Content Store.

However, you cannot install a third-party app from an unknown source.

LG smart TVs run Web OS or Netcast and do not allow you to download apps from untrusted sources. Third-party content can, however, be streamed on LG smart TVs via extensions such as Firestick, Chromecast, AppleTV, and Roku. 

LG OLED, LG Nano Cell, and LG UHD TV are among the models that support third-party content streaming.

The LG operating system may allow you to manage, access, and view content online via an internet connection, but only if it is downloaded from the LG app store, as previously mentioned.

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Because the TV is smart, you may not need an additional box-like Firestick, and the company may make it possible to access third-party apps as LG operates its WebOS platform.

When you access WebOS, you can access LG-specific apps, games, and music. 

How to Install Apps on an LG TV

Adding apps to your LG Smart TV is a fairly simple process.

The LG Content Store contains over 200 apps:

All you need to know is how to access the app store at Here’s how it’s done:

  • Using your remote, press the “Home” button on the left side of your directional pad.
  • Then, on the menu, press the “Right” arrow button until you reach the “LG Content Store” tab.
  • In the center of your direction pad, press the “OK” button.
  • To get to the “Featured” tab at the top of the screen, use the “Up” arrow button. 
  • Using the “Right” arrow button, navigate to the “Apps” tab.
  • Press the “OK” center button once more.
  • To download an app, use the arrow buttons to navigate to it and then press the center button.
  • Press the center button again to bring up the “Install” menu.

The app will take a few moments to install on your LG TV. When it’s finished downloading, you can launch it immediately by pressing the center button to highlight the “Launch” option on the same screen.  Don’t worry if you want to do something else but can’t find the app you just installed on your LG TV.

Simply press the “Home” button again, and the app you added will appear in the bottom-right ribbon menu. To open it, select it with the “Right” arrow button and then press the “OK” central button. The LG Content Store has various app classifications, such as most popular, recently updated, various genres, and so on.

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However, keep in mind that not all categories may be available on your LG TV, depending on your region and the status of your TV’s service.  Please remember that this technique is only applicable to LG TVs that run the webOS operating system. If your LG TV is equipped with the Netcast operating system, follow these steps to add apps:

  • On the left side of your directional pad, press the “Home” button.
  • To access the “More” box in the upper-left corner of your screen, use the “Up” arrow button on your directional pad.
  • Locate the app you want to install and press the center “OK” button.
  • Access your LG TV account.
  • Continue by installing the app on your LG TV.

There are also various categories here, such as hot, top paid, top free, new, and more. 

App Uninstallation on LG Smart TV

You can uninstall an app from your LG Smart TV if you feel it no longer serves its purpose or if you no longer like it.

  • Access the edit mode, which allows you to move the app down and up the scrolling ribbon.
  • Using the right and left buttons on your remote, navigate to the edit mode.
  • Select the X over the individual app tile to delete the unwanted app from the smart LG TV.
  • When you select the X, which may be highlighted on the app, you can delete it. 
  • To remove the TV app, you may be asked to confirm the deletion.
  • You affirm that you want to delete the app by selecting yes during the deletion process. You can exit the edit mode once you’ve finished deleting the TV app.
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Questions and Answers (FAQ)

Now that we’ve covered the basics of installing third-party apps on an LG TV, let’s go over any remaining questions you might have.

How do I install apps that aren’t available in the LG Content Store on my LG Smart TV? 

It is not possible to download a third-party app that is not available in the LG Content Store.

LG smart TVs run Web OS or Netcast and do not allow you to download apps from untrusted sources.

Third-party content can, however, be streamed on LG smart TVs via extensions such as Firestick, Chromecast, AppleTV, and Roku.

What apps are there for the LG Smart TV?

WebOS has apps for LG smart TVs, and you may find apps and content that meet your needs.

Netflix, Amazon Video, YouTube, Hulu, and many more are among the WebOS apps.

Channel Plus is also available on WebOS, and the apps include family-friendly content, independent films, and other top-rated shows. 

Is there a Google Play store on LG TV?

Regrettably, LG TV does not support Google Play even though they run on different webOS platforms.

To be able to use Google Play, your TV’s operating system must be Android.

Third-party content can, however, be streamed on LG smart TVs via extensions such as Firestick, Chromecast, AppleTV, and Roku.

How do I get Google Play installed on my LG Smart TV? 

Because it is not an Android device, you cannot download the Google Play Store.

The LG Content Store is the LG TV equivalent of the Google Play Store.

On the plus side, Google Play movies are now supported and available for download on LG WebOS TVs. 

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