How to Fix Airplay on LG TV Not Working

How to Fix Airplay on LG TV Not Working

This blog entry will guide you on how to Fix Airplay on LG TV. LG products have gained a great deal of recognition among customers. The distinctive features and appealing designs quickly drew people’s attention, and as a result, LG is currently regarded as one of the greatest brands in the electronics market.

However, among all electronic things, LG TV sets are considered to be highly unique and different, owing to their design and characteristics being completely different from the other models that have been prevailing in today’s market. 

AirPlay is a unique function that LG TV has developed. Now, AirPlay is a feature that allows users to stream videos and music from your Apple products to your TV and speakers.

Screen Synchronization or mirroring can also be utilized to share your device’s display on a huge screen. The AirPlay service allows direct connection between an iOS device and an AirPlay speaker, as well as volume control. When utilizing AirPlay, you can adjust the volume of both the AirPlay speaker and the iOS device. 

However, a large number of users have reported serious problems with the AirPlay functionality.

Many people have claimed that they have been unable to sync their iOS mobile to the LG TV.

Even TVs with the most recent version of AirPlay have been unable to link to any iOS device, and users have conveyed their dissatisfaction.

So yet, there has been no clarification from the LG team or other sources indicating the likely cause of this issue. Also, if you’re looking for a long-term workaround, you’re out of luck for the time being.

However, if the situation is extremely vexing you, Then continue reading this blog piece to learn about the workaround for AirPlay not functioning on LG. 

How to Fix Airplay on LG TV Not Working
How to Fix Airplay on LG TV Not Working

Why doesn’t AirPlay function on my LG TV?

Because of compatibility issues, AirPlay is not working on your LG TV.

Other causes include network and software difficulties. Take into account flaws, operating system updates, and the distance between the two devices.

Continue reading to find out how to solve this problem. 

Update the operating system on your LG TV.

AirPlay can potentially be rendered inoperable by outdated firmware.

When you look at the model of your TV, you can see the OS version in the same menu. LG TVs running webOS 4.0 and higher may now use AirPlay.

If your LG TV is connected to the internet, the software update will take place automatically. You can also update your LG TV without using a network connection.

To accomplish this, you should: 

  • Visit LG’s product support page and input the model number of your TV there:
  • Download and unzip the file to a USB flash drive.
  • Insert the USB into the back of your television.
  • Follow the directions.

You should update your Apple device.

Firmware updates aid in the resolution of faults and issues.

This contains issues that prohibit AirPlay from functioning properly.

If an update is available for your Apple device, it will notify you.

You can manually check this by:

  • I’m going to Settings.
  • General is being tapped.
  • Choosing Software Update. 

Ascertain that both devices are linked to the same network.

AirPlay requires an internet connection to function. In addition, both your Apple device and your LG TV must be connected to the same network.

It is acceptable if one device connects to the network via Wi-Fi and the other via a cable connection. So long as they’re on the same network.

You can check your connection details on your Apple device by: 

  • Go to Settings.
  • Choosing Wi-Fi.
  • Your connection is being tested.

You may do it on your LG TV by:

  • Using your remote, go to Settings.
  • Navigate to Network/Connection.
  • Choose Wi-Fi. 

Check to see if your broadband connection is fast enough.

This is because broadband speed is also important.

The minimum speed for AirPlay is 25mbps, as per what Apple recommended.

A faster processor is required if the resolution is to reach its maximum of 1080p. Use Fast to test your connection speed.

The speed of your TV and Apple device must be greater than 25Mbps.

If the speed isn’t higher than the recommended bandwidth, you should contact your service provider. 

Disconnect all other network devices.

There are ways to boost your connection speed without spending extra money. Disconnecting other devices from the Wi-Fi is a simple way to accomplish this.

Close any that aren’t in use. Gadgets, you see, compete for the bandwidth of your network. As a result, the connection is slower.

Move your devices closer together.

The distance can also have an impact on your AirPlay connectivity.

AirPlay can be as far away as your Wi-Fi connection, according to Apple.

You should not be more than 30 feet away from your LG TV for a smoother mirroring experience.

Furthermore, using AirPlay when your LG TV is in another room should be no problem. 

Just make sure there are no obstacles between the two devices.

  • Doors are one of them.
  • Furniture.
  • Thick walls.
  • Appliances and trinkets in front of your LG TV

Change your LG TV’s connection to a wired connection.

Although wireless connections are convenient, wired connections provide the fastest speeds.

At the back of every LG, television is a connection for an Ethernet cable.

Use the cord to connect your TV to your router.

This immediately connects your LG TV to the internet. It might also improve the connection speed of your LG TV. It also reduces the number of devices connecting to Wi-Fi. Your Apple device may also benefit from a modest speed boost. 

Reboot your router.

This can aid in the resolution of AirPlay issues relating to your connection.

Simply switch your router off and leave it alone for 30 seconds.

With that, a reboot can boost the speed of your connection by a tiny percentage.

This disables your Wi-Fi and disconnects all devices.

Make sure that none of your connected devices are in the process of updating before proceeding.

Reset your LG television.

With prolonged use of your LG TV, software faults and glitches may arise.

But don’t be concerned…

Other than soft resetting your TV, you don’t need to do much to resolve issues. Simply switch off your television and leave it off for 30 seconds.

If you wish to perform a hard reset, do the following:

  • On your remote, press the Settings button.
  • Select General.
  • Select Reset.
  • Confirm your PIN and input it.
  • The default PIN is 1234 if you did not change it.

This is a hard reset. This implies that when you buy your LG TV, it will revert to its original version. It will erase the TV’s operating system, app preferences, network settings, and accounts. 

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