How to Fix Amana Washer Stuck on Sensing Fill

How to Fix Amana Washer Stuck on Sensing Fill

Among the best home appliance today, I will go with the washing machine being one of the most useful appliances. How then can we fix our Amana washer stuck on sensing fill? This article will brainstorm and troubleshoot every possibility available for solving this common washer problem. Washing clothes is a task I always run from especially if it’s going to be manual. It is also a time-consuming task.

Not everyone can wash their clothes daily. There is a good washing machine, but even a washing machine can fail to function properly. Amana is a reputable brand of washing machines and is highly used by people. But there’s the issue with washing machines that don’t go past sensing.

This is quite a complicated problem but this blog entry will break it down to the simplest term for your consumption. There are some simple solutions.

You’ll have to try them all to see which one works best for you. You may be able to solve it quickly or you may encounter difficulties. But, hopefully, you’ll be able to find a solution. 

You should leave a comment with which of them works for you to help our readers make a quick decision as to which works fast!

How to Fix Amana Washer Stuck on Sensing Fill
How to Fix Amana Washer Stuck on Sensing Fill

What Makes Amana Washer Stuck On Sensing?

Having your washing machine get stuck in the middle of a load is a real annoyance and cause for concern, especially if you have a lot of clothes to wash.

One of these scenarios is when your Amana washer becomes stuck on sensing fill.

There could be several reasons for this.

Check the ones discussed below:

Water Level Switch Fault

When the water level in the washing machine reaches a certain level, a switch instructs the machine to stop pouring water.

A faulty switch can sometimes tell the machine that the water has already reached that level, and the machine may no longer receive water.

This can cause the machine to become stuck at the sensing stage.

The main Control Board is faulty.

The main control board could cause a different problem for your washing machine.

If no other explanation exists, this could be the ultimate reason your washer is misbehaving.

A faulty main control board can cause a wide range of issues.

One of them is the machine becoming stuck at a certain stage, such as sensing fill. 

Failure of the Water Inlet Valve

This is frequently the source of the problem.

The washing machine will let water in as needed after sensing.

However, for that to happen successfully, the water inlets must be fully open and operational.

Inlet Screen Clog

The water inlets leading to your washer have a filter screen to prevent large particles from entering the lines.

These screens can become clogged, preventing water from entering properly.

This could be why the machine is stuck on sensing fill. 

Lid Switch Fault

Washing machines now have switches that prevent them from running with the lid open.

When a faulty lid does not close properly, the machine may believe it is open and stop running halfway through.

The Shift Actuator is unable to change its position.

Transmission rings are switched between the wash and spin cycles using shift actuators.

If this component fails for any reason, the machine will not proceed to the next cycle.

The control board will continue to try to change its position but will give troubleshooting signals if it fails after several trials. 

These are some of the problems that may make your Amana washer stuck on sensing, how can we solve this problem is what we will be looking at in our next sub-topic on this blog post.

How to Fix Amana Washer Stuck on Sensing Fill

The reasons why your Amana washer can become stuck on sensing fill have already been discussed.

Let’s look at how you can solve those problems one by one.

Switch for Water Level

  • To access the switch on a top-loading machine, first, remove the water level control knob.
  • Remove the pressure hose and wiring harness from the washer, as well as the switch.
  • Connect a multimeter to it to test the continuity.
  • If it fails, the switch is faulty and must be replaced.

The control panel

  • It is uncommon for the main control board to be damaged. But it is possible.
  • Check everything else first, and if everything is fine, the control is the issue. 
  • Examine the board for physical damage or other signs of damage.
  • If found, change the board with professional assistance. 

Actuator for shifting

  • To resolve this issue, enter diagnostic mode.
  • Look for the shift actuator-specific error code.
  • Compare it to the one on the screen.
  • If they match, swap out the shift actuator.

The lid switch

  • To solve this issue, you must first determine whether it is indeed not working.
  • Check each of the lid switches with a multimeter to confirm this.
  • Examine their consistency.
  • They are defective if one of them fails the test.
  • They should be replaced. 

Water supply valve

  • Check the valve with a multimeter to see if it is still operational.
  • Alternatively, you can start the washer and let it fill up.
  • When the water reaches a certain level, turn off the power.
  • If the valve does not stop leaking water, it is almost certainly faulty. Remove those and put new.

Inlet filter

  • Check the inlet screen for any debris or other particles that have become lodged in it.
  • Remove them, and the problem may be solved. 


Without a doubt, civilization has moved to pass the time a washing machine was just an option in the household. life without a washing machine is unthinkable in today’s world.

And a broken washing machine can be a nightmare.

So you should know what to do if your Amana washer is stuck on sensing fill. This has already been discussed.

For a variety of reasons, your Amana washer may become stuck on a specific stage, such as sensing.

It could be due to a faulty component unrelated to sense, such as the inlet valve or lid switch.

It could also be the main control board, which serves as the machine’s brain. You must ascertain the specifics. 

The method for determining the precise problem has already been discussed. Try them one at a time.

And determine what is causing your washer to stop at the sensing stage. Don’t be discouraged at first, and before calling an expert, try these solutions on your own.

It may completely solve your problem. 

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