How to Fix Samsung TV Volume Stuck on Screen

When you use the remote to increase the volume on your smart TV. For a split second, it glitches and freezes. Furthermore, the volume on the Samsung TV was set to 100. It occurs when you attempt to increase the volume of the smart television.

Many factors contributed to the volume remaining at 100. The most common cause of a Samsung TV volume stuck on 100 is a broken remote. If the remote is broken, it will not work properly.

As a result, you may encounter several problems with the remote issue. If you want to troubleshoot Samsung TV volume stuck on 100 problems.

This blog entry will explain why your volume is stuck as well as how to fix it. 

How to Fix Samsung TV Volume Stuck on Screen
How to Fix Samsung TV Volume Stuck on Screen

Why is the volume on my Samsung TV stuck?

If your TV’s volume control appears to be stuck, it’s possible that you accidentally set the volume too low. Another possibility is that you set the TV to MUTE by accident.

It’s usually one of two things: apps running all the time and too many other apps filling up TV memory if your TV volume remains stuck. You can improve performance and eliminate the problem by turning off AUTORUN on your Smart HUB and deleting unused apps. 

The volume on my Samsung TV is stuck at 100.

When a user repeatedly presses the volume button, the volume becomes stuck. This occurs because the TV is unable to increase the volume by more than 100 decibels.

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The smart television set’s control could be malfunctioning due to a remote fault. This type of problem, however, occurs when the smart tv is not properly synced with the remote. The function becomes glitched if the Samsung TV fails to sync the television.

This problem is very common and will reoccur if not addressed properly. The Samsung smart tv tends to glitch on occasion.

It could be due to a cache or corrupted data issue. 

How to Reset a stuck Samsung TV Volume

To resolve the Samsung tv volume stuck on 100 issues.

You should follow the instructions provided here.

First, make sure your TV remote is in good working order and has a battery. After that, consider the following problem-solving methods:

Disable Smart Hub Autorun

If the problem persists, there is another solution for fixing the volume stuck at 11, 12, 14, and so on your Samsung television.

To resolve this issue, disable the autorun smart hub smart feature on your Samsung television by following the steps below.

  • Navigate to the settings menu.
  • Choose general.
  • Scroll down and select intelligent features. 
  • Disable smart hub autorun now.

Check to see if you can increase the volume on your Samsung television. 

Delete Unnecessary Apps on Samsung TV to Make Room

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If the storage is nearly full, you may encounter this problem after resetting the smart hub.

To resolve the Samsung tv volume stuck issue, delete any unnecessary apps from your Samsung tv.

This will free up storage space on your Samsung television.

Following that, your Samsung television will be able to perform tasks such as volume adjustment without issue.

Follow the steps below to delete apps from your Samsung TV.

  • Select apps from the home screen.
  • Scroll down to the sections for downloaded apps.
  • Find and remove any unnecessary apps from the list.
  • Hold down the select/enter button on your Samsung television remote.
  • Select the delete option now. 

After you’ve deleted all of the useless apps from your Samsung TV, restart it by pressing and holding the power button for 15-20 seconds.

You will now be able to adjust the volume on your Samsung television. 

Samsung TV Smart Hub Reset

For 99 percent of users, resetting the smart hub settings on their Samsung television will resolve the volume stuck issue.

This will clear your factory settings, and you will be able to adjust the volume on your Samsung smart TV without issue.

  • On your Samsung TV remote, press the settings button. 
  • Now select the Help option.
  • Choose self-diagnosis.
  • Now, select Reset Smart Hub and enter your confirmation pin.
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The Samsung tv volume stuck between two numbers issue will be resolved once the reset is completed.

Due to limited storage, some users may experience the same issue in the future.

We’ve detailed how to permanently resolve this issue on your Samsung television below. If the reset option is greyed out, see this post for how to fix greyed-out options on a Samsung smart TV. 

Restart your Samsung television.

By power cycling their Samsung tv, many Samsung tv owners were able to fix the Samsung tv volume stuck between two numbers.

Follow the steps below to power cycle your Samsung smart tv.

  • Turn off your Samsung smart television.
  • Unplug your smart TV from the wall.
  • For about 30 seconds, press the physical power button on your Samsung television.
  • Allow 15-20 minutes.
  • Plugin and turn on your Samsung television.

After the power cycle, check to see if the Samsung tv volume stuck issue has been resolved. If not, the following solution will resolve the volume stuck issue on your smart TV. 


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