How to Get Amex Priority pass

How to Get Priority Pass With Amex

For frequent travelers who love to enjoy the luxurious lifestyle the airport has to offer such as the airport executive lounge which is reserved for the higher class of travel tickets, You can enjoy that at ease with the Amex Priority pass. It is a strong contender for enhancing and luxuriously elevating your travel experience.

And, while it does come with a more than reasonable annual fee, many people rave that the benefits far outweigh the cost — especially if you fly a lot throughout the year.

When it comes to air travel, the words airports and lounges are almost synonymous, and a tired traveler is almost incomplete without a dependable enough lounge to relax, rest, most likely get some Wi-Fi, grab a drink or two, along with some food, or even call a loved one from a quiet spot — whether traveling internationally or domestically. 

Aside from an ideal lounge encounter, the policies governing who gets access to what lounge (free or otherwise) are intricate, complex, and, to some extent, confusing.

Although this should come as no surprise given the abundance of airlines, organizations owning various lounges, and a plethora of air travelers to market to — to earn their business.

Yes, “The World” is enormous. 

How to Get Priority Pass With Amex
How to Get Priority Pass With Amex

Enter the Priority Pass

Priority Pass is a happy medium such that it is not a compensation for travelers who are loyal to any airline (Not part of a loyalty program to any airline) or purchase a business, premium, or any higher class level than the economy to gain access to lounges.

At least, that’s how the one obtained through the Amex Priority Pass card works.

Aside from the standard airline-specific lounges, many airports only OR have no-known-affiliation lounges.

That is, they are not affiliated with any airline or well-known third-party organizations or credit cards.

In these cases, being a Priority Pass Member will most likely grant you access to such a lounge. 

To be clear, these lounges are still exclusive, luxurious, and comfortable, with facilities, and some even offer spa treatments and other services — just like any other high-end lounge you may have visited.

Priority Pass gives you access to over 1300 lounges around the world.

That being said, the types of services available will vary between airports — which is not an uncommon occurrence, as this also applies to any chain of well-known lounges. 

You now know why I wrote from the beginning of this blog entery that the benefit outweighs the cost!

Keep reading to know how you can get access to this premium life at any airport.

How to Sign Up for Amex Priority Pass

Now that you know what Amex Priority Pass is all about, you can easily sign up for it using your personal Amex Platinum Card.

To do so, follow the steps outlined below. 

Navigate to Benefits in your Amex account.

Log into your American Express account and go to Rewards & Benefits > Benefits once you’ve activated your Amex Platinum Card and physically have the card with you.

If you haven’t already, sign up for the “American Express Global Lounge Collection.”

As an Amex Platinum cardholder, you have access to the entire “American Express Global Lounge Collection.”

This collection includes at least seven lounge programs and collaborates with a few others. Priority Pass, as you might expect, is one of the partners. In any case, once you enroll in the American Express Global Lounge Collection, the system will generate a Priority Pass number for you — a screenshot will be provided later. However, you must still activate and sign up for Priority Pass to reap the full benefits.

Wait for the Priority Pass to arrive in the mail before activating/signing up for it.

Finally, you must wait for your Priority Pass Membership Card to arrive in the mail. It takes a few weeks of practice. 

Once you’ve received it, activate your Priority Pass to fully enjoy the benefits of its lounges.

It’s worth noting that they also have an app.

You can handle all of this over the phone with an American Express customer service representative for a simple Amex priority pass card configuration.

Nonetheless, to reap the full benefits of Priority Pass, you must complete step 3. 

FAQ About Priority Pass With Amex

Can I enter a Priority Pass lounge without my membership card?

 If you have the Priority Pass Digital Membership Card, you can access most of the lounges without your Priority Pass membership card.

When logged in, you can access the Priority Pass Digital Membership Card via the Members Area of the Priority Pass website and the Priority Pass app.

Please keep in mind that not all airport lounges accept the Priority Pass Digital Membership Card, so American Express Cardmembers should check the lounge they intend to visit in the search area to ensure the lounge accepts the Priority Pass Digital Membership Card.

If you enter the lounge without a Priority Pass membership card, you will be charged the walk-in rate, which varies by the lounge operator. 

Is my Priority Pass membership card complimentary?

Yes. As a valued American Express Cardmember, you will receive your Priority Pass membership card at no cost.

However, after using the free number of accesses assigned to your American Express Card, using the Priority Pass membership card at lounges will incur a fee.

What is the cost of using the Priority Pass membership card?

After the predetermined number of free visits, the fee for each visited lounge will be £15 per visit. 

What should I do if I misplace my Priority Pass membership card?

To request a replacement Priority Pass membership card, please contact the Priority Pass Membership Services Team at +44 20 8680 1338 or [email protected].

 What should I do when I visit a lounge?

Just show your Priority Pass membership card, sign the receipt, and use the services.

You are not required to pay anything when you use the service.

If you have used all of your free accesses, the fee will be charged to your American Express Card.

Can I purchase additional visits or vouchers to gain access to Priority Pass lounges?

No. Unfortunately, this is not an option. 

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