How to Get Discovery Plus on Smart TV

Discovery Plus is officially here, and it’s a dream come true for documentarians everywhere. I understand that you’re eager to start with this video service, and we’re here to help. That said already, we’ll go over how to stream Discovery Plus on a Smart TV, such as a selection of smart TVs from well-known brands. So that’s everything you need to know.

How to Get Discovery Plus on TV
How to Get Discovery Plus on TV

What’s the best way to access Discovery Plus on my Smart TV?

 All that Should be Known About Watching online to Your Television Make sure each of your gadgets is turned on and linked to the same Wi-Fi connection. To view a show, run Discovery Plus and then click the AirPlay button at the top upper right of your device’s screen. Select the television with which you want to link.

How to Get Discovery Plus on Samsung Smart TV

Keep in mind that Discovery Plus is only compatible with Samsung TVs from 2017 and beyond. Although we don’t yet have a list of supported TV models, we expect the app will be available on a wide range of TVs, particularly newer models. So, here’s where to begin.

  • Sign up for Discovery Plus on their website. Getting started, tap on the linked link and then on ‘Start Free Trial.’ You must select a subscription plan, set up an account, and supply payment details. Return to your Samsung TV once you’ve finished.
  • Navigate to ‘Apps’ from your TV’s Home Screen (Smart Hub). Type in the search field Plus Discovery, Select the app’s icon to see more information.
  • Select ‘Add to Home’ to add the app to your TV. You will have the app downloaded and installed on your Smart TV by now.
  • Now you can sign in by following the instructions on the screen.

How tp get Discovery Plus on TCL and Hisense Smart TV that are powered by Roku?

They built Roku TV into a handful of TCL and Hisense TVs, giving you access to a huge number of Roku channels. And, yes, Discovery Plus is among them, so here’s what you should do.

  • Subscribe to Discovery Plus beforehand to make this process as straightforward as possible. If you click the official link, you will be sent to the broadcasting platform’s site. Start by tapping ‘Start Free Trial,’ and then complete the on-screen steps to join up.
  • Return to your Roku TV-enabled TCL or Hisense TV. Select ‘Streaming Channels’ on the left-hand side after pressing the ‘Home’ button on your remote. Browse to ‘Search Channels,’ and then select this option.
  • To find Discovery Plus, type its name into the input field on your screen. When you see the name of this channel on your screen, select it. Then, on your Roku TV, use the ‘Add Channel’ button to download and install this program.
  • Finally, go back to the Roku TV’s Home Screen. To start Discovery Plus and sign in, follow the procedure on your Television screen. That concludes our discussion.

How do you get Discovery Plus On a Sony Smart TV?

Discovery Plus is available on Sony TVs that are equipped with Android TV (version 5.0 or newer). As stated below, you’ll need access to Google’s Play Store to get started with Discovery Plus on Sony TVs.

  • Before installing the app, we recommend purchasing a Discovery Plus subscription. Use the provided link to go to the streaming platform’s website, where you can join up by clicking the ‘Start Free Trial button. Choose a subscription, make an account, and pay for it.
  • Return to your Sony television. Locate the Google Play Store and click on the icon for this app. Then, in the search bar at the top of your screen, type in ‘Discovery Plus.’ Once the app’s icon appears in the list of search results, click on it. This should bring up the app’s overview page.
  • Then choose ‘Install’ or ‘Get,’ depending on your Android TV version.
  • Open the app once it’s ready to use. Follow the steps on your screen to log in to your freshly formed Discovery Plus membership.

Discovery Plus is available on any Android TV, including Sony televisions. The method mentioned above also works on Android TV-powered media streaming devices, and it’s possible to view Discovery Plus on TiVo using the same method.

How to get Discovery Plus On Toshiba and Insignia (Fire OS) Smart TV

Amazon’s Fire OS is available on several Toshiba and Insignia televisions. As a result, if you have a ‘FireTV Edition’ television, you can watch Discovery Plus – and here’s how.

  • Remember to sign up for Discovery Plus first. To get started, go to the ‘Start Free Trial’ page and follow the instructions there.
  • Return to your Toshiba or Insignia ‘Fire TV Edition’ TV’s Home Screen and start from there. Go to the top of the page and then to the left. A magnifying glass symbol will appear there, showing that you can search for apps. Choose that icon.
  • If you search for ‘Discovery Plus,’ you should see the app’s symbol among the search results. Choose it and click ‘Get’ to see the app’s overview.’
  • Open the app once it’s ready to use. Follow the on-screen directions to log in.

Another way to get Discovery Plus on Toshiba and Insignia TVs is to use Amazon’s Web store. Open the app’s overview, sign in with your Amazon account, and you’ll be able to download Discovery Plus on your TV remote.

How to get Discovery Plus on LG Smart TV?

WebOS, the operating system that drives LG’s smart TVs, presently lacks a native app for Discovery Plus. Running Discovery Plus on LG TVs via native software is now impossible.

There is, however, no need to be concerned because there is a workaround. We propose casting Discovery plus video from your smartphone or tablet to your LG TV until Discovery Plus launches a WebOS app. 

How to stream Discovery Plus on any Smart TV via Chromecast or AirPlay

Be informed that Discovery Plus integrates Google Chromecast and Apple AirPlay on mobile phones and tablets. You can cast Discovery plus content from your smartphone to your TV if your TV supports one of those screen-casting methods. This is how it’s done.

  • To get started, you’ll need an active Discovery Premium membership. If you don’t already have one, sign up right now. Go to the Discovery Plus website and click the “Start Free Trial” button, then follow the on-screen instructions.
  • You may now install the Discovery Plus app on your iPhone or iPad, or your Android smartphone or tablet. To download and install Discovery Plus, use the above links or go to your device’s iOS App Store or Google Play Store. Remember to open the app and sign in.
  • Before we move on to the final step, keep in mind that screen-casting only works if your TV and smartphone/tablet are both connected to the same Wi-Fi network. Check to see if it also connected your TV to your home’s Wi-Fi network.
  • Finally, launch Discovery Plus on your smartphone or tablet. Then, start watching whatever stuff you want. This is when you should notice a screen-casting symbol in the upper-right corner. Press this button, Select your TV, and the series or movie you’ve chosen will play on your TV.

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