How to get Lifetime Fitness Free Trial in 2023

How to get Lifetime Fitness Free Trial in 2022

The lifetime fitness guest pass or free trial is a great way to test out the gym’s facilities, services, gym equipment, and administration. The best way to truly discover a gym is to bring a list of questions you’d like answered and then ask each one to the gym manager one at a time until you get a satisfactory answer. Except for the monthly membership, each Lifetime fitness member receives a free trial as part of their registration privileges. Each month, the member can use one guest pass per individual, and the status of these guest passes can be checked via the Lifetime Fitness mobile application.

How to get Lifetime Fitness Free Trial in 2022
How to get Lifetime Fitness Free Trial

Every week, LifeTime Digital offers incredible free classes, with over 1,000 new ones added throughout time. Checking it out for yourself sounds like a fantastic way to start a new workout regimen or improve your general health, but you might not want to pay—and you don’t want to risk being charged after your free trial, this tutorial will guide you on all you need to do to have your free trial ended before you will be charged.

Is there a free trial at Lifetime Fitness?

Lifetime Fitness provides three choices for checking out their fitness clubs or getting digital access at a low cost:

  1. Take advantage of a guest pass. Every month, each member receives a guest pass, so if you know someone who is a member, you may simply use a guest card to gain access to them.
  2. Get a guest pass directly from the club. Because these are only available at specified times, you may have to wait.
  3. Sign up for a one-day trial, which will give you access for one day for $30.

You can access most of the same features as full members with the one-day trial or guest pass, but you may only have a limited amount of time to try them all out.

Can You Invite a Friend to Lifetime Fitness?

Yes, if you are a Lifetime Fitness member, you may bring a guest with you. You may bring one guest per month and the same person once every 60 days.

However, if you are a month-to-month Lifetime Fitness member, you may not bring a guest. However, this is a general policy. Individual clubs may, but only on rare occasions, allow month-to-month members to bring guests.

What is the Lifetime Fitness Guest Pass?

The Lifetime Fitness visitor pass is intended for visitors who wish to try out the gym for the first time before committing to a full membership. Their current members can invite guests, and others can get a day pass by registering with them.

A Lifetime Fitness member can invite one guest per month via their app, and unused passes will not be accrued or carried forward to the following months.

Keep in mind that month-to-month members may not use the guest pass facility.

If you are a non-member and register for a guest pass, the pass will be mailed to you. It will include a date and time, and you will visit the club for that period. It’s essentially a club tour. Their staff will show you around their facilities, and you can work out for a day there.

You can go to the club alone or with your family; Lifetime Fitness is fine either way.

For the cost of a day pass, each club may have its pricing policy. It is determined by the club’s facilities, location, and several other factors.

Always remember that if a visitor is under the age of 18, they must be accompanied by their parents or a guardian. However, if an adult gets a guest pass, they may bring their children with them. A picture ID card, preferably a driver’s license, is required for all guests.

Fitness for Life Guest Pass Procedures

  • All visitors must present a valid photo ID.
  • Guest hours and guest fees may vary depending on the club’s location; for more information, please visit the club’s official website.
  • A parent or legal guardian who has signed a Parental Agreement must accompany guests under the age of 18.
  • A guest does not need an additional guest pass if they can bring small children with them.

Does a one-day pass to Lifetime Fitness automatically convert to a full membership?

No. If you use a one-day pass to access Lifetime Fitness, it will not instantly convert to a full membership. After using the one-day access, you can upgrade to a full membership at a discounted rate.

How Much Will Lifetime Fitness Cost After Your Trial Period Is Over?

When you sign up for Lifetime Fitness, the price you pay may vary depending on the specific club you want to join, where it is located, and the type of membership you want.

Membership in Digital Form is $15 per month, $99 per month for a single membership, $60 per month for the first additional adult, $40 for the second, $219 for more adults in a single-family, and finally, Kids‘ Membership.

In addition to the regular adult membership, $20 is charged for each child.

Other Alternatives to Lifetime Fitness

If you think Lifetime Fitness sounds like a good option but aren’t sure if it’s the best fit for your needs, you can also consider:

  • Look into local gyms.
  • On YouTube, you can find a free fitness program.
  • For low-cost virtual training, look into Future Fitness Training or CoPilot.

Lifetime Fitness Frequently Asked Questions Pass for Guests

Is it okay if I bring a guest to Lifetime Fitness?

Yes, as a lifetime fitness member benefit, each member receives two guest passes per month, with which you can bring a guest to lifetime fitness.

How does Lifetime Fitness guest passes work?

Users will be able to utilize one visitor pass per individual each month; visitors must provide a valid ID; and we can check the status of the guest pass using the Lifetime Fitness mobile app.

How much does a lifetime fitness day pass cost?

A lifelong fitness 3-day pass costs $40 and varies based on the location of the club. It also waives the initiation fee for the day.

Is it possible to purchase a day pass at Lifetime Fitness?

Yes, the Lifetime Fitness Day pass is ideal for families and groups of friends.

What is the cost of lifetime guest passes?

The cost of a lifetime fitness guest ranges between $20 and $35.

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