How to Get Norton Free Trial in 2023

Symantec established the Norton antivirus software in 1991, and it remained a Symantec brand until Broadcom recently purchased it. The software protects your devices with antivirus software, employs firewall technology, provides hosted online backup, and filters spam messages. Many new features, such as online banking protection, Wi-Fi security, and script management, are added to the latest edition.

Norton Antivirus Plus, one of the most recent versions, is a good alternative for Norton Antivirus Basic, and even better in certain aspects. Users could only access the limited help available through online forums with Norton Antivirus Basic, which had a built-in mechanism for device diagnosis. Users of Norton Antivirus Plus are guaranteed to receive the best possible technical help to get the most out of the software.

How to Get Norton Free Trial in 2022
How to Get Norton Free Trial

Experts can remotely enter your computer and clean it if it has a dangerous malware infection that has withstood all of your efforts to remove it using Norton Antivirus Plus. Although it is doubtful that Norton cannot remove any malware that may infect your computer system, if this is the case, you may request a refund. To be eligible for a refund, it must sign you up for auto-renewal.

In this article, I’ll walk you through all the procedures necessary to get the Norton free trial version installed and running on your device. You’ve come to the right place if that’s what you’re looking for!

Is there a free trial for Norton?

The answer to the preceding question is a resounding yes; Norton offers a 30-day free trial on any of its subscription products. Users will make use of Norton’s enhanced protection at no cost to them.

The 30-day free trial gives users an excellent opportunity to determine whether the product is worth paying for. The free trial does not require users to give their credit card information.

How to get a free Norton 360 activation code

If you wish to receive a free trial of Norton’s Antivirus products but don’t know how to go about it, follow the steps below, which were supplied by Norton’s website:

  • Sign-up: Complete the sign-up process to receive your free 30-day trial.
  • Connect your gadgets: install the program on all of your devices and take advantage of everything it offers.
  • Norton protects your internet security while you rest; all you have to do now is give in and start using it.

Plans for Norton Pricing

Norton offers several plans with varying levels and scopes of protection for your devices.

Let’s inspect these plans, how they function, and how much it will cost people to subscribe:

  1. Norton Antivirus Plus: This package provides customers with real-time protection for their devices against any potential threats, as well as a password manager, smart firewall, and a 2GB cloud backup. After the free trial, this plan can only cover one PC or Mac and costs $9.99 for the first year. The price climbs to $59.99 per year after that.
  2. Norton 360 Standard includes everything in the Norton Antivirus Plus plan, it also includes 10GB of cloud storage, a secure Virtual Private Network, dark site monitoring, and a safe cam. This package, like the previous one, can only cover one device and after the free trial, costs $24.99 for the first year. The price climbs to $84.99 each year after that.
  3. Norton 360 Deluxe: This package includes everything in the 360 Standard plan plus 50GB of cloud storage, parental control, privacy monitoring, and school time management. After the free trial, the plan costs $24.99 for the first year and covers up to five devices. The cost climbs to $104.99 each year after that.
  4. Norton 360 with Lifelock Select: This package has all the features of the other premium plans, plus a few extras. It has 100GB of cloud storage, dark web surveillance, one-bureau credit monitoring, a Lifelock identity warning system, and a million-dollar protection package, among other features.

How to Get Rid of Norton’s Free Trial

To discontinue your Norton free trial, follow the steps outlined below:

  1. Log in to the website (Canada or the United States).
  2. In the upper right corner, select ‘My Norton.’
  3. Select ‘Automatic Renewal Settings’ from the drop-down menu.
  4. Next to the Norton product for which you want to cancel or disable Automatic Renewal, set the slider to OFF.
  5. Click Turn Off to confirm the cancellation.

FAQ About Norton Free Trial

Which Norton 360 plan is the most appropriate for me?

The plan that is best for Norton users is determined by several criteria, including your budget, the security you desire, and the number of devices you want Norton to safeguard for you.

Users should consider these considerations when selecting a plan that is both effective and cost-efficient.

Does Norton work with Windows 11?

Yes, Norton is compatible with Windows 11 (32-bit and 64-bit). This includes Norton Device Security, which contains the following features:

  • Norton 360 as a software program that protects your (all editions: Standard, Deluxe, Premium)
  • Gamers will benefit from Norton 360.
  • Norton Security is a software program that protects your
  • Norton AntiVirus is a software program that protects your computer
  • Small Business Norton

Norton Secure VPN and Norton Utilities, for example, are also compatible with Windows 11.

What is the procedure for installing Norton 360?

From your Norton Account, you can download the most recent version of Norton 360. You can create a Norton Account if you don’t already have one. You’ll be able to access your program in its download form once you’ve logged in. You’ll be able to get your product activation keys back as well. This tutorial guides you through installing Norton 360 for the first time on a device. It also enables you to reinstall it on a different device or just re-download it.

What do I need to do to get Norton 360 up and running?

Within your Norton Account, you can download the most recent Norton 360. Create a Norton Account if you don’t already have one. You can access your program in its download form once you’ve logged in. You’ll be able to get your product activation keys as well. This guide will show you how to set up Norton 360 for the first time on a device. It also allows you to re-download it and re-install it on another device.

How do I get in touch with Norton Life Lock for help?

Personal live help from Norton Life Lock is accessible in two ways in most regions:

  • Chat /Phone

They provided these services seven days a week, 24 hours a day. To contact Norton live support, go to the main page.

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