How to Get Peacock Free Trial in 2023

Peacock: How to Get a Free Trial in 2022

Most of the live TV and streaming platforms on the market now offer free trials to new customers for them to test their features. Peacock is one of the newest services in this market segment, and it has grown quickly because of some very appealing features. If you’re considering becoming a Peacock user and want to try out the service for free before committing to a paid membership, we have all the details you’ll need.

Before we go any further, there is one thing we should mention: the Peacock streaming platform has geo-restrictions in place because it is a US service. This means that they block the platform outside of the United States, and you cannot create an account, use the platform, or take advantage of its offers while traveling outside of the country.

Peacock: How to Get a Free Trial in 2022
Peacock: How to Get a Free Trial in 2022

Peacock TV pricing plans

Peacock is one of the few streaming sites that still provides a free option, even though almost all streaming companies have closed such to their free consumers. You can watch for free, but if you want more special content, such as WWE and all nine seasons of The Office, you must upgrade your plan.

Peacock TV is now available in three price tiers:

  • Peacock Free–Over 7,500 hours of ad-supported free content
  • Peacock Premium–With advertising, access to everything on Peacock for $4.99 per month or $49.99 per year.
  • Peacock Premium Plus–Access to everything for $9.99 per month or $99.99 per year, with no ads on most content.

Peacock TV is one of the most cost-effective solutions accessible right now when compared to other big platforms.

Is there a free trial period for Peacock?

That is true, given that the platform has a free tier besides two paid options that provide limited access to the platform’s content and features. To access Peacock’s full library of content and all of its features, you must upgrade to a paid tier. The paid tiers with more content and perks do not have a trial period, so we cannot test them before paying. So, yes, Peacock offers a free trial in its Free tier.

The service has the following tiers:

  • Peacock has a free tier, It cost you nothing here.
  • There is no free trial for the Peacock Premium tier.
  • There is no free trial for the Peacock Premium Plus tier.

How Long Does the Peacock’s Free Trial Last?

This free trial gives you limited access to Peacock’s features and content; but, you can use it permanently if you choose to. You can, however, upgrade to a paid tier or downgrade from one as you see fit.

How to Get Rid of a Peacock

Peacock offers a limited-content ad-supported Free tier, making it relatively simple to gain free access. Follow this tutorial diligently to have the free peacock account set up for use on your device.

  • Begin by visiting the Peacock website and creating a free account.
  • There is a visible field on the homepage where you should enter your email address and then click the Watch for Free button.
  • Then, by clicking the Sign Up For Peacock button, choose the Free trier.
  •  The final step is to enter your email address and create a password, then enter the remaining information and click Create Account.
  • You can use Peacock Free on all of your compatible devices for free eternally because no more steps are required – no activation, email confirmation, or, of course, credit card information.

You can confirm your email because it is not required to access the content.

Is Peacock Premium offered for free from anything?

Yes, there is a way to get Peacock Premium for free by utilizing certain services. So, if you’re an Xfinity, Spectrum, or Cox customer, you’ll be glad to know that the limited-commercials Peacock Premium is included with your provider’s services at no extra cost.

Create a free account on Peacock by following the steps outlined above, then go to your Account to link your provider and gain free access to the Premium tier under the Plans & Payment tab.

What Benefits Does the Peacock Free Plan Provide?

The Peacock Free tier, which is essentially a never-ending free trial, provides limited access to features and content with this service, so here is what the Peacock Free tier offers.

The ad-supported Peacock Free plan includes over 40,000 hours of movies and shows, daily news, sports, pop culture, shows and movies for kids, and some Telemundo Spanish-language series. With this no-cost plan, you can watch the first episode of some paid-tier series for free as a preview. You can have up to six profiles and three simultaneous streams on one account.

The Free tier includes some Premier League matches, coverage of the US Open and Women’s Open Championships, the NFL Wild Card Playoff Game, and select Winter Olympics events. On-demand replays of Triple Crown horse races, NBC Sports daily highlights, and hundreds of hours of sports series, documentaries, and films such as Tiger Woods Chasing History, 1968, I Am Ali, Dream Team, Being Evel, Feherty, Willie, and Peacock Originals Lost Speedways and In Deep with Ryan Lochte will be available to sports fans.

The Premium paid tier gives you access to all the over 60,000 hours of content, cuts down on commercials, and includes live sports like the Premier League, live events like Peacock original programs, next-day access to current NBC favorites, and full access to children’s shows and movies are all available.

The Plus subscription removes all advertisements and allows customers to download specific titles to watch offline or on mobile devices.

Is it possible to get Peacock for free without a credit card?

Yes, without a credit card, you can get Peacock Free. You are not required to enter any payment method information when subscribing to Peacock Free because there is no subscription fee.

Because NBCU’s live TV and streaming platforms don’t offer a free trial for a paying tier, this is the case.

Will Peacock Free Eventually Become a Paid Subscription?

Peacock Free does not become a paid subscription. This is only possible if you choose to upgrade to a paid tier from your Account page. If you want to reduce or remove the advertisements and have full access to the platform, you can upgrade to Premium for $4.99 per month or Premium Plus for $9.99 per month.

What Channels Are Included in the Peacock Free Plan?

The Free tier of the live TV and streaming platform provides a limited selection of channels, roughly 50 always-on channels. You will primarily enjoy NBC channels and Sky News during your Peacock Free subscription.

Peacock also followed in the footsteps of ViacomCBS-owned Pluto TV, launching 18 linear themed channels that stream 24 hours a day, including Kids & Family Fun, Crime & Justice, and Reality TV: Competitions, as well as some beloved franchises.

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