How to get ProtonVPN Free Trial in 2023

How to get ProtonVPN Free Trial in 2022

In the industry, ProtonVPN is a fast-spreading Virtual Private Network. ProtonVPN is most known for its privacy features, as the same team that created ProtonMail (an encrypted emailing service) develops it. It has also supplied fantastic services over the years that have made surfing the internet from any place a breeze.

Despite its reputation, some users opt to test the VPN service before making a full commitment. Anyone who has questions regarding the quality of the Virtual Private Network should be persuaded by the free trial time.

In this article, we’ll go over the specifics of ProtonVPN’s free trial and why, of the various VPN services available, this one should be one of your top choices.

How to get ProtonVPN Free Trial in 2022
How to get ProtonVPN Free Trial in 2022

Why Should You Use ProtonVPN?

Although all VPN services claim to be privacy specialists, there is rarely any evidence to back up their claims. ProtonVPN, situated in Switzerland, is distinct since it has a history of security — it’s also the firm behind ProtonMail, the popular end-to-end encrypted email service.

The ProtonVPN network now has over 1,700 servers in 63 countries (up from 61 in our last review).

ProtonVPN also owns and runs its servers, which are connected to the internet via ProtonVPN’s network. Apart from giving ProtonVPN complete control over how the service is set up and handled, it’s evident that this isn’t just a shell corporation retailing other people’s equipment: there are actual resources and experience at work here.

What can you expect from the free trial edition of ProtonVPN?

The free trial version of ProtonVPN lasts for seven days and includes access to ProtonVPN’s Plus subscription. With its unlimited features, the plus membership is one of those that provides a lot of user freedom. Because ProtonVPN’s website lacks a free trial page, you’ll have to sift through a lot of information to learn more about it. Fortunately, we did some research and discovered that the 7-day trial is included when you join up for ProtonVPN’s free subscription.

Overview of ProtonVPN’s features

Let’s have a look at ProtonVPN’s features before we get into how to set up the free trial on your device. Here are five of the most outstanding features of this Virtual Private Network service:

ProtonVPN provides high-capacity servers: 

There are currently 568 servers in 43 countries, with a total capacity of 665 GGPS. You can access all countries with the ProtonVPN Plus subscription (which you can purchase during the 7-day trial period). Many servers on the network use a 10Gbps connection, which is an extremely fast connection.

ProtonVPN provides excellent encryption and protocols

The VPN service claims to have the strongest encryption available for protecting users while connecting to websites. To safeguard your personal information, ProtonVPN employs AES-256 encryption, which is known for its strength. Furthermore, the VPN service employs only the protocols IKEv2/IPSec and OpenVPN, which are known to be foolproof and secure. Because it is Swiss-based, none of its servers allow L2TP/IPSec or PPTP, and you can be confident of a secure connection when using the VPN.

ProtonVPN is simple to use and works with a wide range of devices:

 Its further capabilities allow you to link up to ten devices to a single account. In contrast, the ProtonVPN Plus subscription includes five devices. Even if you are new to VPNs, the VPN’s UI is simple to use.

For browsing and surfing the internet, ProtonVPN gives limitless bandwidth.

Setup instructions for ProtonVPN

When you opt to use the free ProtonVPN trial, you should take the following steps:

  • Go to ProtonVPN’s page and click on ‘Get ProtonVPN Free’ to sign up for a free account. When you are given the option of choosing a plan, select ‘Get free.’
  • You’ll be prompted to enter an email address after selecting a plan. Select the ‘Free ProtonVPN’ option.
  • ProtonVPN issued you a verification code, which you should look for in your inbox. After you’ve received it, type it into the dialogue box and click ‘Validate.’
  • After that, you’ll be prompted to enter your ProtonVPN account information. When you’re finished, click the ‘Complete’ icon to save your work.
  • After selecting your device type, download the app or install the extension to your browser. Keep in mind that a single account can only have five devices in the trial version.
  • Use your username and password to log in to the app with the free account you just made.
  • Connecting to a VPN server and using the service for free is a good idea. You’ll get a pop-up notification reminding you how much time is left on your membership.

FAQs about ProtonVPN’s free trial

When I try to sign up for the free trial, I get an error notice. What should I do?

The problem is the most common among users, and it occurs when a specific action causes the VPN’s security mechanism to block the account from being created. You should wait a few minutes before trying again to address this issue.

Is it possible to cancel the trial before it expires?

The free trial of ProtonVPN cannot be canceled before it ends. You’ll have to sit for seven days to shake things up.

Will they bill me at the time of purchase or at the conclusion of the subscription period?

All purchases on ProtonVPN are made first and then invoiced. For example, if you purchase a monthly plan after the trial period has expired, they will charge you at the time of purchase.

What’s the difference between ProtonVPN’s free plan and its 7-day trial version?

When ProtonVPN advertises a 7-day free trial and a free plan, it’s a little confusing. However, there is a significant difference between the two ProtonVPN plans. While the ProtonVPN Plus subscription is available during the 7-day trial period, the Free plan has no time limit and is more limited. The Free plan only contains servers in three countries (Japan, the United States, and the Netherlands), however, the 7-day trial provides you access to all countries for the period of the trial.

Unless you activate a paid membership before the 7-day free trial expires, your account will revert to the Free plan.

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