How to Reset Hisense TV With or Without Remote

Reset Hisense TV

Smart TVs have altered how people consume content. Like Hisense Smart TV, these televisions have seen massive advantages in terms of audio, video, capabilities, and even screen sizes over the years. While this is all well and good, there will always be some sort of problem with electronics in general. A common problem with smart TVs is that they simply stop displaying anything.

There could be a variety of reasons for this. However, this appears to be a common issue with the Hisense Smart TV line, as many people have reported it. Even if there is no display, a reset can be performed. Continue reading to learn how to reset Hisense Smart TV with no picture. 

Many factors can contribute to a smart TV not showcasing any output. First, a software upgrade could have caused it to glitch, or it could simply be a bug that caused the display to blank when a specific action was performed while watching TV. It is also sometimes caused by hardware failures. However, to determine the true cause, it is best to perform a factory reset.

Only on this basis can one comprehend the nature of the problem. So, here’s how to reset a Hisense Smart TV that doesn’t have a picture. 

How to Reset Hisense TV With or Without Remote
How to Reset Hisense TV With or Without Remote

How to Reset a Hisense TV Without Using a Remote

Hisense is a Chinese shop that offers high-quality but low-cost televisions. If you look through their catalog, you will find QLED, OLED, 4K, and HD TVs. When these TVs have minor issues, you can solve them in a variety of ways. Here are the instructions for resetting various Hisense models without the controller. 

Resetting the older Hisense televisions

If you have an older Hisense TV, you must follow the steps I am about to describe. Check that the television is from before 2014.

  • First, you need to press and hold the exit button on the television remote control. 
  • You must hold it for approximately 15 seconds.
  • The factory service menu will then be available.
  • This is the correct Hisense TV factory reset setting.
  • When that appears, simply click OK and turn off your television.

Then, after about 20 seconds, restart your television. This should return your Hisense television to its factory settings. It is compatible with models manufactured before 2014. 

Resetting old Hisense Smart televisions

If you have an older Hisense TV, you must follow the steps outlined below. Check to see if the television is older than 2014.

  • The first step is to use the television remote control to press and hold the exit button.
  • You must hold it for about 15 seconds.
  • The factory service menu will then appear.
  • This is the correct factory reset setting for your Hisense TV.
  • When that message appears, simply click OK to turn off your television.
  • Restart your television after about 20 seconds.
  • This should reset your Hisense TV to factory settings.
  • It is backward compatible with models manufactured before 2014. 

One thing to keep in mind is that if you have never changed your television’s PIN, the default number is 0000. In addition, if you have forgotten the PIN you have set for your television, you can contact the dealers or Hisense TV customer service to retrieve the PIN.

Because of privacy concerns, you cannot reset your TV without the PIN. Sounds easy, doesn’t it? There’s still one more thing to worry about. It’s all good and simple with the remote. But how do you reset your television if you’ve misplaced or broken your remote? There is also a way to accomplish this. Let’s take a look at it quickly. 

Resetting your Hisense television without a remote

Before we get started, let me clarify something. The method I’m about to describe isn’t a hard reset like the others. It’s more of a soft reset that frequently resolves minor software bugs. Things like your television not showing any pictures are common problems that you can easily resolve with this reset.

Enough babbling; let us get to work. 

  • Begin by disconnecting anything externally connected to your television, whether it’s a hard disk, a USB cable, or any other device of this type.
  • Then, turn off your television and unplug the power cable for a few moments.
  • Turn it off for about two minutes.
  • After two minutes, you can reconnect it and turn on the power.
  • Turn on the television.

This should resolve some minor issues, but it is not a hard reset. If you want to hard reset your television, you will need a remote control and the procedures I described above. 

How to Soft Reset Hisense Televisions

You can use either a hard reset or a soft reset to reset these devices.

Before attempting the other option, try a soft reset to avoid wiping all of your settings.

The steps for performing a soft reset on the Hisense BE7400 are as follows.

  • Remove the television’s plug from the power outlet.
  • Wait 60 seconds before inserting the plug back into the socket.
  • Place the plugin in the socket.
  • Check to see if the issue persists.

How to Hard Reset Hisense Televisions

As previously stated, hard resets can erase your data and other customized settings. If you don’t mind losing these details, consider performing a hard reset using the steps below.

  • Look around the TV for a RESET button or a RESET hole.
  • Insert the pointed end of a paperclip into the space.
  • Insert the clip for 15 seconds until the TV restarts.  

How to Reset a Hisense Roku TV to Factory Settings

Another intriguing product from Hisense is the Roku TV. Aside from 4k resolution, it also promises crisp sound and a dedicated game mode. If you own this TV model, you can restore the factory settings by pressing the Reset button.

  • Switch on the Hisense Roku TV.
  • On the back of the TV, look for a Reset button. 
  • Press the Reset button with a screwdriver or toothpick.
  • Continue to press the button until the television restarts.
  • Allow the TV to restart twice before adjusting the settings. 


In conclusion, I hope you now understand how to reset your Hisense television. It’s something that can be useful in several circumstances. 

And it’s very quick and simple to fix because you won’t have to rely on anyone else to fix the problem. This simply means that you save money, time, and effort all at the same time. Who wouldn’t want to do something like that? 

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