How to reset Toshiba Tv without remote control

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Toshiba Tv as a Manufacturing company has a reputation for strong quality, and its LCD TVs stand at the lead in home and office entertainment technology. But we don’t have a perfect product and like a lot of other TV products.

Toshiba Smart Tv has a few issues. Many of which can be corrected easily, nevertheless, you will have to understand the extent of the problem and learn the Toshiba Tv recommended guidelines for rectifying it.

Due to some reasons, most Toshiba TVs sometimes run into related issues of simply not turning on.
There are numerous circumstances of Toshiba TV owners who lay various complaints of having one or two problems with the Tv, some say this problem has been going on for multiple years.

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Smart TVs might have brought a new way for Tv lovers to watch their favorite shows and movies, but there will always be that annoying remote.

Which always seems to be the first thing that goes missing or gets spoiled when you first get your TV, worry not as you have more options than ever to control your TV without the remote control.

How to Reset Toshiba TV Without Remote control

Due to continuous issues occurring with your Toshiba Tv, you might want to reset it, and you might have lost your remote. Don’t worry because there is a way you can do that.

It’s very easy, with your Toshiba Smart Tv and your mobile Smartphone you can control your Tv without a remote, guess what even without Smartphone you can still achieve this.

For you to reset your Toshiba Tv without using a remote, you will need to search for a power button on the device. The power button is mostly located on the left front side or behind your Toshiba Tv.

For some other models, It may be on another side just properly check for it
First, pull out the Tv power plug from the outlet.

  • Next, press then hold the power button on your Toshiba Tv
  • You have to wait just a few seconds, then plug the Tv back into the outlet as you continue to hold down the power button.
  • You can stop your hold on the power button, once you see the Tv turn on and show the Toshiba logo.
  • You will then be directed into the recovery menu, where you’ll see the option to wipe data/factory reset the Tv.
  • You can scroll down to that menu option by pressing the power button on the Tv until it returns to that option.
  • Once you are that the option is highlighted, you will need to press and hold the power button.
  • The screen will display you a red warning notifying you that you are going to erase all your data.
  • You will be asked to choose yes if you wish to wipe all your data.
  • Scroll down and click on yes, then press and hold the power button.
  • After doing that, your device will fix itself back to factory settings.
  • The process should not take more than two minutes.

How to Reset Toshiba TV Wifi Network Settings

You might want to reset the Wifi settings on your Toshiba Tv and reconnect it with any devices you had attached to it.

Maybe you’re attempting to troubleshoot an internet problem. You can effortlessly reset your router by unplugging it and leaving it off for about 30 seconds.
Pressing the reset button on the router is another option.

Both steps will affect the router to reset. Try to reconnect your Tv to the WiFi after you have completed the process.

How to Reset Toshiba TV Blue Screen/Black Screen/No Picture

It might have come to your notice to see your Toshiba Tv to unexpectedly show a blue or black screen with no picture. Nevertheless, don’t worry if this happens You can reset your TV, and if done successfully it may turn back to perfect working order.

Your Toshiba may be showing a blue screen because you have it set to select pictures from the wrong input device. You can try changing the input device to see if that could resolve the issue.

How to Change Input Source without Remote Control

Your Toshiba TV might happen not to turn on due to an incorrect input source. You have to select the correct input source for your TV to work perfectly.

So whether you’re using a DVD player, streaming device, or a cable box, double-check that your TV input source matches the number of HDMI ports you are using.

  • Turn on your Toshiba TV
  • Press the menu button which is located on the side or bottom of the TV
  • Use the volume button to scroll to the source option
  • Press the menu button to choose the input source you desire.


Can I use a universal remote with my TV?

Yes. You can use a universal remote you can also choose to use your satellite receiver or cable set-top box as a universal remote, you should refer to the manual that your satellite service or cable has provided.

which will include guidelines on how to program the remote to work with your Toshiba Tv.

If my TV is connected to the Internet, will it automatically receive updates?

Yes. Your internet connection must have to be turned on for it to receive software notification updates. The Auto Firmware Upgrade setting in your TV is automatically turned ‘On’ by default settings.

Can I remove apps from my TV?

You can only remove the apps that you downloaded to the TV. Factory-installed apps such as Netflix, Hulu, Amazon, Youtube, etc.) cannot be uninstalled.

Nevertheless, you can remove the TV from accounts for factory-installed apps. If you do this, try as much as possible to place a call to the app service provider to let them stop the billing.

Where can I find the model and serial numbers for my TV?

The model and serial numbers are located at the back of the TV. You can also find the model number on the front cover page of the Quick Start Guide and User’s Manual.

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