How to See who Follows Who on Instagram 2023

How to See who Follows Who on Instagram 2022

If you’ve been using Instagram for a while, you’ve probably noticed that the app displays a user’s followers list in order of recent to old followers, allowing you to see who someone recently followed on Instagram.

The newest followers of your account are displayed at the top of the list, while the rest of the accounts are ranked lower based on how long they have been following you.

However, there have been some changes on the platform regarding the order in which a user’s followers list are display displayed. You can’t see who someone recently followed on Instagram in this order as of June 2021. 

Today, this has changed and the chance your followers’ list is displayed as a list from the newest to the oldest on your Instagram account is slim. The way they are arranged on your account and another account may not be the same as the one displayed on another Instagram account.

If you look at the same list on another phone, the order in which the followers are mentioned will most likely be different. That is Instagram’s default setting. “How to see who follows who on Instagram?” or “How to see Instagram followers in order?”

It was possible before the new update, but you can still see the most recent Instagram followers by using the techniques listed below.  When you are through reading this blog entry, you will understand how to view someone’s recent Instagram followers. We’ve covered nearly every method for keeping track of an Instagram user.  Now, less talk and more steps. Let us see how it can be done:

How to See who Follows Who on Instagram 2022 2
How to See who Follows Who on Instagram 2022

How to View Instagram’s Most Recent Followers

The first thing for you to do is visit his or her Instagram profile to see his or her most recent followers. Tap on the follower’s list to see who someone recently followed on Instagram in a list from the oldest to the newest, with the most recent followers at the top.

However, recent followers are frequently placed at the bottom of the list too, so double-check.  When you check someone’s followers on the Instagram app, you may get the default list rather than a list arranged orderly. Some people have tried using the browser version to get the follower list in their chosen pattern, and it worked. You can give this a try too. If you have tried this and still could not get it to be in order, you can also check the browser’s recent followers. 

Here’s how you can do it:

  • Log in to your Instagram account in your browser.
  • Enter someone’s username into the search bar to access their profile.
  • Next to the “Following” tab, select “Followers.”
  • It will show the most recent followers in chronological order.

The probability of the list being displayed in an order of new to old is very high here, with the most recent followers at the top. If it still did not work and then you continue to see the same default list with followers listed randomly, you should try these other methods that will be discussed. 

App You Can Use to See Who Recently Followed Someone on Instagram


Have you heard of Snoopreport? This app is your go-to app for tracking Instagram followers’ activity of over 100 Instagram accounts in a few simple clicks, and it’s not just for tracking followers alone.

The app shows you all of your target’s Instagram activities, such as people they’ve recently followed, Instagram activities they’ve liked the most, their most recent posts, and so on.

To access the data, you don’t need to download the tool or enter your Instagram login credentials because it works online.  Once you’ve entered the target user’s profile, the app will combine the data from their most recent followers with their total followers and display the “New Follows” list to you.

Naturally, Snoopreport does not provide these services for free but their subscription fee is not that expensive too. To gain access to the necessary data, you must first select a suitable paid plan. The plan starts at $4.99 per month, but you can only track two friends. You can view a sample report on the website to see how it looks. 


Is the order of Instagram followers chronological?

Yes, Instagram followers are listed chronologically.

This means that the most recent follower will appear at the top of the list, while the follower who has been following you the longest will appear at the bottom.

How do I arrange my Instagram followers chronologically?

  • Go to your Instagram profile page and click “Following.”
  • Tap the up and down arrows icon.
  • Select “Date Followed: Latest” or “Date Followed: Earliest” to sort the list of accounts you follow by the date you began following them. 

Is it possible to sort followers by most recent?

Yes, you can sort Instagram followers based on their most recent activity. 

  • Go to your profile and click on the three lines in the top left corner to do so.
  • Then choose “Settings.”
  • Select “Sort Order” from the drop-down menu.
  • You can then sort your followers by “Most Recent” or “Alphabetical.”

How do I prevent my Instagram followers from seeing my posts?

There is no way to prevent your Instagram followers from seeing your posts. You can, however, make your posts private so that only those you approve can see them. Go to your profile, tap the three lines in the top left corner, and then choose “Settings.” Scroll down to “Privacy,” then choose “Posts are Private.


So, I hope you were able to find the most recent Instagram follower list using these methods. Most people can find the follower list using the methods described above, but if you are having difficulty, we recommend using KidsGuardsPro or Snoopreport. These are paid methods, but they are completely safe and genuine. They not only show you a list of the user’s most recent Instagram followers, but they also show you the user’s detailed activities. 

Thank you for reading.


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