How to turn on Iffalcon Smart Tv without Remote Control

Smart TV

The Iffalcon Smart TV not only has everything you need in a TV but all that is present on your entertainment list as well. It enables you to access new release movies, live sports, streaming apps, games, etc.

Iffalcon Smart Tv invention has also been rounded off by personalized suggested technology. This TV uses Apps like YouTube, NBA Game Time, and Hulu Plus all of which can pick up on your entertainment schedule and recommend related content, allowing you to watch more and browse less.


Features of Iffalcon Smart Tv

1. Updated content

The originality to identify the popular thread running through the most-watched content and bringing suggested selections at the top of the interface.

2. Universal search

Sometimes you might bit find a movie of your choice on the updated content, then type it on on the search bar or use the voice recognition on the remote control. Android will search through the services on your TV (YouTube, Hulu, Netflix, etc) to assist you with your preferences.

3. Local IMDB support

You might wish to watch a movie or show with an actor you would like to see more of their play, you can search with their names and anything related to them and multiple results will come up. The overview will appear showing the list of other actors and the storyline as well as where you can watch them.

4. Remote control voice recognition

You can easily get tired when typing the name of a movie or get the wrong spelling, you would prefer to use remote control voice recognition to help you curb this problem.

5. Native Google Cast Support

Iffalcon Smart Tv has the name implies have a Google Cast built-in. This enables you to stream content from your mobile phones, PC, or Tablets to your TV as long as the device has the “Google Cast” icon, which is also known as Chromecast built-in.

6. Access games on Google Play Store

The Iffalcon TV has lots of games more than you have imagined, and the good thing is, some of these games are free!

7. Google Assistant Integration

The Google Assistant works similarly to Siri or Cortana. It can answer questions and is unique in a way that it can also control your smart home products like temperature, lighting, smart locks, etc.

Iffalcon Smart TV is one of the most prominent consumer brands. You will get a genuine remote to control your smart TVs. Using a Tv without a remote control is troublesome.

That brings us to how you can turn on your Iffalcon TCL Tv without a remote, regardless of your Iffalcon Smart Tv, you don’t need to keep using your physical remote to control your Tv. You can simply enter remote control voice activation and using the Android remote control, it will recognize all reasonable commands.

This step-by-step guild will assist you with how to turn on Iffalcon Smart TV without a remote.

How to turn on Iffalcon Smart TV without a Remote control

There are several logical ways to turn on the Iffalcom Tv without a remote. But then, the conventional way is to use the Power button in front or behind the TV panel.

There are limited ways to turn on your TV. More so, if you are using a mobile phone with an Infra-Red sensor, then you can install the TCL TV remote app and use it to turn on the Smart TV.

Using the power button to turn on the Iffalcon Smart Tv

You will locate the power buttons by the side or in front of the TV, check your Tv manual for detailed specifications. The Power button will enable you to turn on and turn off your TV.

Using the Remote App to turn Iffalcon Smart Tv

Iffalcon Smart Tv doesn’t have a specified application, but still, you can find some third-party apps from the Google play store and App store for both Android and iOS users respectively.
NB: This app is not from the Iffalcon developers
Make sure your Smartphone and Iffalcon Tv are both connected to the same WiFi network.

Firstly, you would launch the remote app on your TV. Now, you can use the smartphone screen to control several functions on TV. Unluckily, the app doesn’t work if the TV is turned off. If your mobile device has an IR sensor, then there is a likelihood for the application to be used to turn on your TV.

You can use the Android TV Remote Service app to turn on your Iffalcon Tv without using the physical remote. Follow the steps below to do so

Firstly, Connect your Smartphone and Iffalcon Smart TV to the same WiFi network.
Then, Install the Android TV Remote Service app from the Play Store or App Store.
Click the Android TV Remote Service app and select your TV from the pop list.
It will display the remote layout.
Press the Power button to turn on the Iffalcon Smart Tv
Press it again to turn off the Tv

Using the PS4 console to turn on Iffalcon Smart Tv

Connect the PS4 console to your TV.
Then turn the console on.
From the home screen, scroll to the Settings and click on System Settings.
Now select Enable HDMI Device link.
Then, turn off the PS4 and then turn it on again. Your connected Iffalcon Smart TV will turn on together with the PS4 console.

Use Nintendo Switch to turn on your Iffalcon Smart Tv

Firstly, connect your Nintendo Switch to your TV using Dock.
From the home screen, choose the System Settings option.
Select TV Settings on the left side of the screen.
Scroll down and click on the Match Power State.
Then, turn off your Nintendo Switch and turn it on again. Your connected Iffalcon Smart Tv will turn on.

But then, the last two methods only work if you have enabled the settings beforehand. It’s recommended to use the physical button or the smartphone app to turn off or turn on the Iffalcon Smart Tv. If you have any questions or observations write to us in the comment section below.

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