How to turn on LG Tv without Remote

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There is no doubt that as technology has improved, so is the way people use media. Information is right at our fingertips gratitude for the upgrades in smartphones, tablets, and computers. Now, no matter the size screen we make use of, we still have access to all kinds of content.

In the same way, these devices have been entertainment hubs, and so has the TV credit to the smart technology. Which is most likely the biggest screen in the house and offices, you can listen to music, make a presentation, play games, view photos, and watch videos through your television.

Technology has provided the audience with the authority to be in control and nowhere is this more obvious than with the LG Content Store. Where you can find more than 200 applications that are simple to download and offer you the choice to truly customize the Smart TV in your way.

LG is manufactured by the South Korean electronics manufacturer it offers its consumers a vast array of choices for their entertainment. A few lists of the top LG TV series are the OLED, 4K Ultra HD, NanoCell, and the Signature ZX 8K.

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OLED: LG developed its OLED TVs to produce excellent black with self-lit pixels to improve image details in the picture’s dark areas.
4K Ultra HD: 4K is today’s standard in picture quality, and LG has improved its version using active HDR to give its consumers a cinematic experience.
NanoCel: The NanoCell features nan components that provide true color.
Signature ZX 8K: 8K delivers peak screen resolution for a rich, extraordinary picture for all your TV viewing.

Purchasing a TV today can become irresistible when you begin to look through all the available options. You have to do an enormous amount of analysis to get something that meets your plan of desired specifications, but sometimes you will discover lost in the pile of information.

Unfortunately, while TVs are brimming with great characteristics and specifications you need, some still come with flaws. It is of great importance to know about those flaws before you buy or as soon as possible after you do, so as not to be disappointed, and also by knowing the flaws you can buy a high-quality extended warranty that will keep the credits rolling.

Features of LG Tv

All your favorite shows in a single place
With many TV series to select from, it is a very simple thing to miss an episode. Nevertheless, using an LG Smart TV, you have access to Freeview Play, a free application that you can use to watch live TV, and also catch up on all the programs you’ve missed.

There are above 70 digital channels and 15 HD channels to select from, while a seven-day catch-up manual enables you can keep up with all your favorite TV shows.

Easy to share across different tech

As the focal point in living rooms around the globe, being able to illustrate all kinds of content on television is significant.

With the LG Smart Share App, you can view all of your videos, music, and photos on your LG Smart TV.

The LG smart TV app brings all of the favorite media from your laptop, PC, smartphone, or tablet directly to your television, and best of all is that it’s wireless. This means you won’t waste useful battery life by screencasting.

Endless entertainment

Even with the different successes of social media platforms, there is one that has stood the test of time.

Which was launched back in 2005, YouTube normally gets more than 30 million visitors a day and a large amount of content is uploaded every minute.

With so many videos ready to watch and so many hours of entertainment attainable, it’s significant to be able to watch through your TV.

With an LG Smart TV, you have access to the billions of videos as well as the several movies available on the site.

And what’s more, the whole house can enjoy everything on a big screen rather than through a phone, tablet, or PC.

Connect your TV with your home

You might want to quickly find your favorite movie, check the latest weather report, or adjust the volume using your voice, All of this can be accomplished by pairing your LG Smart TV with Amazon Alexa or Google Assistant.

You can also use voice commands to control your connected smart home devices, dimming the lights for movie night and turning up the temperature while enjoying your favorite movie.

Binge on the best TV shows and films

Instead of watching shows, episode by episode you can be able to blitz an entire season in one go or stop halfway through and return anytime you wish.

With an LG Smart TV, you can do this by downloading apps such as Amazon Prime, Netflix, Sky Go, and HBO Now.

This allows you to watch interesting shows such as Peaky blinders, and Moon knight, or catch up on See and Power.

How to turn on LG Smart TV without using a remote control

The best and simplest way to turn on your LG TV without using a remote control is by using the physical power button provided on the TV.

You might have misplaced your LG TV remote, you can use the below method to turn on the TV.

  • Locate the power button which is below the LG logo on your TV.
  • Simply press the power button to turn on your TV.
  • After the LG Smart TV is on, you can still press the power button to turn off the TV

How to Turn on LG TV Without Remote or Power Button

Using the LG ThinQ app

Another way to on your LG Smart Tv is by using the LG ThinQ app. The app is accessible for Android and IOS users. Though, you need to first pair the app with your LG TV to turn it on/off.

Power on your LG TV and make sure your TV and the LG ThinQ installed application are on the same Wi-Fi connection.

Launch the app and press the + sign which is located at the top of the screen.
Read through the information provided on the screen and click on Ok

  • Choose the Tv found under the Home Appliances category.
  • The app will scan for nearby devices. Choose your LG Tv.
  • A confirmation code on your Tv screen. Input it on your TV and click Ok.
  • Select Link if you wish to link your email id or choose Skip.
  • Click on Move to Home
  • Now, turn on/off your TV by pressing the power button which is provided in the app.

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