How to turn on Oon Tv without a remote control

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Are you in search of a low-budget Tv with an average picture and voice quality where you can stream movies or watch Netflix, then Onn TV is perfect for you? However, don’t raise your expectations as they won’t deliver as many features as other brands of televisions that are already stabilized in the market.

Furthermore, the brand also offers an excellent warrant system in addition to the affordable price, so you have a trusty support guide in case you are faced with any errors. Unlike other big retailers, the manufacturer of Onn TV will consider replacing it if you are to experience big operational discrepancies.

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Features of Onn Tv


The only thing we have been concentrating on tirelessly was the price. Moreover, its low cost is not only the catch here. Sometimes you can purchase them for virtually half the price when there is a sale going on. Save your pocket, and get some extra!

Oon tv warranty

While other manufacturer warranties might last for only a year, there is usually an extension of protection deals for Oon Tv.

Likewise, Onn TV’s warranty problems are addressed by Element Electronics; a brand based in South Carolina


The design of a TV is the first thing your eye catches about it, and if the decoration is to your liking, you might want to match one or both.

So many advancements have been conducted in this field; gone are the days when you had heavy bezels and large panels. You can now get sleek designs with very delicate bezels.


It has only been a few years since the launch of the Onn TV, and most of their models have that unique, sleek outlook. After laying your eyes on them, you would not be able to guess the price without inspecting the tag first.


Quality primarily is based on sound, picture, and overall efficiency. However, with the low budget, you get to enjoy 4K video quality with remarkable sound systems which give you a feeling of satisfaction.


It is a gauge of how much of pixels a TV has, and the higher the number, the better. Modern TVs come with Full High Definition of 1080p, 4k, and even 8k resolutions. 4k has previously served as a standard for all flagship devices. It has pixels mixed with 4 Full High Definition screens, thus giving decent and more comprehensive image quality.


The size of the TV is a significant component. TV size is assessed diagonally from one corner to another.
A broad range is accessible for you to choose from, with the launching of a whopping 325-inch cinema screen TV. Nonetheless, the famous and conventional size ranges from 22-inch to 65-inch.

Refresh Rate

Modern TVs normally come with a refresh rate of 60 Hz or 120 Hz. This is how many times per second the image is redrawn to see it properly. Surely, the refresh rate of your TV will be based on what type of media you will use with it.

If you plan to play numerous video games, you should purchase one with a high refresh rate, or it might seem too lag and horrible to play. If you don’t get a sufficiently high refresh rate, your TV might be flashing, which can be very disturbing and problematic for the eyes.

How to turn on Oon Tv without a remote control

TV remote controls make the Tv very easy to operate. It uses infrared IR technology, which uses light to carry signals from the remote to the TV. Using it, you can effortlessly switch between channels, adjust settings, control volume, and many other things.

Nonetheless, how will you control or turn on your TV in a situation where you have lost your remote or the remote is faulty or damaged? If you own an Onn TV and you are thinking of how to turn on Onn TV without using a remote control, this article is particularly for you.

Onn TV has a power button that you be used in turning on the Tv in situations where you do not have a remote. Thus, you will need to press the power button which is located on either side of your TV or at the bottom for you to turn it on.

Onn Roku TV Remote Replacement

Controlling your Onn TV without using a remote is both annoying and tiresome. Another option is for you to find an alternate remote for your Onn Tv. Compatible alternative remotes for all Onn Roku TVs, are available to purchase across various stores online and physical.

However, most of the alternate remotes for Onn Roku TV are unsuitable with Roku’s extra devices. That tells why it is a replacement and not the original. Below is the comprehensive description of the Onn Roku TV remote alternative:
It is a universal remote which makes it compatible with all Roku TVs.

It is straightforward to use since you won’t have to set up Roku TV afresh to use it with the alternative remote. And also you don’t need to go through the pairing and programming process before using the remote.

All you need to do is insert active batteries, and you are all set
It has shortcut keys for Netflix, Hulu, Amazon, Vudu, and Roku Channels. Some other alternative remotes are also having YouTube or Amazon Prime shortcuts.
It has a feeble design that makes it easy to grip.

It is incompatible with Roku’s additional devices like the Roku box, Roku streaming player, and Roku stick. The remote is only compatible with Roku’s built-in functions.

As an alternative remote it doesn’t have voice control, a pairing button, or a headphone jack. It is also a standard IR remote and not an RF remote.


Is Onn TV a good brand?

Yes, the Onn TV is a good brand assessing its price. It delivers good video and sound quality. The design is also very fascinating as it comes with a polished and classical style. Guess what, you can also enjoy 4K resolution on this TV.

What is the other name for Onn TV?

Another name for Onn TV is Durabrand. Onn TV is a genuine Tv brand offered by Walmart and is produced by Durabrand. This is the reason why some users also call it Durabrand

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