How to turn on Sony Tv without a remote control

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Are you thinking about purchasing a Smart Tv, but you have difficulty choosing from the wide range of choices? There are various manufacturers and brands which produce amazing TVs such as Sony.

You can go for the more budget models, you shouldn’t expect them to be of good quality. You can also go for the more costly and advanced TV models. You can decide anything based on your desires.

It is significant to be vigilant about the various features of your TV. One of the most prominent TV manufacturing companies is Sony.
Sony is a very famous brand in the Smart TV area and Sony Smart TVs are made of extraordinary quality. They are excellent for streaming and watching movies.

These TVs have Android TV which you can use to download various apps for streaming services from Google Play Store.

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A smart Tv is a requirement for any home and office entertainment setup. It gives a gateway to an entire world of media with quality sound and pictures. Sony makes a broad range of smart TVs, bringing about one of the most prominent brands on the market.

A smart TV is practically a television-computer combination, combining internet access to permit streaming services and additional applications to be downloaded, played, and stored on the TV.

Extensively connecting to the internet via WiFi and have a variety of input selections that allows you to plug in other devices.
There are limited TV manufacturers, that are aggressively developing and innovating these kinds of TVs. Each uses certain technology and produces unique features.

Features of Sony Tv


Television screens are assessed diagonally. Starting at 45 inches, most smart TVs come in increments of 5 inches, Sony Tv also comes in sizes that will give you a very nice viewing angle.
While the diagonal measurement is useful, the length and height of the Sony TV occupy some space.


HDMI is a method of connecting most modern Blu-ray players, video game consoles, and cable boxes to a TV.
Sony Smart Tv comes with four HDMI ports, and several USB ports are also present. This is helpful whenever you need to transfer files or data between your computer and the TV.

Sony Older models may also have an RCA hookup if you’re still using an older gaming console.


A Sony new TV should last for many years. In particular, their OLED version has a long lifespan.
You can calculate that you’ll be able to enjoy your TV for five to seven years. At that point, you might decide to upgrade. Considering the new models that will be available in the market.

It’s also worth pointing out that newer models and technologies might be more expensive but they will perhaps decline a bit in a year or two.

Sony Tv Compared to other Tv brands

Universal lineup

Sony is one of the limited Tv manufacturing companies that produce both OLED and LED options. This signifies that you have the choice to select either panel if you want to purchase a Sony TV, and both their OLEDs and LED TVs deliver good picture quality.

Incredible upscaling and motion approach.

Sony TVs, even the cheaper models, do great than the regular ones when it comes to upscaling lower-resolution content, and they deliver the best motion approach.

Outstanding color accuracy.

Sony TVs are recognized for their incredible accuracy, particularly the high models. You possibly won’t require to obtain your Sony TV calibrated to enjoy a great viewing adventure.

Not developed in terms of gaming achievement.

While the high-end Sony TVs finally have VRR authorization after a firmware update, and they have HDMI 2.1 bandwidth, they’re not as great for gaming as the competition. They have great input lag and lack FreeSync VRR support.

Increased price.

Sony TVs are most frequently priced above the competition in their classification, so you can get better value elsewhere.
The Sony smart Tv is controlled by remote control. But from time to time it occurs that you do not have access to your remote control.

For example, your batteries run down or the remote control fails. You may also lose your remote control. In such cases, it is helpful to understand alternative methods to control your Tv.

How to turn on Sony Tv without a remote control

There are two strategies to turn on your Sony TV without using a remote control. You can use the app that can serve as remote control from your smartphone. You can also use the power buttons on the Tv itself. It’s very easy to achieve.

Using a phone app

You can download and install a particular app on your smartphone that enables you to control your Tv without using the remote control. This is quite easy to do. To do this, you will need to follow the below steps :

  • Go to Google Play Store or App Store for both Android and IOS users respectively.
  • Search for the Android TV Remote Control app and Install it.
  • Next, you will launch the app on your smartphone
  • You will need to connect your smartphone and Sony smart Tv to the same Wi-Fi
  • Scroll to the Connect device screen in the application on your phone
  • Choose your Sony Smart TV to register and connect the smartphone app with the TV
  • Click OK to complete the process then press the Power button for you to turn on your Sony Smart TV

How to turn on your Sony Smart TV using the power button

Also, all Sony Smart TVs can be turned on using the buttons on the TV. The control buttons should be located at the bottom of the TV.

You will find 3 buttons: a Power button, a Plus button, and a Minus button. The power button is mostly located in the middle, once you press it and it will immediately turn on your Sony Smart TV. To turn off your Sony Smart TV, you need to again press the power button for a long time.


By following the aforementioned steps you can easily turn on your TV without using the remote control, With the TV control app on your smartphone, you can change channels and control the TV volume.

You can also control other functions of your TV using the app. frequently priced above the competition in their classification, so you can get better value elsewhere.

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