How to turn on Toshiba Tv without Remote

Toshiba TV Power Button

Here you will learn instructions on how to turn your Toshiba TV without a remote. The TV market is overloaded by a handful of big players such as Sony, LG, Samsung, Philips, and Panasonic. But if you’re in search of a serious bargain, then you should go for a better brand such as Toshiba.

It might not have the control of those big manufacturing companies, but the Japanese outfit repeatedly emerges as the Amazon’s best-selling TVs, and also the best Toshiba TVs now offer Dolby Vision and the most sophisticated form of HDR, as well as better flexible features.

Toshiba as a company is a well-known international name when laptops and Television manufacturing is involved, Toshiba TVs have tons of creative technologies to deliver a bright, sharp, and colorful filming adventure. Toshiba 3D TVs will create an unparalleled entertainment experience with extraordinary audio and picture quality.

Toshiba TV

Toshiba SMART TVs have improved capacities that enable you to enjoy Internet Television at its peak. Toshiba LED TVs are absolutely the best and have the newest features such as HDMI, USB direct play, and many more.

Toshiba Tv runs on a smart, fast user friendly, and customizable system to make home entertainment outstanding and hassle-free. It also comes with inbuilt show apps and music to allow you to enjoy your beloved content quickly.

Toshiba TVs are cheap because Toshiba is over en decades and, as an established manufacturer, it can afford to produce incredible televisions for a great price. Their televisions are on sale frequently on Amazon, and you will get a much larger TV, with outstanding software packages for a low price.

How long can Toshiba Tv last

By standard, Toshiba TVs will last up to 7 years if appropriately operated and maintained. As the TVs reach the end of their lifespans, they often display some signs that they are about to go off
While seven years might be the average time Toshiba TVs do last, some of the TVs can last longer or lesser than 7 years, depending o the sail usage.

  • 7 years: 15 hours of daily usage
  • 9 years: 12 hours of daily usage
  • 14 years: 8 hours of daily usage

NB: Toshiba TV can last up to 100,000 hours when the screen brightness is low. Thus, you should expect your TV to last longer than the estimated period in the table if you adopt the low brightness settings.

Meanwhile, it can be considered that a Toshiba TV might likely continue working even when it reaches its lifespan. However, the image quality and brightness level may reduce significantly.

The Pros of a Toshiba TV

Toshiba has numerous great offers, ranging from lower-end LCD models to modern QLED TVs. Several of their TVs are offered at a budget-friendly price that various people can buy without cutting their budget. Toshiba balances the line perfectly between the product offered and affordability.

The Price

To begin with, you can’t beat the price. Buying a Toshiba can naturally save you hundreds of Naira on a related model by another brand.
Some people also choose to use Toshiba TVs as computer monitors due to their great quality at a considerable price.

Toshiba may not be the top television manufacturer company in the market, but they manufacture an incredible product for a very competitive price.

LED and Audio Hardware

Right now, Toshiba has some of the best-reviewed LED TVs in their price range in the market. Toshiba also uses Onkyo sound processors and Dolby Audio in various of their televisions, resulting in fabulous sound and excessive soundbar.

Some models even have a built-in subwoofer, though these features are becoming less common as television manufacturing trends choose to make televisions thinner.

Amazon Fire and Alexa

Another bright side of Toshiba has partnered with Amazon and has Amazon Fire and Alexa pre-installed on its Smart TVs. This enables the seamless use of streaming apps and Alexa to help navigate through those apps for those who might have difficulty with modern technology.

The Cons of Toshiba Tv

Like various things in life, a great deal comes with a few concessions. If you wish to save money by purchasing a low-budget TV, don’t expect it to function highly or operate as a high-end 8K QLED. All that will occur is you will find yourself dissatisfied.

Viewing Angle

One of the objections that people toss at Toshiba screens is the problems with the television’s brightness when viewed from a specific angle. There is no problem when a viewer is positioned directly in front of the Tv, However, the screen will become somewhat dimmer if the viewer is positioned farther away to the side.

Resolution & Refresh Rate

Few customers have complained that they aren’t getting the full 1080p that their TV claims to be putting out. Some customers with LCDs have reported that their 1080p TVs were displaying 1080i resolution. The distinction is advanced scan vs. interlaced scanning.

How to Turn on Toshiba TV Without Remote

Here are the simple steps to carry out to turn on your Toshiba smartTV if you don’t have its remote.

  • Move closer to the TV and look for the tiny power button on it.
  • Press the button on the TV without using the remote.

If you are still unable to locate the power button, then follow the steps given below.

  • Search for the manual that came along with your Toshiba Tv when you purchased It
  • If you have it at hand, then read through it to check where your TV power button is.
  • Locate it on the right or left side of the TV or at the top. Press it and it will turn on.

Alternative! iOS and Android users can use the Toshiba TV remote control app to turn it on. But still, you need to have configured the app with your TV before you turn your Tv on.


You can choose to make use of the power button or use Universal Remote for the Toshiba TV app to turn it on if you don’t have a physical remote. It’s advisable to replace your remote with a new one if it isn’t working. By doing so you will be able to have a better experience while watching your TV.

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