How to Watch Facebook Live on Smart TV

How to Watch Facebook Live on Smart TV

With life on lockdown, social media has never been more vital for keeping in touch. However, with the capacity to stream live videos on Facebook, Instagram, and other platforms, they’re also becoming a valuable source of education and entertainment. Facebook has evolved into more than simply a place to swap messages and post memes, with Strictly professional Oti Mabuse conducting dancing courses for kids and adults, virtual festivals and concerts, and endless live pub quizzes.

However, watching these videos on your smartphone or tablet isn’t the most engaging experience, especially if you’re watching with over one person. If you’re attempting to follow dancing or fitness videos, it can be difficult. However, you may watch them on your television, which removes almost these issues.

How to Watch Facebook Live on Smart TV
How to Watch Facebook Live on Smart TV

How to use Apple TV and Chromecast to view Facebook Live video

You can stream video to a Google Chromecast or a device with Google Chromecast features built-in (such as the Nvidia Shield TV streaming device and select Philips, Sharp, Sony, and Toshiba TVs), as long as they are both connected to the same Wi-Fi network. With an Apple TV or a smart TV that supports AirPlay, you can accomplish the same thing (including some LG, Samsung, and Sony TVs).

  • Open Facebook on your phone or tablet and begin watching the video.
  • Now, in the top right-hand corner, seek a TV symbol and tap it.
  • When you have an Apple TV or television that accepts AirPlay, select AirPlay and Bluetooth. Select the name you initially called the TV or streaming device from the list provided if you have a Chromecast device.
  • Your video will now start playing on your television.

When you’re ready to disconnect, tap the TV symbol in the upper right corner once more. This brings the video to a halt.

How to Stream Facebook Live to Your Smart TV

With a new feature that lets you stream clips via Apple TV, AirPlay devices, Google Chromecast, and Google Cast devices, Facebook wants you to lie back and watch its News Feed videos on your television. By offering consumers the most comprehensive cinematic experience while at home, Facebook might increase video ad revenue and usage time.

The feature is currently accessible on iOS and will be accessible soon for Android users. Simply select a video from your source on your device or PC, tap the TV icon in the top right, then select the device you want to stream through.

While the video is playing, you can continue to surf through the feed and use Facebook. 

Periscope is adopting a different method by allowing professional content broadcasts to be piped into Periscope and Twitter via its new Producer tool, allowing Facebook to become both the first and second screen.

In May, Facebook began testing streaming to televisions from Android devices, and in August, it began testing from iOS devices. Remarkably, it’s taken this long for the firm to add a mechanism to cast over AirPlay from its iPad app, which was added in 2011.

YouTube and Periscope, for example, already have the means to stream to televisions, and Facebook’s introduction today might ensure that it doesn’t fall behind. YouTube allows you to construct a queue of videos to watch in order, which seems like a natural next step for Facebook to take.

Facebook’s goal has always been ubiquity, so it’s embracing as many viewing platforms as possible. While Facebook’s most popular platform and main source of revenue will probably stay mobile for a long time, virtual reality and television could give it a wider presence in our lives.

Installing the Facebook Watch TV App

The procedures to watch Facebook videos on your TV after downloading the Facebook Watch TV App are as follows.

  •  Go to your television platform’s app store and download the Facebook Watch TV app (see Facebook’s list of supported TVs and devices).
  •  your TV, launch the Watch app. You must now navigate to Your Videos and then click Continue with Facebook.
  •  A screen containing a code will appear.
  • To verify the code displayed on your TV, open the Facebook app on your mobile device, tap the notification at the top, tap Approve, and then tap Continue. Otherwise, on a computer or phone, go to, manually enter the code, and click or tap Continue.

You may watch your Facebook videos on TV by following these steps.

 FAQ About Facebook Live

How can I get Facebook videos to play on my TV?

Using the Facebook App for iPhone or Android, you may stream Facebook videos from your Feed or the Facebook Watch tab to a TV.

You can also watch series and videos from producers on your smart TV using the Facebook View TV app. We can find here more information on how to set up the Facebook Watch app.

  1. Check that your TV is linked to a streaming device (such as Apple TV, Chromecast, Samsung TV, Amazon Fire TV, or Android TV) or has built-in streaming capabilities, and that it is on the same Wi-Fi network as your mobile device.
  2. Browse for the video you wish to watch in the Facebook app on your device.
  3. Touch the video to bring up the video player.
  4. Tap the video’s upper right corner.
  5. Touch the TV you would like to see the clip-on.

Keep in mind that not all smart TVs allow you to stream videos from your phone or tablet.

How can I control who has access to my Facebook videos?

To change the audience of a video you’ve added, do:

  • In the top right corner of Facebook, click your profile photo.
  • Go to the video post you want to edit.
  • At the top of the post, select an audience (example: Notifications).
  • Select a target audience for your video.

Remember that you can only adjust the privacy settings for videos that you’ve shared on Facebook.

What’s the best way to see what I’ve saved on Facebook?

  • Go to to see what you’ve saved.
  • To view a saved category or item, go to the left menu and click it.

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