How to watch the Weather Channel on Directv


A lot of people search for the relatively best television provider and are left with frustrating and annoying television services. The fact is, DIRECTV is an alternative solution that can deliver a far more satisfactory service and quality to customers.

Before choosing this product, viewers are supposed to know what it is, how it works, and what benefits and features it can provide to them.

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Directv is the No 1 most-watched digital satellite entertainment service provider. Adopting the most advanced satellite technology, they deliver access to over 250 channels of programming to businesses, homes, and offices.

The Directv tools include a satellite dish, a digital set receiver, and remote control, as well as a DirecTV access card.

This is relatively different from cable providers who use networks of cables to deliver the services. They offer an incredible service choice of entertainment and also better digital quality sound and pictures.

How Directv works

Directv Services

Directv operates on a satellite type of technology by providing digital television to consumers. It is one of the world’s substantial providers of digital entertainment. It also delivers premium video adopting the most imaginative and latest formulated technology. The company serves more than 37 million people both in the United States and Latin America.

The company’s service is established based on broadcast satellite and transmits digital satellite television and audio into the offices and homes of its consumers. All of this access to a large number of programming choices comes through satellite transmissions.

While the services are often deemed similar to that of Tv subscription services, broadcast TV networks, private video services, and satellite radio services, the use of this company’s technology makes it a progressive provider.

Those that subscribe to the service have access to dozens and hundreds of amazing channels. This includes an incredible number of HD channels as well.

Benefits of Directv

There is a lot of reason why satellite has a various benefit over cable TV. Cable tv is limited in a few ways.
There is a restriction on the size of the cable in cable TV, This influences its bandwidth, and also the quality of what you are watching and hearing.

There is no restriction on Directv. Programming in Directv is also of very high quality, which is apparent by the latest high-quality tool and technology made accessible.

Due to the progressive technology used in Directv, with the use of a basic receiver model, you can view all of their popular programs, and these programs don’t only give you excellent digital quality but also offers you sensible sound effects.

The developed technology Directv uses also allow users to access various channels.
Directv has a wide range of different channels, you can watch the news, get shopping information, watch a movie, get the latest sports information, and learn more about anything by watching the numerous educational channels available.

There also have channels for the children, so you can keep your children entertained as well.

They might be some channel that needs parental guidance, If you need to shut off a certain channel or program which you don’t want your kids to see, Directv delivers parental control features that are common in every Directv subscription.

Parents will have the contentment that their kids can’t view these channels, but they can be able to access them with a particular code later on as a way of unblocking the channel.

By using Directv you can pause, stop, and rewind live TV. Interruptions from phone calls or the voice of doorbells won’t affect your favorite program or make you miss important play or news, either.

You can easily pause the program when any unwanted interruption or phone call comes in so that you won’t miss an important play or news event.

The Recorder has a special feature which is the recorder, it will start recording right from the pause point, and then you can replay everything it records later, in your free time. with Direct Tv you can be able to save up to 70 hours of the video business, your favorite extraordinary shows, and lots more on the record

Pros of Directv

  • Credible streaming execution in testing
  • The lineup comprises of RSNs from AT&T, Comcast, and Sinclair
    Supports 20 simultaneous streams on a home network
  • Includes parental guide options

Cons of Directv

  • It is quite costly
  • The default DVR option has limited space for storage
  • Some of the interface quirks

How you can watch the weather channel on DirecTV

Directv is a very popular satellite television service in the United States. It includes satellite and streaming services. Directv is a part of AT&T Communications.

In the USA, Directv delivers several types of channels like News, Movies, Sports, Kids, and lots more.

With all these channels, many of its consumers are likely to forget the channel number for the weather channel on Directv.

you might be among them, here are some guides to help you to locate all the channel numbers for the weather channel on Directv.

Weather Channels on Directv

As of now, there are only two weather channels accessible on DirecTV. AccuWeather and The Weather Channel.

You can find the Weather Channel on channel number 362.

And the AccuWeather is available on channel number 361.

Both channels will deliver you the necessary weather forecast information that you need to know. The Weather Channel is famous for its AMHQ (America’s Morning Headquarters) which is hosted by Sam Champion.

The Weather Channel vs DirecTV

In January 2014, The Weather Channel was eliminated from DirecTV when the two couldn’t agree to certain conditions.

After three months, the issues were resolved and The Weather Channel was returned to its usual channel number which is channel 362.


These are the two weather channels you can find on DirecTV service. Let’s hope that these two weather channels are the stable weather channels for DirecTV. If you know any other specific weather channel, tell us in the comments section, if this article helps you in any way, drop a comment below.

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