Samsung Washing Machine Troubleshooting

Samsung Washing Machine Troubleshooting

The importance of having a washer at home cannot be over-emphasized. but what should you do when this washer runs into a problem? In this blog entry, we will be looking deep into Samsung Washing Machine Troubleshooting. 

Keep reading this post as in the end, it will be worth all the time you have spent here and this information will come in handy when your Samsung washer runs into any problem or it may be the reason you are here already.

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Samsung Washing Machine Troubleshooting
Samsung Washing Machine Troubleshooting

During the Spin Cycle, there is a problem with the water pump.

The washer pump keeps trying to pump water out during the spin cycle, disrupting the cycle.

When this occurs, it is time to conduct some investigation and troubleshooting. Is this true for all loads or just smaller ones? Large capacity washers are ideal for families with large loads, but they do not always perform well when washing small loads. know the capacity of your washer and reduce or increase the load to match it.

Out-of-balance safety is built into today’s washers to keep them from damaging themselves during the spin cycle.

To compensate for the imbalance of a small load, some Samsung washers add more water during the spin cycle.

To solve the extra water problem, redistribute the clothes to better balance the washer.

If the situation exists during high loads, it is usually due to a problem with the electrically controlled board.

This is a costly repair that necessitates the services of a technician. 

Bleach Spotting

After using bleach to clean and disinfect the washer or a load of clothes, bleach spotting appears on subsequent loads of laundry.

If you do not use the bleach dispenser correctly, spotting may occur on subsequent loads even with an extra rinse. 

  1. Fill the dispenser only halfway.
  2. Never go above the MAX line in the cup.
  3. Inspect the washer’s level.
  4. If the washer is not level and tilting to one side, forward, or backward, the bleach may be dispensed at the incorrect time, or the dispenser cups will not empty, resulting in drips on the next load.
  5. To avoid drips, remove the dispenser cup after use and thoroughly rinse it or dry it with a paper towel. 

The Samsung washer has tripped an electrical circuit.

When the washer is turned on, it trips the electrical circuit in the house.

Water leakage onto the electrical connections of the washing machine’s thermal sensor can cause an electrical short and ignite the circuit board, posing a fire hazard to consumers, and prompting a recall of Samsung front load washers.

STOP using the washer until you can look into the recall and/or have your washer’s electrical system checked.

If you require a user or repair manual. You can get the user manual from here.

After each wash, water remains in the detergent dispenser.

Water remains in the detergent dispenser tray after each load of laundry. It is not uncommon for the water to remain in a detergent, bleach, or fabric softener dispenser.

The products are dispensed by flushing a stream of water through the tray.

The water stream isn’t cutting off as quickly as it should (due to a faulty solenoid, which is simple to replace), which is causing the overflow.

If the water is clear (without any detergent), your clothes are being cleaned. Clean the dispensers regularly to improve their functionality. 

Fabrics with Streaks

After cold water, and a short cycle wash, streaks appear on clothes.

The purple streaks are caused by using too much laundry detergent.

For a standard, cold water load, one tablespoon of concentrated HE detergent is recommended.

Regardless of load size or water temperature, never use more than two tablespoons in a HE washer.

Rewashing the clothes in warm water with no detergent added should remove the streaks. 

During the rinse cycle, the washer leaks.

Even after cleaning the lint trap and inspecting the water hoses for leaks, the washer leaks water during the rinse cycle.

A front loader leak is most likely to occur during the rinse cycle because more water is used at that time. The most likely cause is a leak or hole in one of the interior lines.

It could be a hole or a puncture in the drain hose or the soft, black bellows hose near the drain pump assembly. You can find a user manual or a repair manual here

During the spin cycle, the washer stops.

The washer stops spinning and becomes unbalanced. After the clothes are rearranged, the spin cycle will finish.


  • Perform a diagnostic test to see if any error codes are displayed.
  • A slow drain can cause the spin cycle to fail, resulting in the appearance of that code.
  • Open the bottom panel of the washer housing to correct the slow drain.
  • On the lower right, you’ll notice a plug.
  • Prepare some towels to catch a gush of water and remove the plug.
  • Clear the filter.
  • Lint, coins, or buttons may be obstructing the flow into the pump. 
  • Don’t ever overload the washing machine.
  • When you have time, read the manual to learn which cycle to use for different sizes of loads. 

The Samsung Washer Won’t Start

The washer will not start, even though the display indicates that it is ready to begin the cycle.

If the washer is receiving power and everything else appears to be in order, begin by cleaning the contact points of the door latch with rubbing alcohol on a cotton swab.

Even though it says “locked,” there must be complete contact.

If that doesn’t work, a technical manual can guide you through putting the washer into diagnostic mode to determine whether you have a mechanical, computer, or electrical problem. 

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