Where are the buttons on Samsung Smart TV

Where are the buttons on Samsung Smart TV

On most Samsung Smart TV, the buttons are located in the upper right or left corner of the remote control. All Samsung televisions have a control button at the bottom, but the position varies by model. Many televisions feature power buttons on the top, side (left or right), bottom, or back of the set, as do all other buttons — some brands even make their logo a power button.

If you bought a Samsung TV and don’t know how to use it, read the handbook or a guidebook that came with it. If your TV remote isn’t operating properly and you can’t find the replacement batteries, or if you get lost somewhere and need to turn it on, click the power switch manually. 

However, the concern here is where the button on the Samsung TV is, so keep reading the post for more understanding of Samsung TV and Samsung Smart TVs. 

Where are the buttons on Samsung Smart TV
Where are the buttons on Samsung Smart TV

Where can I find the buttons on my Samsung smart TV?

The red light on your TV frame indicates that the power is on, and the Control button is usually located where the red light appears. If you can’t find the TV control button to switch it on, it’s most likely located on the right side bottom of the back of the TV.

When the jog controller is pushed, it can move back and forth and sideways. Hold the center button to turn on your TV. By pushing the middle button at the same time, the menu selections will appear on the TV screen. You may switch off your TV by pressing the same central button. Knowing where the switch on your Samsung TV is will help you troubleshoot problems when your Samsung TV can’t even turn on. You can easily find the buttons on your Samsung Smart Tv as listed below:

Middle, underneath

The most typical position for the power switch on your Samsung TV is directly beneath the center of the screen. The actual power button may be subtly different depending on the brand you have, but you’ll notice it here. Simply reach beneath and feel around until you find it.

Front right, underneath

This power button placement is heinous! It’s as if Samsung were playing hide and seek. Feel along the front right, underneath your Samsung TV to locate the receiver (this is what your remote interacts with).

A little power button is located just behind the receiver. It’s simple to overlook. Simply move your finger around until you see the TV going on and off. 

The bezel on the front left or right (touch control)

Many Samsung TVs offer touchscreen power buttons, as well as up and down volume, channel control, and so on. Such touch power buttons are often located on the front right bezel of the television. It’s easy to overlook, but if you look attentively, you’ll notice it.

Simply push the power button label gently, and your TV should turn on. You usually have to touch the TV and then wait a second for it to respond, so be patient. 

The right side of the back

If you looked and looked and couldn’t find the power switch on your Samsung TV, I’d be ready to wager it’s on the rear side of the TV. Another problematic inconveniently placed power button from Samsung. Move the TV away from the wall and gaze at the back, right side of the TV. There should be a small power button there. If you don’t see it, it’s worth getting a flashlight. If nothing is found on the back right side, proceed to the back left side for good measure. 

On the Samsung TV, where is the power button?

The power switch on all Samsung televisions is situated near the center of the set, right below the monitor. The button is typically located in the top right or left corner of the remote control.

You can rapidly turn on your Samsung TV, regulate volume (high or low), and source input by using the control stick or Jog Controller. Smart Hub, Menu, and Settings are also available on other Samsung Smart TV models. 

Manuals for Samsung Televisions

When you still didn’t locate the power switch on your Samsung TV, look for the user manual for your particular model number and year. The make and model should be visible on the back of your television. There is an excellent archive of all TV manuals organized by year from Samsung support which you can access directly from here: https://www.samsung.com/us/support/downloads/

In the handbook, you’ll most likely discover a schematic outlining what and where each button on your TV is. 

The standby light is blinking, and the television screen is blank:

Surge protectors may occasionally cut the necessary voltage, causing the standby red light to be unstable and blinking continuously, indicating voltage problems. Use high-quality surge protectors for your televisions.

When the Standby light is illuminated but the TV screen is dark:

It is assumed that your TV has electricity if the light is turned on and the screen is black. You must push the remote power or control button located behind the TV. 


Samsung appears to enjoy concealing the power switch on their televisions — the location changes virtually every year! Don’t give up if you’re having trouble finding it. Every Samsung TV includes a manual power control button. You only have to look for it! The power button on your Samsung TV can be found in the following locations:

  • Middle, underneath
  • Front right, underneath
  • The bezel on the front left or right (touch control)
  • The right side of the back

If you still can’t find your TV’s power button, try looking for the manual online. It will provide a diagram of all of your television’s buttons and their placements. On your Samsung TV, where was the power button? Please leave a remark with the exact location! 

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