Where is the Power Button on PS4


If you’re viewing this, you’re probably curious about where the power button on a PS4 is located. This guide will give you all you need to understand about the PS4- the features, and everything you stand to gain if you purchase one, as well as where the PS4 power button is placed.

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Where is the Power Button on PS4
Where is the Power Button on PS4

What exactly is the PlayStation?

Since its introduction in 1994, the PS has evolved from a simple video game known only in a few countries and used to kill boredom into a competitive game that can be played between friends and family. The PlayStation is a good source of delight and entertainment for people, as well as a tool for couple bonding.

What exactly is the PS4?

Sony’s PlayStation 4 is the company’s eighth-generation home video gaming console. Until recently, the PS4 was largely regarded as Sony’s best PlayStation console. However, with the release of the new PS5 in 2020, more consumers have shifted to the newest platform. 

Nonetheless, some individuals believe that the PS4 is a far superior console to any other that has ever been produced.

When Sony unveiled the PlayStation 4, the internet exploded with excitement, and PlayStation lovers knew they had to get one. This is because Sony surprised everyone with the new sleekness and enhancements to the PlayStation 4.

Sony also produced three different versions of the PS4: Standard, Slim, and Pro. The power button on all three variants is slightly different. The ‘where is the power button on ps4’ portion of this article discusses these distinctions. 

Now, I’ll give you some important information regarding the PS4 before answering the question, “Where is the power button on the PS4” 

On the PS4, where is the power button?

You’re probably wondering where the power button on a PS4 is.

Like many devices in the world, the PS4 features a power button that allows it to turn on and off at the user’s command.

PS4 standard

Locate the power button, which is a physical button at the center of the console, to turn on your conventional PS4 controller.

The power indicator is likewise located here.

PS4 Slim

The power button on the PS4 Slim is a little button on the left side, at the bottom of the device.

The power indicator is likewise located here. 

PS4 Pro

Because the switch on the PS4 Pro is so small, you must pay special attention.

It is close to the bottom of the panel on the right side. The power indicator is likewise located here. 

How to Completely Turn Off Your PlayStation 4

If you need to unplug your PS4 and relocate it, it is best to turn it off completely. If you do this, the console will no longer be able to download updates, and all current gaming sessions will be terminated.

  • Hold down the PS4 power button for about seven seconds, or until you hear two-second beeps.
  • If you let go of the button after the first beep, it will enter Rest Mode. 
  • The message “Preparing to switch off the PS4” will appear on the television screen, and you should not unplug the AC power cord during this procedure.
  • The power indicator on your PS4 will pulsate in white until it entirely turns off; once the indicator light has gone out, you can safely unhook your AC power cord. 

How to Put Your PlayStation 4 to Sleep

PS4 owners may place their console in Rest Mode, which means it can continue to receive and download updates even if it isn’t transmitting a signal to your television screen.

You can also resume progress on your game sessions from where you left off after returning to Rest Mode on your console. 

  • On your PlayStation 4, locate the Power Button.
  • This button is located on the top center-left of your PS4 console, above the eject button.
  • Hold this button down for one or two seconds; the PS4 will produce a single beep noise and the TV screen will display the message “Putting the PS4 into rest mode…”
  • Keep an eye on the indicator light, which is the vertical thin light on the top of the PS4; as the PS4 enters Rest Mode, it will pulsate and change from white to orange. 

What you need to know about the PlayStation 4

It is critical to learn about the features and specifications of any device before purchasing it.

This is also true for the PS4. This information will assist you in deciding whether or not to proceed with the transaction. Following that, we will discuss where the power button on the PS4 is located. 

  • The PS4 is available in two storage capacities: 500GB (gigabyte) and 1TB (terabyte).
  • You are free to play as many games as you wish.
  • The DualShock4 is the primary wireless controller for the PlayStation 4.
  • Each Sony PS4 console includes one DualShock 4 wireless controller.
  • You can share media with other PSN users or via social media.
  • You can submit screenshots or video clips using the DualShock 4 controller’s share media function.
  • The weight of the Sony PS4 Pro is 3.3 kg, whereas the weight of the Sony PS4 Slim is 2.1 kg. 
  • The graphics on the PlayStation 4 are superior to those on the PS3.
  • The Sony PS4 is available in black.
  • The PlayStation 4 lacks a camera, although it does have the option of purchasing and connecting your own PlayStation camera.
  • The PlayStation 4 Pro features three USB ports, however, the Sony PS4 Slim only has two.
  • Ethernet, Headphone Jack, Microphone, Bluetooth, and WLAN connectivity, Light Bar Feedback, USB charging port, and speaker
  • The built-in Blu-ray Player supports both Blu-ray and DVD playback.
  • The model, storage, and bundled games or accessories all influence the price of a Sony Playstation 4.
  • Excellent video and audio quality. 

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