Why is Snapchat Not Working – Fix it Now

Why is Snapchat Not Working Fix it Now 1

Snapchat is a multimedia memo App built for iOS and Android users by an organization called ‘Snap‘ for the purpose of more fun-filled social interactions. The Snapchat App is a platform where its users interact with friends and families in a more different and convenient way, that is to say, those videos and other documents you send automatically don’t take a long time before it gets to the receiver.

Snapchat has over 290 billion users who have downloaded the Snapchat App from Google Play Store and App Store.

However, if suddenly you start experiencing some issues with Snapchat which on the other hand may cause your Snapchat to stop working correctly, promptly follow the listed solutions below to fix your Snapchat.

Why is Snapchat Not Working

Methods on How to Fix Your Snapchat if it is Not Working

METHOD 1- Restart Your Smartphone.

Here is an easy way to fix your Snapchat App if it malfunctions, all you need to do is to restart your device and after a few minutes, open your phone’s menu and click on the Snapchat App to open. If this doesn’t stop your Snapchat from malfunctioning then check out the other steps below.

METHOD 2- Check Your Phone’s “Network Connection”.

Firstly, you need a strong network to access Snapchat on your phone so you need to make sure you have a stable and strong network for you to enjoy Snapchat and its features.

METHOD 3- Check your mobile phone’s update.

It is important for you to update your Smartphone when needed because most Apps on your phone may not work properly if your Smartphone needs an update. To update your Smartphone, open “About Phone” in your mobile phone’s settings and check if there is an available update for your Smartphone, if there is, tap on it and install the new update and wait a few minutes for the update to be completed then reboot your Smartphone.

METHOD 4- Check your phone’s storage.

Snapchat can stop working properly if your phone is low on storage; this may slow down the actions you want to process in the Snapchat App like video downloads and other documents. Therefore, check the storage status on your phone’s “storage settings“, check and delete duplicate files and also delete files and documents that are no longer useful to free your phone’s storage.

METHOD 5- Snapchat app cache.

Just like every other mobile app on your phone, the Snapchat App Cache can also cause your Snapchat to malfunction, so here is what you should do; Tap on the “Apps and Notifications” when you open your “phone’s settings”, select “Snapchat App” and tap on the “Clear Cache” that will be displayed to you, reinitiate the Snapchat after completing the processes.

METHOD 6- Force Stop your Snapchat App.

Go to your “phone’s settings”, tap on the “Apps and Notifications” then select the “Snapchat App” tap on “Force Stop” and reopen the App after that.

METHOD 7- Install a Down detector.

If your Snapchat suddenly stops working properly, it is important for you to check if other users are currently experiencing the same service issues.

Go to your Play store, click on the search bar at the top of the Play Store homepage, search for “Down detector” and install the app on your Smartphone, after installing the Down detector mobile app, open the app and check other user reports on Snapchat services. You can also follow and stay updated on the Snapchat official help account on Twitter where they post server updates.

METHOD 8- “Close and reopen” Snapchat.

Go to recent apps Switcher on your home screen navigation bar and swipe to close Snapchat entirely, after swiping the app out from the recent apps switcher, open your phone’s menu and reopen the Snapchat App.

METHOD 9- Try “logging out” of your Snapchat account.

Open your Snapchat app, at the top left corner of the app tap on the emoji that represents your profile, and click on the “Settings” icon on the top right corner of the screen.

At the bottom page in your Snapchat app settings, tap on “Logout”, you have to confirm your log out, the “Logout” option will pop up on your screen, still tap on the “Logout” again to confirm. Tap on the “Login” option after logging out and fill in your correct login details to re-synchronize your chats and activities carried out on the Snapchat app.

METHOD 10- Try updating your Snapchat app.

If your Snapchat App is out of date, you will not be able to experience some recently added features on Snapchat App, so in other to enjoy more upgraded features in your Snapchat App you have to check if the app needs to be updated.

To update your Snapchat App on Android, open “Google Play Store”, tap on your profile in the top right corner, select “Manage Apps and Device” tap on “Update Available” and select “Snapchat App” to update.

To update your Snapchat App on iOS, open the “App Store”. Tap on your “profile icon” at the top right corner of the page. Scroll down the apps list and look for the Snapchat App, there should be either “Update” or “Open” options next to the Snapchat App.

If the option says “Open” it means the app is up to date but if it says “Update” it means the app needs to be updated, just tap on the “Update” option beside the Snapchat App to update to the most recent version of the Snapchat App available for your iPhone.­­

You can also uninstall the Snapchat App and reinstall it.

FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions).

Why Does Snapchat Crash?

Ans- Snapchat App doesn’t just crash after installation so if suddenly your Snapchat App crashes, this must be due to an unclean app or software update installed on your mobile phone.

Does Snapchat Have a Status Page?

Ans- You can check out the Snapchat official support account on Twitter to stay updated on Snapchat service downtimes and new feature updates.

Why is it difficult to open a conversation in the Snapchat App?

Ans- If you have been finding it difficult to open your chats with a particular user, all you need to do is to clear the chats so as to get rid of the unsaved chats sent to you; here are the steps you should follow in other to fix this.

Firstly, Open your phone’s “menu” and select the Snapchat App, tap on your profile at the top left corner of the App, and tap on the settings at the top right corner, scroll down, and you will see “Account Actions”, select “Clear Conversation” and delete the particular conversation you wish to clear.

What does the Bitmoji in the Snapchat App represent?

Ans- The Bitmoji in the Snapchat App represents yourself or your profile, it is located at the top left corner of Snapchat home page when you open the Snapchat App.

You can click on Bitmoji to access your profile and your Snapchat settings

What is Zenly in the Snapchat App?

Ans- Zenly in the Snapchat App is your friend’s live map which helps you locate them, meet up and know what’s up on Snapchat App.

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