Complete List of New and Top SiriusXM Channels 2023

Complete List of Sirius XM Channels 2023

Imagine a place where you can listen to any kind of music you love, no matter where you are. That’s what SiriusXM channels offer, and in 2023, it’s better than ever! SiriusXM is like a giant library of songs and shows that you can listen to using a special radio or even your phone.


  • Hits 1 (Channel 2): Your go-to station for today’s biggest pop hits.
  • Pop Rocks (Channel 3): Rock out to pop-infused tracks.
  • ’80s on 8 (Channel 5): A blast from the past with iconic ’80s hits.
  • ’90s on 9 (Channel 6): Nostalgic tunes from the ’90s.
  • The Pulse (Channel 18): A mix of contemporary pop and adult hits.
  • Pop2K (Channel 70): Relive the pop classics of the 2000s.
  • The Blend (Channel 71): A blend of pop and acoustic songs.
  • ’60s on 6 (Channel 72): Groovy tunes from the 1960s.
  • ’70s on 7 (Channel 73): A journey back to the ’70s music scene.
  • The Spectrum (Channel 75): Eclectic mix of music across genres.
  • ’80s on 8 Top 500 Countdown (Channel 104): The top ’80s hits.
  • ’90s on 9 Top 500 Countdown (Channel 105): Countdown of ’90s favorites.
  • The Coffee House (Channel 151): Acoustic and indie pop hits.
  • The Loft (Channel 302): An alternative blend of pop.
  • ’80s on 8 Pop Hits (Channel 312): More ’80s pop goodness.
  • The Pop Shop (Channel 550): Pop music’s greatest hits.
  • The Pop Up (Channel 551): Pop-up hits from various eras.
  • The Pop Party (Channel 552): Party-worthy pop tracks.
  • Pop Nation (Channel 704): A nation of pop enthusiasts.
  • Pop Rocks Hits (Channel 705): Rock-infused pop hits.
  • Pop2K Hits (Channel 708): Top hits from the 2000s.


  • Octane (Channel 10): High-energy rock and metal.
  • Lithium (Channel 11): ’90s alternative and grunge.
  • Classic Vinyl (Channel 12): Classic rock’s greatest hits.
  • Hard Rock Road Trip (Channel 13): Rock anthems for road trips.
  • Ozzy’s Boneyard (Channel 14): Ozzy Osbourne’s rock favorites.
  • The Metal Edge (Channel 15): Hard-hitting metal.
  • The Spectrum (Channel 17): Eclectic rock across the decades.
  • The Highway (Channel 18): Country’s leading hits.
  • ’70s on 7 (Channel 31): ’70s rock classics.
  • ’80s on 8 (Channel 33): Rock hits from the ’80s.
  • ’90s on 9 (Channel 34): ’90s rock anthems.
  • The Garage (Channel 35): Indie and alternative rock.
  • Liquid Metal (Channel 36): Extreme heavy metal.
  • The Boneyard (Channel 37): Classic rock and hard rock.
  • The Rock Show (Channel 38): Rock’s greatest moments.
  • Turbo (Channel 39): Heavy, speed, and power metal.
  • The Classic Rock Channel (Channel 40): Classic rock gems.
  • Octane Yesteryear (Channel 553): Rock nostalgia.
  • Lithium 2023 (Channel 554): Updated ’90s alternative.
  • Classic Vinyl 2023 (Channel 555): Timeless classic rock.
  • The Metal Edge 2023 (Channel 706): Current metal hits.
  • Ozzy’s Boneyard 2023 (Channel 707): Ozzy’s picks for 2023.


  • Hip-Hop Nation (Channel 4): Hip-hop’s biggest hits.
  • The Heat (Channel 42): Urban and R&B hits.
  • The Bridge (Channel 43): Urban adult contemporary.
  • R&B NOW (Channel 44): Contemporary R&B favorites.
  • The Throwback Show (Channel 45): Classic hip-hop and R&B.
  • The Breakfast Club (Channel 46): Morning hip-hop and R&B.
  • The R&B Side (Channel 47): R&B classics.
  • The Spectrum (Channel 48): Eclectic mix of urban music.
  • The Heat Hits (Channel 49): Top hits from The Heat.
  • The Bridge 2023 (Channel 50): Updated urban hits.
  • R&B NOW 2023 (Channel 51): 2023’s R&B hits.
  • The Throwback Show 2023 (Channel 52): Nostalgic hip-hop and R&B.
  • The Breakfast Club 2023 (Channel 53): 2023’s morning hits.
  • The R&B Side 2023 (Channel 54): Updated R&B classics.
  • Hip-Hop Nation 2023 (Channel 708): 2023’s hip-hop.
  • The Heat Hits 2023 (Channel 709): 2023’s urban hits.


  • The Highway (Channel 8): Country’s top hits.
  • Willie’s Roadhouse (Channel 30): Classic country with Willie Nelson.
  • The Local Honey (Channel 31): Emerging country artists.
  • CMT Radio 2 (Channel 32): Country Music Television’s hits.
  • Nash Icon (Channel 330): Country’s iconic tracks.
  • Trace Adkins Radio (Channel 559): Trace Adkins’ favorites.
  • Blake Shelton’s Nash FM (Channel 560): Blake Shelton’s country picks.
  • Dierks Bentley’s Whiskey Row (Channel 561): Dierks Bentley’s favorites.
  • Country Hits 2023: The latest in country music.


  • BPM (Channel 51): Electronic dance hits.
  • Chill (Channel 53): Relaxing electronic tunes.
  • Electric Area (Channel 54): Electric dance anthems.
  • Studio 54 Radio (Channel 55): Disco and dance classics.
  • Diplo’s Revolution (Channel 56): Diplo’s curated hits.
  • BPM 2023 (Channel 557): Updated electronic hits.
  • Chill 2023 (Channel 558): 2023’s electronic chill.
  • Electric Area 2023 (Channel 710): 2023’s electric anthems.
  • Studio 54 Radio 2023 (Channel 711): Disco’s 2023 hits.
  • Diplo’s Revolution 2023 (Channel 712): Diplo’s 2023 picks.

Jazz and Standards

  • Real Jazz (Channel 67): Authentic jazz classics.
  • Watercolors (Channel 66): Smooth contemporary jazz.
  • Siriusly Sinatra (Channel 71): Frank Sinatra’s timeless hits.
  • On Broadway (Channel 72): Broadway’s greatest tunes.
  • RadioClassics (Channel 74): Classic radio dramas and comedies.
  • 40s Junction (Channel 75): Music from the 1940s.
  • Swing Street (Channel 76): Swing music’s best.
  • Jazz 2023 (Channel 713): Jazz in 2023.
  • Standards 2023 (Channel 714): Updated standards.
  • Siriusly Sinatra 2023 (Channel 715): Sinatra’s 2023 hits.
  • On Broadway 2023 (Channel 716): Broadway in 2023.
  • RadioClassics 2023 (Channel 717): Classic radio in 2023.
  • 40s Junction 2023 (Channel 718): 1940s’ hits in 2023.
  • Swing Street 2023 (Channel 719): Swing in 2023.

Christian and Family:

  • The Message (Channel 63): Christian pop and rock.
  • The Catholic Channel (Channel 129): Catholic talk and music.
  • Joel Osteen Radio (Channel 128): Joel Osteen’s messages.
  • Enlighten (Channel 131): Southern Gospel music.
  • Kirk Franklin’s Praise (Channel 132): Gospel hits with Kirk Franklin.
  • Family Talk (Channel 133): Family and faith discussions.
  • The Message 2023 (Channel 720): 2023’s Christian hits.
  • The Catholic Channel 2023 (Channel 721): Catholic talk in 2023.
  • Joel Osteen Radio 2023 (Channel 722): Joel Osteen in 2023.
  • Enlighten 2023 (Channel 723): Updated Southern Gospel.
  • Kirk Franklin’s Praise 2023 (Channel 724): 2023’s gospel hits.
  • Family Talk 2023 (Channel 725): Family and faith in 2023.

This comprehensive guide provides an overview of the wide array of SiriusXM channels available in 2023, promising to deliver musical and good channels. Whether you’re a fan of pop, rock, hip-hop, country, jazz, or Christian music, SiriusXM has something for you.

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How many SiriusXM channels are there?

There are over 390 channels on SiriusXM, including music, talk, news, sports, comedy, and entertainment.

What is the top 40 channel on SiriusXM?

The top 40 channel on SiriusXM is Pop 20. It plays the biggest hits from today’s biggest artists.

What country stations are on SiriusXM?

SiriusXM offers a variety of country music channels, including:

  • Country – Plays the biggest hits from today’s country stars.
  • The Highway – Plays classic country hits from the 1970s, 80s, and 90s.
  • Willie’s Roadhouse – Plays the music of Willie Nelson and other outlaw country artists.
  • Bluegrass Junction – Plays bluegrass music from all over the world.
  • The Local Honey – Plays country music from local artists.

What number is SiriusXM?

SiriusXM is channel 12 on most satellite radios.

What is the most popular SiriusXM channel?

The most popular SiriusXM channel is Howard 100. It is hosted by Howard Stern, one of the most popular radio personalities in the world.

Here are some other popular SiriusXM channels:

  • XM Hits 1 – Plays the biggest hits from today’s pop stars.
  • XM Pop Rock – Plays classic and modern pop-rock hits.
  • XM Hip-Hop Nation – Plays the latest hip-hop hits.
  • XM NFL Radio – Plays live NFL games and analysis.
  • XM MLB Network Radio – Plays live MLB games and analysis.


These are the latest and SiriusXM channels lineup. You can turn in to any channel and enjoy your entertainment. As you can see, there are many channels that play Christmas songs during the festive period.

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