Complete List of Fetch TV Channels 2023

Complete List of Fetch TV Channels 2023

Fetch TV stands as a beacon of diverse content, offering a comprehensive lineup of channels that cater to a wide range of interests. As we dive into 2023, Fetch TV continues to redefine the way we consume television, providing a seamless blend of streaming and traditional TV channels.

The Fetch TV Experience

Fetch TV is not just another streaming service; it’s an experience that seamlessly bridges the gap between traditional television and modern streaming. With Fetch TV, users can enjoy the best of both worlds, accessing live TV channels alongside on-demand streaming content. This unique blend of options ensures that there’s always something captivating to watch, whether it’s catching the latest episode of a favorite show or exploring a new movie release.

Fetch TV Channel Categories

Fetch TV’s channel lineup resembles a digital treasure trove, organized into various categories that cater to different preferences:

Entertainment Channels

Get ready to be entertained with a diverse selection of entertainment channels. From gripping dramas to hilarious comedies, Fetch TV’s entertainment channels cover a wide spectrum of content that’s sure to keep you hooked.

Movie Channels

For movie enthusiasts, Fetch TV’s movie channels offer a cinematic journey right in the comfort of your home. Whether you’re in the mood for timeless classics or the latest blockbusters, there’s a movie channel that suits your taste.

Sports Channels

Sports fans are in for a treat with Fetch TV’s sports channels. Catch live games, expert analyses, and sports-related content that lets you stay connected to the world of sports, all from your couch.

Family-Friendly Content: Kids Channels

Fetch TV ensures that the little ones are entertained and educated with its dedicated kid’s channels. From animated adventures to educational shows, there’s something for every young viewer.

News Channels

Stay informed about the latest happenings with Fetch TV’s news channels. Tune in to get updates on global events, political developments, and more, all from reliable news sources.

Exploring Lifestyle: Lifestyle Channels

Delve into lifestyle content that caters to your interests. Whether you’re passionate about food, travel, or home improvement, Fetch TV’s lifestyle channels have you covered.

International Channels

Satisfy your curiosity about different cultures and languages with Fetch TV’s international channels. Experience content from around the world, broadening your horizons without leaving your living room.

Niche Interests: Specialty Channels

Fetch TV’s specialty channels cater to niche interests, from music and gaming to technology and beyond. Dive into content tailored to your passions and hobbies.

Accessing Fetch TV Channels

Getting access to Fetch TV’s rich lineup of channels is as easy as setting up your set-top box:

  • Set Up Your Set-Top Box: If you haven’t already, set up your Fetch TV set-top box and connect it to your TV and internet.
  • Navigate Through the Menu: Use your remote control to navigate through the Fetch TV menu.
  • Browse Channel Categories: Explore the various channel categories available on Fetch TV. You can browse through the categories to find channels that interest you.
  • Select and Watch: Once you’ve found a channel you want to watch, simply select it using your remote. The channel will start playing, giving you instant access to your chosen content.

Complete List of Fetch TV Channels

Below are a list of Fetch TV channels that you can enjoy. There is almost anything for everyone. Check below:

Movies & Drama:

1. BBC First


3. Binge

4. Disney Movies

5. Foxtel Movies

6. Movies Hits

7. Sony Movies

8. Starz


1. 9Life

2. Arena

3. FOX8

4. Lifestyle

5. MTV

6. Nickelodeon

7. Universal Channel




3. Fox Sports

4. Eurosport

News & Reality:

1. ABC News

2. BBC World News

3. CNN

4. Fox News

5. National Geographic

6. Sky News

7. Sky News Australia


1. Animal Planet

2. Discovery Channel

3. History

4. Nat Geo Wild

5. A&E

6. National Geographic

7. BBC Earth

Customizing Channel Lineup

Fetch TV understands that everyone’s preferences are unique. That’s why you can personalize your channel lineup:

  • Access Channel Settings: Within the Fetch TV menu, find the settings related to your channel lineup.
  • Add or Remove Channels: Choose the channels you want to add to your lineup and remove those that don’t align with your interests.

Stay Updated: Channel Updates

Fetch TV’s channel lineup is far from stagnant. It’s a dynamic world where new channels are added and existing ones are updated regularly, ensuring that your entertainment experience remains fresh and exciting.

Can I record shows on Fetch TV?

Absolutely! Fetch TV allows you to record your favorite shows and movies, giving you the flexibility to watch them at your convenience. With its built-in recording feature, you can capture live TV content and store it for later viewing. Here’s how you can use the recording functionality on Fetch TV:

Select the Show to Record:

When you’re watching a live TV show that you want to record, simply navigate to the show using your remote control.

Access the Recording Options:

While watching the show, look for the recording options on the screen. These options are usually represented by icons such as a “Record” button or a “Recording” symbol.

Initiate the Recording:

Press the designated “Record” button on your remote control to start recording the show. Once the recording is initiated, Fetch TV will capture the content in real-time.

Manage Your Recordings:

Fetch TV provides a user-friendly interface for managing your recordings. You can access your recorded content through the Fetch TV menu.

Watch Recorded Shows:

To watch your recorded shows, navigate to the “Recordings” or “My Recordings” section in the Fetch TV menu. You’ll find a list of your recorded content.

Play, Pause, and Rewind:

Once you’ve selected a recorded show, you can control the playback just like you would with any other content. Pause, play, rewind, and fast-forward through your recorded shows as needed.

It’s important to note that the recording functionality on Fetch TV may have limitations based on your subscription and storage capacity. Some recorded content may have expiration dates due to licensing agreements. Additionally, the available storage for recordings may vary depending on your Fetch TV plan.

With Fetch TV’s recording feature, you can easily capture live TV content, ensuring that you never miss out on your favorite shows, even if you can’t watch them in real-time. Whether it’s for catching up on a busy schedule or enjoying a movie night later, the recording option adds a layer of convenience to your entertainment experience.


Fetch TV’s complete list of channels offers a comprehensive solution for all your entertainment needs. With its diverse array of categories and channels, Fetch TV ensures that there’s never a dull moment on your screen. Whether you’re into movies, sports, news, or niche interests, Fetch TV’s convenient blend of live TV and streaming content delivers an all-encompassing entertainment experience that’s perfect for the modern viewer.


Do I need a specific TV for Fetch TV?

No, Fetch TV can be accessed through a Fetch TV set-top box, which can be connected to any compatible TV.

Can I watch Fetch TV on multiple devices?

Yes, Fetch TV offers the Multiroom option, allowing you to watch on multiple TVs with additional set-top boxes.

Do I need an internet connection for Fetch TV?

Yes, an internet connection is required to access Fetch TV’s on-demand streaming content and some live TV channels.

Can I watch on-demand content with Fetch TV?

Absolutely! Fetch TV offers a library of on-demand movies and shows that you can access at your convenience.

Are there any additional subscription fees for Fetch TV channels?

While some premium channels may require a subscription, Fetch TV provides a variety of channels as part of its standard package.

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