Complete List of OSN Channels 2023

Complete List of OSN Channels 2023

With OSN, the world of entertainment is yours to explore. Whether you’re enjoying movies, keeping up with the latest news, or immersing yourself in your favorite sports, OSN’s channel lineup ensures there’s always something exciting to watch.

OSN, a leading entertainment provider, continues to captivate audiences with its diverse range of channels in 2023. From compelling shows to gripping sports action, OSN’s channel lineup offers a wealth of options for all interests. Let’s delve into the complete list of OSN channels and explore the captivating content that awaits viewers.

How to Subscribe to OSN

Subscribing to OSN and gaining access to its diverse array of channels and content is a straightforward process. Here’s a step-by-step guide on how to subscribe to OSN:

1. Visit the OSN Official Website:

Start by visiting the official OSN website. This is your hub for all information related to OSN’s channel packages, pricing, and subscription details.

2. Explore Available Packages:

Navigate to the “Subscription” or “Packages” section of the website. Here, you’ll find a list of available channel packages tailored to different interests and preferences. OSN offers various packages, each designed to cater to specific viewing preferences, such as entertainment, sports, movies, and more.

3. Choose Your Package:

Review the details of each package to find the one that best suits your entertainment needs. Take into consideration the types of channels you’re interested in, such as entertainment, sports, news, and lifestyle. OSN provides comprehensive package information, including the list of channels included in each package.

4. Customize Your Subscription:

Depending on the package you choose, you might have the option to further customize your subscription. Some packages allow you to add premium channels, on-demand content, or other special features that align with your preferences.

5. Fill Out Subscription Details:

Once you’ve selected your package and any customization options, proceed to the subscription page. Here, you’ll need to provide your personal and contact details. Make sure to fill out the required information accurately to ensure a smooth subscription process.

6. Choose Subscription Duration:

OSN offers different subscription durations, such as monthly or annually. Select the duration that suits your viewing habits and preferences. Keep in mind that longer-duration subscriptions often come with cost-saving benefits.

7. Payment Method:

Choose your preferred payment method to complete the subscription process. OSN typically accepts various payment options, including credit or debit cards, online payment platforms, and direct debit.

8. Confirm and Enjoy:

Before finalizing your subscription, review all the details you’ve provided to ensure accuracy. Once you’re satisfied, confirm your subscription. You’ll receive a confirmation email or notification with relevant details and instructions on how to set up your OSN service.

9. Set Up Your OSN Service:

Follow the instructions provided in the confirmation email to set up your OSN service. This might involve installing a set-top box or using the OSN streaming app, depending on your chosen subscription.

10. Start Watching:

With your OSN subscription successfully set up, you can start exploring the wide range of channels, shows, movies, and other content offered by OSN. Use the remote control or app interface to navigate through the channels and enjoy your chosen entertainment.

Diverse Categories of Channels Offered

OSN’s channel lineup spans various categories, ensuring that there’s something for everyone in the family. With channels catering to entertainment, sports, news, kids, lifestyle, music, and more, OSN promises a well-rounded viewing experience.

Entertainment Channels

OSN’s entertainment channels serve up an enticing menu of movies, series, and shows. Whether you’re a fan of Hollywood blockbusters, binge-worthy TV series, or the latest releases, these channels deliver captivating content that keeps you engaged.

Sports Channels

For sports aficionados, OSN’s sports channels are a treasure trove of live action, highlights, and expert analysis. From football to cricket, basketball to motorsports, these channels bring the thrill of the game right to your screen.

News Channels

Staying informed is effortless with OSN’s news channels. Stay up to date with global and regional news, politics, and current affairs. Whether it’s breaking news or in-depth reporting, these channels keep you in the know.

Kids Channels

OSN caters to its youngest viewers with dedicated kids channels that offer a mix of education and entertainment. From animated adventures to educational content, these channels provide a safe and engaging viewing experience for children.

Lifestyle Channels

Lifestyle channels on OSN cater to a range of interests and hobbies. Whether you’re a food enthusiast, a travel buff, or a fashion lover, these channels provide a window into diverse aspects of life.

Music Channels

Groove to the rhythm of OSN’s music channels, which cover a spectrum of genres. From classic hits to contemporary tracks, these channels let you immerse yourself in the world of music.

Documentary Channels

OSN’s documentary channels offer thought-provoking and educational content. Dive into topics ranging from history to science, nature to culture, and gain insights into the world around you.

International Channels

Discover the world through OSN’s international channels, which showcase diverse cultures and perspectives. Experience content from different regions, broadening your horizons from the comfort of your home.

HD Channels

Elevate your TV viewing experience with OSN’s high-definition channels. Immerse yourself in stunning visuals and enhanced audio quality, making your favorite shows and movies even more captivating.

On-Demand Channels

OSN’s on-demand channels offer the freedom to watch what you want, when you want. Catch up on missed episodes, explore a library of movies, and enjoy the flexibility of tailored viewing.

Channel Packages and Customization

Personalization is at the heart of OSN’s offerings. Choose from a variety of channel packages or customize your subscription to include channels that align with your preferences. This flexibility ensures that your viewing experience is curated to your liking.

Below is a list of OSN channels and their LCN:

1. Sony Entertainment Television – LCN 32
2. Star Plus – LCN 28
3. Zee TV – LCN 29
4. Colors TV – LCN 30
5. Life OK – LCN 31
6. &TV – LCN 33
7. Sony SAB – LCN 34
8. Sony MAX – LCN 35
9. Star Gold – LCN 36
10. Zee Cinema – LCN 37
11. Movies OK – LCN 38
12. Zee Classic – LCN 39
13. Star Utsav – LCN 40
14. Zee Anmol – LCN 41
15. Rishtey – LCN 42
16. Sony MAX2 – LCN 43
17. Star Utsav Movies – LCN 44
18. Zee Action – LCN 45
19. Zee Talkies – LCN 46
20. Zee Bollywood – LCN 47
21. Star World – LCN 48
22. Star Movies – LCN 49
23. Star Movies Select HD – LCN 50
24. UTV Movies – LCN 51
25. Zee Studio – LCN 52
26. UTV Action – LCN 53
27. Star Gold Select – LCN 54
28. Movies Now – LCN 55
29. Romedy Now – LCN 56
30. Star World Premiere – LCN 57
31. AXN – LCN 58
32. Animax – LCN 59
33. Discovery Channel – LCN 60
34. Animal Planet – LCN 61
35. Discovery Science – LCN 62
36. Discovery Turbo – LCN 63
37. TLC – LCN 64
38. Nat Geo Wild – LCN 65
39. National Geographic Channel – LCN 66
40. Fox Life – LCN 67
41. History TV18 – LCN 68
42. Star Jalsha – LCN 69
43. Zee Bangla – LCN 70
44. Jalsha Movies – LCN 71
45. Star Pravah – LCN 72
46. Zee Marathi – LCN 73
47. Zee Talkies Marathi – LCN 74
48. Star Suvarna – LCN 75
49. Udaya TV – LCN 76
50. Udaya Movies – LCN 77
51. Udaya Music – LCN 78
52. Zee Kannada – LCN 79
53. Zee Sarthak – LCN 80
54. Udaya Comedy – LCN 81
55. Udaya News – LCN 82
56. Suvarna Plus – LCN 83
57. Suvarna News – LCN 84
58. Asianet – LCN 85
59. Asianet Plus – LCN 86
60. Surya TV – LCN 87
61. Kiran TV – LCN 88
62. Mazhavil Manorama – LCN 89
63. Asianet Movies – LCN 90
64. Kairali TV – LCN 91
65. We TV – LCN 92
66. Amrita TV – LCN 93
67. DD National – LCN 94
68. DD Bharati – LCN 95
69. DD Urdu – LCN 96
70. DD India – LCN 97
71. DD News – LCN 98
72. DD Sports – LCN 99
73. DD Kisan – LCN 100
74. DD Retro – LCN 101
75. DD Podhigai – LCN 102
76. DD Yadagiri – LCN 103
77. DD Chandana – LCN 104
78. DD Sahyadri – LCN 105
79. Star Vijay – LCN 106
80. Sun TV – LCN 107
81. Adithya TV – LCN 108
82. Kalaignar TV – LCN 109
83. Polimer TV – LCN 110
84. Puthuyugam TV – LCN 111
85. Chutti TV – LCN 112
86. Jaya TV – LCN 113
87. Jaya Max – LCN 114
88. Vasanth TV – LCN 115
89. Sun Music – LCN 116
90. Isai Aruvi – LCN 117
91. Sirippoli – LCN 118
92. Raj TV – LCN 119
93. Mega TV – LCN 120
94. Sun News – LCN 121
95. Vasanth News – LCN 122
96. Star Sports 1 – LCN 123
97. Star Sports 2 – LCN 124
98. Star Sports 3 – LCN 125
99. Star Sports HD1 – LCN 126
100. Star Sports HD2 – LCN 127
101. Neo Sports – LCN 128
102. Neo Prime – LCN 129
103. Ten Sports – LCN 130
104. DD Sports – LCN 131
105. DD National – LCN 132
106. DD Bharati – LCN 133
107. ESPN – LCN 134
108. Star Vijay Super – LCN 135
109. Colors Kannada – LCN 136
110. Udaya Movies HD – LCN 137
111. Star Sports 1 HD – LCN 138
112. Star Sports 2 HD – LCN 139
113. Star Sports Select HD1 – LCN 140
114. Star Sports Select HD2 – LCN 141
115. Sony Ten 1 – LCN 142
116. Sony Ten 2 – LCN 143
117. Sony Ten 3 – LCN 144
118. Sony Pix – LCN 145
119. AXN HD – LCN 146
120. Discovery HD – LCN 147
121. Discovery Science HD – LCN 148
122. Animal Planet HD – LCN 149
123. National Geographic HD – LCN 150
124. Fox Life HD – LCN 151
125. TLC HD – LCN 152
126. History TV18 HD – LCN 153
127. Sony BBC Earth HD – LCN 154
128. Zee Cafe HD – LCN 155
129. &Pictures HD – LCN 156
130. Star Movies HD – LCN 157
131. Movies Now HD – LCN 158
132. Star World HD – LCN 159
133. Zee TV HD – LCN 160
134. &TV HD – LCN 161
135. Sony Entertainment Television HD – LCN 162
136. Colors HD – LCN 163
137. Rishtey Cineplex HD – LCN 164
138. Star Gold HD – LCN 165
139. Zee Cinema HD – LCN 166
140. Zee Anmol Cinema – LCN 167
141. Sony MAX HD – LCN 168
142. Star Bharat HD – LCN 169
143. Star Utsav Movies HD – LCN 170
144. Zee Action HD – LCN 171
145. Zee Talkies HD – LCN 172
146. Star Plus HD – LCN 173
147. Star Jalsha HD – LCN 174
148. Zee Bangla HD – LCN 175
149. Sony SAB HD – LCN 176
150. Zee Marathi HD – LCN 177

Technological Advancements and Interactive Features

OSN continues to innovate with technological advancements that enhance your TV experience. Interactive features, user-friendly interfaces, and seamless integration with online content redefine how you engage with television.

How to Subscribe to OSN

Subscribing to OSN is a straightforward process. Visit the official OSN website or contact their customer service to explore available packages. Select the package that suits your preferences and follow the instructions to subscribe. You can also opt for additional channel add-ons to further personalize your subscription.


OSN’s comprehensive channel lineup for 2023 reflects its commitment to offering a diverse and engaging television experience. Whether you’re seeking entertainment, staying updated, exploring new interests, or cheering for your favorite sports team, OSN’s channels cater to every facet of your entertainment needs.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Can I customize my OSN channel package?

Yes, OSN offers customizable channel packages that allow you to choose channels based on your interests.

Are there channels suitable for children?

Absolutely, OSN provides dedicated kids channels with age-appropriate content for young viewers.

How do I access on-demand content on OSN?

OSN’s on-demand channels can be accessed through your set-top box or the OSN streaming app, providing a convenient way to watch content at your own pace.

Can I upgrade or downgrade my OSN subscription?

Yes, OSN allows you to modify your subscription package based on your preferences. You can contact their customer service for assistance.

What interactive features are available on OSN?

OSN offers interactive features such as program guides, parental controls, and content recommendations to enhance your TV viewing experience.

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