Complete List of Digital UK Ireland DTT Channels 2023

Complete List of Digital UK Ireland DTT Channels 2023

Digital UK Ireland DTT stands as a cornerstone of digital television, offering a wide array of channels and content to viewers across Ireland. In this comprehensive guide, we’ll delve into the complete list of Digital UK Ireland DTT channels for 2023, shedding light on the extensive range of entertainment, information, and education available to Irish audiences.

Understanding Digital UK Ireland DTT

Digital UK Ireland DTT plays a pivotal role in delivering free-to-air television to households across Ireland. As the media landscape undergoes transformative changes with the rise of streaming services and subscription-based platforms, Digital UK Ireland DTT continues to provide an accessible and cost-effective option for viewers who seek high-quality programming without the financial commitment.

Entertainment Channels

Entertainment takes center stage on Digital UK Ireland DTT, encompassing a diverse selection of channels designed to captivate and engage viewers. Whether you’re a fan of cinematic blockbusters, binge-worthy TV series, or the intrigue of reality television, Digital UK Ireland DTT caters to a wide spectrum of preferences. From heartwarming comedies to exhilarating action, the entertainment options are as varied as the individuals tuning in.

News and Current Affairs Channels

Staying well-informed is essential in today’s fast-paced world, and Digital UK Ireland DTT recognizes this by offering a selection of news and current affairs channels. These channels provide viewers with up-to-the-minute updates on local, national, and global events, ensuring that they remain well-versed in the latest developments that shape the world around them.

Sports Channels

Sports have an unparalleled ability to unite communities and ignite passions. Digital UK Ireland DTT caters to sports enthusiasts by offering a range of channels that cover a wide array of sporting events and activities. Whether you’re a soccer aficionado, a rugby devotee, or a follower of niche sports, the sports channels on Digital UK Ireland DTT ensure that you never miss a thrilling moment.

Children’s Channels

Digital UK Ireland DTT goes the extra mile to provide families and caregivers with a safe haven of content tailored to young viewers. Children’s channels offer a blend of educational and entertaining programs that stimulate imagination and promote learning. Parents can rest assured that their children are engaged with content that is not only entertaining but also enriching.

Documentary and Educational Channels

Learning is a lifelong journey, and Digital UK Ireland DTT recognizes the value of informative programming. Documentary and educational channels offer viewers a glimpse into a variety of subjects, from history and science to nature and technology. These channels provide an avenue for viewers to explore new topics and gain valuable insights without leaving the comfort of their living rooms.

Lifestyle and Reality Channels

From culinary escapades to real-life sagas, lifestyle and reality channels on Digital UK Ireland DTT cater to a wide range of interests. Reality shows offer a voyeuristic peek into the lives of others, while lifestyle programs offer practical tips and inspiration for enhancing various facets of life.

Music and Radio Channels

Music serves as a universal language that resonates with individuals across cultures and backgrounds. Digital UK Ireland DTT brings the magic of music to viewers with a selection of music and radio channels. Whether you sway to classic hits, groove to contemporary tunes, or unwind with soothing melodies, the music channels on Digital UK Ireland DTT have a melody for every mood.

Special Interest Channels

Digital UK Ireland DTT goes beyond mainstream content by offering special interest channels that cater to niche hobbies and passions. Whether you’re fascinated by science, captivated by history, or intrigued by travel, these channels provide in-depth explorations and captivating insights for enthusiasts.

HD and Standard Definition Channels

Digital UK Ireland DTT caters to viewer preferences by offering both high-definition (HD) and standard-definition (SD) channels. HD channels deliver crystal-clear visuals and enhanced clarity, while SD channels provide a clear and enjoyable viewing experience that prioritizes content over resolution.

Interactive Features and Accessibility

Digital UK Ireland DTT embraces modern technology by incorporating interactive features that enhance the viewing experience. From on-screen guides to interactive applications, these features make content discovery and navigation intuitive and engaging. Additionally, Digital UK Ireland DTT ensures accessibility by making its channels available on a range of devices, including smart TVs, laptops, tablets, and smartphones.

Local and Regional Channels

Recognizing the importance of local content and community representation, Digital UK Ireland DTT offers a platform for local and regional channels. These channels showcase stories, events, and perspectives that resonate with specific communities in Ireland, fostering a sense of connection and belonging among viewers.

Device Compatibility

In an era defined by technological diversity, Digital UK Ireland DTT ensures seamless access across various devices. Whether you prefer watching on a large-screen TV, a portable tablet, or a smartphone, you can enjoy the content offered by Digital UK Ireland DTT without any limitations.

Digital UK Ireland DTT Channels

1. BBC One
2. BBC Two
3. ITV
4. Channel 4
5. Channel 5
6. BBC Four
7. BBC News
8. ITV2
9. ITV3
10. ITV4
11. E4
12. More4
13. Film4
14. 5Star
15. 5USA
16. BBC Alba
17. S4C
18. ITVBe
19. BBC One Scotland
20. BBC Two Scotland
21. BBC Scotland
22. STV
23. UTV
24. Sky One
25. Sky Witness
26. Sky Atlantic
27. Sky Comedy
28. Sky Crime
29. Sky Arts
30. Sky Cinema
31. Sky Sports Main Event
32. Sky Sports Premier League
33. Sky Sports Football
34. Sky Sports Cricket
35. Sky Sports Golf
36. Sky Sports Racing
37. Sky Sports F1
38. Sky Sports Action
39. Sky Sports Arena
40. Sky Sports News
41. Sky News
42. BBC Parliament
43. RTÉ One
44. RTÉ Two
45. RTÉjr
46. RTÉ One+1
47. RTÉ News Now
48. TG4
49. RTÉ Player
50. Virgin Media One
51. Virgin Media Two
52. Virgin Media Three
53. Virgin Media Sport
54. BBC Radio 1
55. BBC Radio 2
56. BBC Radio 3
57. BBC Radio 4
58. BBC Radio 5 live
59. BBC Radio 5 live sports extra
60. BBC 6 Music
61. BBC Radio 4 Extra
62. BBC Asian Network
63. Absolute Radio
64. TalkSPORT
65. Classic FM
66. Virgin Radio
67. Smooth Radio
68. Kiss
69. Magic
70. LBC
71. Talksport 2
72. BBC World Service
73. CNBC
74. Bloomberg TV
75. RT
76. France 24
77. Sky News Arabia
78. Arirang TV
79. BBC Four HD
80. BBC News HD
81. BBC Scotland HD
82. BBC One HD
83. BBC Two HD
84. BBC Alba HD
85. ITV HD
86. ITV2 HD
87. ITV3 HD
88. ITV4 HD
89. Channel 4 HD
90. Channel 5 HD
91. 5Star HD
92. 5USA HD
93. Sky One HD
94. Sky Witness HD
95. Sky Atlantic HD
96. Sky Comedy HD
97. Sky Cinema HD
98. Sky Sports Main Event HD
99. Sky Sports Premier League HD
100. Sky Sports Football HD
101. Sky Sports Cricket HD
102. Sky Sports Golf HD
103. Sky Sports Racing HD
104. Sky Sports F1 HD
105. Sky Sports Action HD
106. Sky Sports Arena HD
107. Sky Sports News HD
108. BBC Parliament HD
109. RTÉ One HD
110. RTÉ Two HD
111. TG4 HD
112. UTV HD
113. STV HD
114. QVC
115. QVC Beauty
116. QVC Style
117. QVC Extra
118. Quest
119. Quest Red
120. Pick
121. Yesterday
122. Really
123. Home
124. Food Network
125. Good Food
126. Discovery
127. TLC
128. Animal Planet
129. Discovery Turbo
130. Discovery Science
131. Eden
132. Investigation Discovery
133. Discovery Shed
134. Discovery History
135. BBC Earth
136. National Geographic
137. Nat Geo Wild
138. Nat Geo People
139. History
140. H2
141. Smithsonian Channel
142. Lifetime
143. Sony Channel
144. Comedy Central
145. Comedy Central Extra
146. MTV
147. MTV Music
148. MTV Base
149. MTV Rocks
150. VH1
151. 4Music
152. Box Hits
153. Chart Show TV
154. Chart Show Hits
155. Kerrang!
156. Kiss Fresh
157. Magic
158. MTV Classic
159. Spike
160. True Crime
161. VIVA
162. Baby TV
163. Pop
164. Tiny Pop
165. Kix
166. POP MAX
167. Cartoon Network
168. Boomerang
169. Cartoonito
170. Nickelodeon
171. Nick Jr
172. Nick Jr Too
173. Nick Toons
174. Nick Replay
175. Disney Channel
176. Disney Junior
177. Disney XD
178. CBBC
179. CBeebies
180. BBC Alba
181. BBC Two Wales
182. BBC One Wales
183. BBC Two Northern Ireland
184. BBC Four Northern Ireland
185. BBC One Northern Ireland
186. ITV Wales
187. S4C Clirlun
188. S4C Digidol
189. S4C2
190. ITVBe+1
191. 4Seven
192. 4Seven+1
193. CBS Reality
194. CBS Drama
195. CBS Justice
196. Zone Horror
197. Horror Channel
198. Sony Movies
199. Sony Movies Classic
200. Sony Movies Action
201. True Entertainment
202. True Movies
203. True Movies 2
204. Movies4Men
205. Movies4Men2
206. Talking Pictures TV
207. Pop Max +1
208. Sony Channel +1
209. Sony Movies +1
210. Spike +1
211. True Crime +1
212. Movies4Men +1
213. Movies4Men2 +1
214. Sony Movies Action +1
215. True Entertainment +1
216. True Movies +1
217. True Movies 2 +1
218. Chart Show TV+1
219. Chart Show Hits +1
220. Kerrang! +1
221. Kiss Fresh +1
222. Magic +1
223. MTV Classic +1
224. VH1 +1
225. 4Music +1
226. Box Hits +1
227. MTV Music +1
228. MTV Base +1
229. MTV Rocks +1
230. VIVA +1
231. Tiny Pop +1
232. Kix +1
233. Pop +1
234. Cartoon Network +1
235. Nickelodeon +1
236. Nick Jr Too +1
237. Nick Toons +1
238. Nick Replay +1
239. Disney Channel +1
240. Disney Junior +1
241. Disney XD +1
242. CBeebies +1
243. CBBC +1
244. BBC Alba +1
245. BBC Two Wales HD
246. BBC One Wales HD
247. BBC Two Northern Ireland HD
248. BBC Four Northern Ireland HD
249. BBC One Northern Ireland HD
250. ITV Wales HD


As the digital television landscape continues to evolve, Digital UK Ireland DTT remains a steadfast source of diverse and accessible content for Irish viewers. From entertainment and news to education and lifestyle, the channels provided by Digital UK Ireland DTT mirror the breadth of human interests and passions. Whether you’re a sports enthusiast, a history buff, or simply seeking quality entertainment, Digital UK Ireland DTT has a channel that speaks to you. Delve into the world of Digital UK Ireland DTT channels and embark on a journey of exploration, engagement, and enjoyment.

Digital UK Ireland DTT FAQs

Is Digital UK Ireland DTT available throughout Ireland?

Yes, Digital UK Ireland DTT provides coverage across various regions of Ireland, offering free-to-air television to households in the country.

Do I need a subscription to access Digital UK Ireland DTT channels?

No, Digital UK Ireland DTT channels are free-to-air and do not require a subscription. You’ll need a compatible TV or a set-top box with digital terrestrial television capabilities to receive the channels.

Can I watch on-demand content through Digital UK Ireland DTT?

While Digital UK Ireland DTT primarily focuses on live television channels, some set-top boxes and smart TVs with internet connectivity may offer limited access to on-demand content through compatible apps and platforms.

Are there interactive features available on Digital UK Ireland DTT?

Yes, many digital TV platforms, including Digital UK Ireland DTT, incorporate interactive features such as electronic program guides (EPGs) and interactive applications to enhance the viewing experience.

Can I receive Digital UK Ireland DTT channels on my existing TV?

To access Digital UK Ireland DTT channels, you may need a compatible TV or a set-top box with digital terrestrial television capabilities. Ensure your equipment is capable of receiving DTT signals for uninterrupted access to the channels.

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