Complete List of NOW TV Channels 2023

Complete List of NOW TV Channels 2023

NOW TV has emerged as a versatile streaming platform that promises a diverse array of content to satiate the appetites of modern viewers. In this comprehensive article, we’ll delve into the complete list of NOW TV channels in 2023, uncovering the treasure trove of options that await eager eyes and curious minds.

Understanding NOW TV

NOW TV stands as a pioneering name in the realm of streaming services, offering an innovative solution for those who seek flexibility in their entertainment choices. Unlike traditional cable subscriptions, NOW TV empowers users to select their preferred channels and content, eliminating the need for hefty bundled packages. It’s a streaming service that understands the evolving needs of viewers, providing them with a buffet of options tailored to their tastes.

Entertainment Channels

Entertainment lies at the heart of streaming, and NOW TV has curated an impressive lineup of channels to cater to the cravings of every entertainment enthusiast. Movie aficionados can revel in a plethora of cinematic experiences, from the latest blockbusters to timeless classics. Television enthusiasts are treated to an array of TV shows spanning various genres, ensuring that drama, comedy, and fantasy are just a click away. For those drawn to the intrigue of reality TV, NOW TV offers channels that provide glimpses into the lives of real people, as well as captivating competition-based programs.

Sports Channels

Sports hold a special place in the hearts of many, and NOW TV acknowledges this by offering a range of sports channels that bring the thrill of the stadium to the screens of viewers. Whether it’s football, cricket, tennis, or motorsports, sports aficionados can follow their favorite teams and athletes, experiencing victories and defeats as if they were right there on the field.

News and Information Channels

In an era where staying informed is paramount, NOW TV steps up to the plate by providing news and information channels that deliver real-time updates on global and local events. Whether you’re interested in politics, current affairs, or the latest breakthroughs in science and technology, NOW TV keeps you connected to the world.

Kids’ Channels

Families can delight in the availability of kid-friendly content on NOW TV, designed to captivate young minds and provide a safe viewing environment. These channels offer a blend of educational shows, animated series, and fun-filled adventures that keep children engaged while offering parents peace of mind.

Documentary and Educational Channels

Learning is a lifelong pursuit, and NOW TV recognizes this by offering a range of documentary and educational channels that cater to curious minds of all ages. Dive into captivating documentaries that explore the wonders of the natural world, unravel historical mysteries, or offer insights into cutting-edge scientific discoveries.

Lifestyle and Reality Channels

NOW TV caters to the diverse tastes of viewers with an assortment of lifestyle and reality channels. Whether you’re a fashion enthusiast, a culinary explorer, or simply intrigued by the lives of others, these channels offer a glimpse into different walks of life, ensuring there’s something for everyone.

Music Channels

Music has the power to stir emotions and set the tone for any moment. NOW TV recognizes this universal appeal and offers music channels that span genres and eras, delivering the melodies that resonate with your soul.

International Channels

The world is a tapestry of cultures and languages, and NOW TV weaves this diversity into its offerings. International channels cater to various linguistic and cultural backgrounds, bridging geographical boundaries and bringing global content right to your screen.

Special Interest Channels

Unconventional passions find a home on NOW TV through special interest channels. Whether you’re fascinated by nature, technology, or niche hobbies, these channels offer a deep dive into subjects that ignite your curiosity.

HD and 4K Channels

The visual experience is elevated with high-definition (HD) and 4K technology, and NOW TV ensures that viewers get the most out of their screens. Enjoy breathtaking visuals, vibrant colors, and stunning clarity with the selection of HD and 4K channels available.

Interactive Features and On-Demand Services

NOW TV goes beyond passive viewing by incorporating interactive features and on-demand services. Engage with your favorite shows and immerse yourself in content that responds to your preferences, making your viewing experience even more dynamic.

Now TV Channels List

Below is a list of Now TV Channels you can explore:

1. Sky One – LCN 11
2. Sky Witness – LCN 13
3. Sky Atlantic – LCN 108
4. Sky Comedy – LCN 135
5. Sky Crime – LCN 136
6. Sky Arts – LCN 140
7. Sky Sports Main Event – LCN 401
8. Sky Sports Premier League – LCN 402
9. Sky Sports Football – LCN 403
10. Sky Sports Cricket – LCN 404
11. Sky Sports Golf – LCN 405
12. Sky Sports F1 – LCN 406
13. Sky Sports Action – LCN 407
14. Sky Sports Arena – LCN 408
15. Sky Sports News – LCN 409
16. Sky Sports Mix – LCN 410
17. Sky Documentaries – LCN 442
18. Sky Nature – LCN 443
19. Sky History – LCN 444
20. Sky H2 – LCN 445
21. SkySp Mix – LCN 446
22. SkySp Racing – LCN 447
23. SkySp Arena – LCN 448
24. SkySp News – LCN 449
25. SkySp F1 – LCN 450
26. SkySp Action – LCN 451
27. SkySp Golf – LCN 452
28. Comedy Central – LCN 503
29. Comedy Central Extra – LCN 504
30. MTV – LCN 505
31. MTV Music – LCN 506
32. MTV Base – LCN 507
33. MTV Rocks – LCN 508
34. VH1 – LCN 509
35. Nickelodeon – LCN 510
36. Nick Jr. – LCN 511
37. NickToons – LCN 512
38. Cartoon Network – LCN 513
39. Boomerang – LCN 514
40. Cartoonito – LCN 515
41. Discovery Channel – LCN 516
42. Investigation Discovery – LCN 517
43. TLC – LCN 518
44. Animal Planet – LCN 519
45. History – LCN 520
46. Home – LCN 521
47. Food Network – LCN 522
48. HGTV – LCN 523
49. Dave – LCN 524
50. Gold – LCN 525
51. W – LCN 526
52. Yesterday – LCN 527
53. Really – LCN 528
54. Drama – LCN 529
55. BBC One – LCN 601
56. BBC Two – LCN 602
57. BBC Four – LCN 603
58. BBC News – LCN 604
59. CBBC – LCN 605
60. CBeebies – LCN 606
61. BBC Scotland – LCN 607
62. BBC Alba – LCN 608
63. BBC Parliament – LCN 609
64. ITV – LCN 701
65. ITV2 – LCN 702
66. ITV3 – LCN 703
67. ITV4 – LCN 704
68. ITVBe – LCN 705
69. STV – LCN 706
70. Channel 4 – LCN 801
71. Channel 5 – LCN 811
72. 5USA – LCN 812
73. 5STAR – LCN 813
74. 5Spike – LCN 814
75. Paramount Network – LCN 818
76. CBS Reality – LCN 819
77. Blaze – LCN 820
78. BBC One Wales – LCN 821
79. BBC One Northern Ireland – LCN 822
80. BBC One Scotland – LCN 823
81. BBC One Yorkshire – LCN 824
82. BBC One London – LCN 825
83. BBC One Oxford – LCN 826
84. BBC One Cambridge – LCN 827
85. BBC One Channel Islands – LCN 828
86. BBC One East – LCN 829
87. BBC One West – LCN 830
88. BBC One South – LCN 831
89. BBC One North East – LCN 832
90. BBC One East Midlands – LCN 833
91. BBC One West Midlands – LCN 834
92. BBC One East Yorkshire – LCN 835
93. BBC One South East – LCN 836
94. BBC One South West – LCN 837
95. BBC One North West – LCN 838
96. BBC One HD – LCN 839
97. ITV +1 – LCN 901
98. ITV2 +1 – LCN 902
99. ITV3 +1 – LCN 903
100. ITV4 +1 – LCN 904
101. ITVBe +1 – LCN 905
102. 4seven – LCN 906
103. E4 – LCN 907
104. More 4 – LCN 908
105. 4Music – LCN 909

Compatibility and Accessibility

NOW TV understands that entertainment should be accessible on your terms. Whether you prefer watching on your TV, laptop, tablet, or smartphone, NOW TV is designed to be compatible with a wide range of devices, ensuring that you can enjoy your favorite content wherever and whenever you want.


In the age of boundless entertainment choices, NOW TV stands as a beacon of personalized streaming, offering an array of channels that cater to every taste and preference. From the thrill of sports and the allure of entertainment to the pursuit of knowledge and cultural exploration, NOW TV brings a world of content to your fingertips. As you embark on your journey of exploration, remember that NOW TV isn’t just a streaming service – it’s a gateway to a universe of stories, experiences, and discoveries.


Do I need a satellite dish to access NOW TV channels?

No, NOW TV operates through an internet connection, so a satellite dish isn’t required.

Can I choose specific channels on NOW TV, or are there pre-defined packages?

NOW TV offers the flexibility to choose specific channels or content passes, allowing you to customize your entertainment.

Are there family-friendly settings to control what my children can access on NOW TV?

Yes, NOW TV offers parental control features that help you manage what your children can watch.

Can I access NOW TV on multiple devices simultaneously?

Depending on your subscription and content pass, you can stream NOW TV on multiple devices simultaneously.

Are there any exclusive shows or content available on NOW TV?

  1. Yes, NOW TV often features exclusive shows and content that can’t be found on other streaming platforms.

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