How to Cancel ipsy subscription

How to Cancel ipsy subscription

Michelle Phan, a YouTube beauty influencer, established Ipsy, one of the largest beauty premium service and discovery platforms. After her makeup lesson videos gained millions of views around the world, she started the company.  The company was founded in 2011 on the beta site, and in 2012 it launched its patented technology webpage.

Its main product offering, which is very popular on the paid membership-based trend around the world, is the “Glam Bag,” which contains individualized beauty products, but this is not all the company has to offer.

Ipsy is also expanding as a large content platform, with various instructional videos on makeup choice, implementation, and review created by various clients for those looking for cosmetic tips and tricks 

Ipsy has developed to become a global community with over 25 million members from all over the world. In addition, the platform has over 160 million product reviews and over 500 million monthly content reviews. 

How to Cancel ipsy subscription
How to Cancel ipsy subscription

How Does Ipsy Work?

Ipsy is a Glam Bag membership service that provides three different membership options.

Every member will be granted a Glam Bag for a membership fee of about $12 per month or $132 per year.

This is a collectible makeup bag that includes up to four deluxe-sized beauty products as well as free delivery.

The bags are also designed to help users attain a full glam look, with at least one merchandise for the skin, eyes, and lips included.

With the Glam Bag Premium membership, you will receive approximately five full-sized products for a monthly fee of $25. The Glam Bag membership, on the other hand, costs $50 per month and includes up to 12 beauty items.

All of the merchandise that is sent to customers are generally the result of a survey.

Users typically complete the questionnaire during the setup process.

They also take a quiz to ascertain each customer’s eye color, skin color, hair color, favorite brands, and item preferences.

A few questionnaires are designed as well to gather information about each customer’s previous cosmetic perception, looks they have tried on, and products they are interested in. 

Michelle Phan also tries to cater to customers who would like to use brands that they normally cannot afford or have never tried before.

She also collaborates with a few other fashionistas to release routine make video tutorials alongside each glam bag, which are designed to provide each customer with a seamless experience.

Customers will also be able to watch these instructional videos, which can be found on Michelle Phan’s Channel on youtube as well as on the channels of each stylist.

Most importantly, the stylists use the products in glam bags to show consumers how to create looks. 

Ipsy Subscription Termination

Follow the steps below to cancel your Ipsy account.

  • Begin by logging into your Ipsy account and selecting Account, then Edit Account Settings.
  • Select Subscription.
  • Choose Manage Subscription, then “Assist me in canceling my subscription.” 
  • You will see a pop-up asking if you want to skip a month instead. If you are not interested in this offer, select Continue to Termination.
  • Following that, you will be asked to provide a reason for your termination for them to improve their service in the future.
  • When you do this, you will receive an email with a link to finish your termination. 
  • As long as you’re logged into your Ipsy account, click the link to confirm your cancellation, and you’re done!

When you don’t want the next month’s Glam Bag, please confirm your termination via email by noon PT on the last day of the month.

If you deactivate after that, your subscription will expire later that month. 

Canceling an IPSY Subscription Using an Android Phone

Do you want to deactivate an IPSY membership fee from your Android phone?

You can pause your IPSY membership by following the steps below.

  • First and foremost, go to Google Play.
  • To access “membership,” go to the menu and select “Edit account settings.”
  • Then click the Memberships option.
  • Select the “IPSY Glam Bag subscription” option if you want to deactivate your IPSY subscription.
  • Now, select Cancel Membership.

To successfully deactivate your account, follow the message displayed on the prompt. 

How to Cancel an IPSY Membership on a Mac

Do you want to cancel your IPSY subscription on a Mac?

You want to deactivate your IPSY membership on your Mac for any reason. If you want to deactivate or pause your IPSY membership, follow the steps below. 

Navigate to the App Store on your Mac and launch it.

  • Select your name.
  • Select “View Information” from the menu.
  • Subscriptions will be displayed.
  • Select the Manage option.
  • Select the Edit option. 

How to Cancel an IPSY Membership Via Email

Contact IPSY support at [email protected].

You will need your username or email address associated with your account, your membership package that you want to terminate, or your justification for doing so.

Submit your termination email now. 

What Kinds of Packages Does IPSY Offer?

With IPSY Glam Bag, you will receive five mini samples worth more than $50 for $13 per month.

The IPSY Glam Bag Plus subscription is $28 per month and includes five full-size products worth over $120.

Another premium service offered by IPSY costs $28 per month.

The IPSY Glam Bag X option costs $55 every three months and includes seven or eight full-size products, making it a purse worth more than $350. 

Is It Difficult to Cancel IPSY?

Ipsy is a fantastic service, but it can be difficult to cancel your subscription.

The Truebill app, which automatically finds and cancels all of your unwanted subscriptions, is the simplest way to cancel your subscription.

If you are having difficulty canceling an IPSY subscription, please contact IPSY customer service.

Is it possible to cancel IPSY services at any time?

Yes, but you must cancel IPSY services within the last few days of the month before the next payment.

If you decide that you no longer want to be a part of Ipsy, you have a few options.

To begin, make sure to cancel your subscription via the website.

Following this, you will be refunded for any unused funds in your account.  

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