How to Cancel National Trust Membership

How to Cancel National Trust Membership

The National Trust is a charity headquartered in the United Kingdom that is committed to the development of many heritage places and a diverse range of beautiful natural environments, including Nature Reserves, estates and gardens, beaches, coastlines, forests, and woodlands.

National Trust memberships allow this magnificent organization to assist in care for the historic places that define the UK and make it such a wonderful place to visit for day trips, weekend getaways, and longer vacations.

How to Cancel National Trust Membership
How to Cancel National Trust Membership

Benefits of National Trust Subscription and What You’ll Get

To be a member of the National Trust has various advantages, such as the perks that come with every ordinary membership, such as the following:

  • Hundreds of National Trust locations across the country provide free admission.
  • Your own National Trust membership card, which grants you free access to NT locations. (You may also be required to produce this card at popular National Trust parking lots.)
  • There is free parking at those locations, as well as a variety of National Trust-run seaside and countryside car parks. (This has allowed us to park for free near areas like Croyde Bay in Devon, where all-day parking near the beach costs upwards of £5.)
  • A customized automobile sticker showing that you have parking permits. (The color of this sticker adjusts every year to allow the National Trust to keep track of who has extended or not extended their subscription.) Since this sticker is being phased out, you may need to scan your subscription card at the toll booth in the future to enjoy free parking.
  • A useful subscriber’s guidebook packed with useful information, maps, and images to help you plan your next day’s trip.
  • An entertaining magazine that comes out a few times a year and has informative stories and interviews and engaging puzzles and quizzes.
  • A handy special events brochure that comes with your publication and lists calendar events in your neighborhood and adjacent areas. (This is how we learned about a couple of outdoor theatrical productions put on by The Lord Chamberlain’s Men at Dyrham Park, which were excellent summer evenings out!) You’ll typically have to pay extra for events like this, but as a member, you’ll often be the first to learn about them!).
  • Annual General Meetings (AGMs) of the National Trust, where different issues are discussed each year. You will speak up as a member. Although we’ve never taken use of this benefit ourselves, we know many people who do.
  • Free admission to connected locations in other countries. One fact that fewer members are aware of is that they affiliated the National Trust with several similar organizations in other nations! As a National Trust member, you’ll get access to free admission to a variety of locations across the world, making your next trip even more memorable.

How to Cancel Via a Phone Call

Follow these procedures if you want to cancel your subscription over the phone:

  • Make sure you have all the essential knowledge in front of you, including your reference number and any other membership-related data.
  • It can reach the National Trust Subscription team at 0344 800 1895.
  • Please contact a member of the subscription care staff to end your subscription. Give them whatever pertinent information they request.
  • Depending on the type of subscription you have, you may be eligible for compensation. If this is the case, the refund will be paid to the account from which the payment was taken.

How to Cancel a Subscription by Mailing a Letter to the National Trust

If you choose to terminate your subscription by letter, write your subscription credentials and some private details such as your name, birthday, and address. Next, you indicate that you intend to terminate your subscription and provide any justifications. You can mail your letter to the National Trust at the following address:

The National Trust, Manvers, Rotherham, S63 3FH, PO Box 574.

How to Terminate a National Trust Email Subscription

To terminate your subscription through email, include your full name, member number, and address, as well as any other personal information associated with your account, and state that you intend to cancel. If you like, you may mention any reasons for canceling your subscription. You should send your email to [email protected].

Is It Worth It To Join The National Trust?

To answer this question, I will resound an affirmative! Subscriptions to the National Trust are unquestionably worthwhile.

There are so many free locations to explore across the country, and when you add in free vehicle parking and free access to many spots around the world, there’s a lot to appreciate about being a National Trust member.

You’ll also be supporting a great organization that helps to maintain the UK’s most famous landmarks operational for many more years.

Plus, if you’re anything like us and enjoy nature and getting outside, as well as history, the National Trust is a tailormade for you.

If you want to join the National Trust, you should

  • You wish to see more of the United Kingdom. A National Trust subscription is a terrific way to go out and about and see more of this amazing nation we live in. You’ll find all kinds of places you never knew existed if you look through your National Trust magazine, handbook, or read blogs like this one. It might shock you to learn how close some of them are to where you live.
  • You’re a history buff. The National Trust is nearly tailor-made for history buffs. The National Trust watches after a variety of castles, mansions, manor homes, and museums, so you can simply brush up on your history while having fun.
  • You enjoy going to the beach. The National Trust also looks after many coastlines and even beaches across the United Kingdom. If you’re planning a day at the beach, why not take advantage of your National Trust subscription and get free parking?
  • You enjoy being in nature and strolling around beautiful gardens. Your National Trust subscription will provide you with the perfect excuse to get outside! There are gorgeous landscape gardens, estates, woodlands, and coasts among the incredible National Trust properties you may visit, all begging for you to stroll about!
  • You enjoy one-of-a-kind experiences. You’ll discover a variety of activities to take part in during a day out to a National Trust location, from learning how to create Victorian Christmas crackers to trying archery. And as a subscriber, you’ll be able to enjoy the most of this for free because it’s included in entry prices!

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