How to Cancel Six Flags Membership

How to Cancel Six Flags Membership

Six Flags subscription programs provide adequate benefits, incredible values, and unique events, six Flags’ services appear impoverished, even though it prides itself on being a theme park offering a one-of-a-kind adventure. Many of its guests complain about its services, such as longer wait times, unwelcoming security staff, and being pushed out without cause.

These appear to be sufficient reasons for users wishing to cancel their Six Flags membership, which includes season passes and other features or benefits.  So, if you’re looking for information on Six Flags Great America subscription termination, look no further than this page. In this blog entry, we will show you how to deactivate a Six Flags subscription and answer the question, “Can I deactivate my Six Flags subscription?” with ease. 

How to Cancel Six Flags Membership
How to Cancel Six Flags Membership

How do I terminate my subscription at Six Flags?

Plenty of you may be wondering, “Can you deactivate your Six Flags subscription at any time?” The answer is, “No.” You should be aware that suspending a Six Flags subscription is not as simple as walking through the park.

If you decide to terminate your Six Flags Magic Mountain subscription on your own, you must pay for the first year, or the first twelve (12) months of the subscription, before you can deactivate your Six Flags America subscription, in addition, you must pay a cancellation fee of $10.00 per membership under your Six Flags account to terminate your Six Flags membership. 

How Do I Terminate My Six Flags Subscription?

Before you go to Six Flags how to terminate your premium subscription, you must comply with the following requirements:

  • You have to be the account owner at Six Flags. He or she must have been a Six Flags member for at least a year (12 months)
  • All transactions must be up to date.
  • If you have been a subscriber for more than a year, you must submit a termination request no later than two weeks from the date of the final payment, or no later than 60 days before your original purchase.
  • Also, keep the verification of bank details handy to complete the Six Flags subscription cancellation process. 

How to Cancel a Six Flags Membership on an iPhone or iPad.

  • To begin, launch the Settings app and tap on your name.
  • Then, select the “Subscriptions” option.
  • (Please keep in mind that you may not see this tab right away.)
  • In this case, select iTunes & Appstore.
  • Then, select your Apple ID.
  • View your Apple ID, sign in, and then scroll down to the “Subscriptions” button.
  • Next, select Six Flags (subscription) to review.
  • Now, press the Cancel button.
  • (Note that if you don’t see a “Cancel Subscription” button for Six Flags, it’s already canceled.)
  • It will no longer be renewed). 

How to Cancel a Six Flags Membership on an Android Device

To cancel your Six Flags subscription on Android, you must first understand that simply deleting the Six Flags app will not suffice.

Take the following steps:

  • To begin, go to the Google Play Store.
  • Check that you’re signed into the correct Google account if you have multiple.
  • Navigate to “Subscriptions” by clicking on the menu.
  • Select the Six Flags subscription that you want to cancel and click the “Cancel Subscription” button.
  • Finish as instructed.
  • Once your Six Flags subscription is removed from Google Play, all future subscriptions will be canceled and will no longer be renewed. 

How to Cancel a Paypal Subscription to Six Flags.

To cancel your Six Flags subscription on PayPal, follow these steps:

  • Commence by login into your PayPal account at
  • The settings tab, which is next to the logout option, should be selected.
  • In the Automatic Payments dashboard, click “Manage Automatic Payments” after selecting “Payments” from the menu that appears. 
  • You will be shown a series of merchant agreements with which you have previously transacted.
  • To cancel, select “Six Flags” or “Six Flags Entertainment Corporation.”
  • A confirmation page will be displayed.
  • To confirm that you want to stop making payments to Six Flags, click the “Cancel Automatic Payments” tab.
  • Then, on the verification page, click “Done” to complete the unsubscription. 

How to Terminate a Six Flags Magic Mountain Subscription Online

My Six Flags subscription can only be canceled through the company’s website.

Six Flags Great America subscription termination procedures are as follows:

  • Visit
  • To begin, navigate to the Six Flags official website on your computer or mobile device using your preferred browsing site.
  • To access your account, go to:
  • Navigate to the Six Flags account to make the necessary changes.
  • Choose ‘Manage Account’:
  • Then, under the ‘Members’ section, select the Manage your account tab.
  • Select the ‘Cancel Subscription’ option:
  • Now, scroll down and tap the Rescind My Subscription button. 
  • Enter the following pertinent information: In the following step, enter the account details such as the member’s ‘Last Name’ and the ‘Account ID Number’.
  • Click the green ‘Begin Cancellation’ button: Finally, click the Begin Termination button, which is green at the bottom.

Please keep in mind that if your account is past due, you will be unable to terminate your subscription within the next 24 hours.

Making a List: As a result, we hope you have found the answer to can you cancel a Six Flags membership, as well as Six Flags, and cancel membership early by now.

So, by meeting the aforementioned criteria and following the aforementioned methods, you can manually cancel a Six Flags membership. 

If you have any questions, you can submit a termination request at any time by visiting the Six Flags termination portal.

I hope you found this article useful. 

Six Flags Information

How do I make a payment change at Six Flags?

You can change your credit card or payment information at any time by going to and clicking on “Change Payment Information.”

Updates will be applied immediately.

If you have missed a payment, you can make/apply for payments from this link right away.

Can Vapes be brought into Six Flags?

Selfie sticks, monopods, and other similar devices are not permitted inside Six Flags amusement parks.

Smoking, including e-cigarettes and vaporizers, is only permitted in designated smoking areas.

The parks’ other areas are smoke-free, and smoking is strictly prohibited. 

What are the Six Flags subscription process?

A Six Flags Subscription entitles you to unlimited park visits as well as up to fifty unique and valuable benefits that will make every visit to Six Flags America unforgettable. It’s the best way to experience Six Flags. Sign up for a monthly Subscription today and you will not be charged any signup or processing fees! 

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