How to Clear Cache and Cookies on Samsung Phones

How to Clear Cache and Cookies on Samsung

Hey, sometimes your phone may be slacking and you may not know how to solve this issue. Solving this is very easy to do. It may take you to just clear your device cache memory to get back to that smooth and easygoing device again. In this blog entry, I will be teaching you how to do this on Samsung. Enough of the talking, let us see how we can get this done as you read below.

Supported Samsung Galaxy Device

  1. Samsung Galaxy F34
  2. Samsung Galaxy F32
  3. Samsung Galaxy F31
  4. Samsung Galaxy F30
  5. Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 5
  6. Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 4, Z Fold 3
  7. Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 2
  8. Samsung Galaxy Z Fold
  9. Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 5
  10. Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 4
  11. Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 3
  12. Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 2
  13. Samsung Galaxy Z Flip
  14. Samsung Galaxy M34
  15. Samsung Galaxy M33
  16. Samsung Galaxy M32
  17. Samsung Galaxy M31
  18. Samsung Galaxy M30
  19. Samsung Galaxy F54
  20. Samsung Galaxy F53
  21. Samsung Galaxy F52
  22. Samsung Galaxy F51
  23. Samsung Galaxy F50
  24. Samsung Galaxy A24
  25. Samsung Galaxy A23
  26. Samsung Galaxy A22
  27. Samsung Galaxy A22
  28. Samsung Galaxy A21
  29. Samsung Galaxy A20
  30. Samsung Galaxy F14
  31. Samsung Galaxy F13
  32. Samsung Galaxy F12
  33. Samsung Galaxy F11
  34. Samsung Galaxy F10
  35. Samsung Galaxy M54
  36. Samsung Galaxy M53
  37. Samsung Galaxy M52
  38. Samsung Galaxy M51
  39. Samsung Galaxy M50
  40. Samsung Galaxy A54
  41. Samsung Galaxy A53
  42. Samsung Galaxy A52
  43. Samsung Galaxy A51
  44. Samsung Galaxy A50
  45. Samsung Galaxy A34
  46. Samsung Galaxy A33
  47. Samsung Galaxy A32
  48. Samsung Galaxy A31
  49. Samsung Galaxy A30
  50. Samsung Galaxy M14
  51. Samsung Galaxy M13
  52. Samsung Galaxy M12
  53. Samsung Galaxy M11
  54. Samsung Galaxy M10
  55. Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra
  56. Samsung Galaxy S23 Plus
  57. Samsung Galaxy S23
  58. Samsung Galaxy S23 FE
  59. Samsung Galaxy S22
  60. Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra
  61. Samsung Galaxy S21
  62. Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra
  63. Samsung Galaxy S20
  64. Samsung Galaxy S20 Plus
  65. Samsung Galaxy S20 FE
  66. Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus
  67. Samsung Galaxy S10
  68. Samsung Galaxy S9 Plus
  69. Samsung Galaxy S8 Plus
  70. Samsung Galaxy S7
  71. Samsung Galaxy A14
  72. Samsung Galaxy A13
  73. Samsung Galaxy A12
  74. Samsung Galaxy A11
  75. Samsung Galaxy A10
  76. Samsung Galaxy F04
  77. Samsung Galaxy F03
  78. Samsung Galaxy F02
  79. Samsung Galaxy F01
  80. Samsung Galaxy A04e
  81. Samsung Galaxy A03e
  82. Samsung Galaxy A02
  83. Samsung Galaxy A04s
  84. Samsung Galaxy A03s
  85. Samsung Galaxy Xcover 6
  86. Samsung Galaxy Xcover 5
  87. Samsung Galaxy Xcover 4
  88. Samsung Galaxy Xcover 3
  89. Samsung Galaxy Xcover 2.
How to Clear Cache on Samsung
How to Clear Cache on Samsung

Optimize Your Device and Clear the App Cache with Device Care

Device care is a setting option on your device that assists you in terms of caring for the device software. In case your device should run into any form of issue while running the best thing to do is use the device care to solve the issue and what we are discussing here is one of the ways you can do it. By following these steps, you can easily optimize your device and clear the app cache using Device Care.

Step 1: Access Device Care Settings

Begin by unlocking your smartphone and launching the Settings app. Once inside the settings, scroll or search for the “Battery and Device Care” option. Tap on it to access the Device Care settings.

Step 2: Initiate Optimization

Within the Device Care settings, you’ll find the “Optimize now” option. Tapping this button will trigger Device Care to work its magic. It will not only optimize your device for better performance but also clear out unnecessary cached data from your apps.

Device Care’s Optimization Feature Performs the Following Actions:

  • Closes Background Apps: Device Care efficiently shuts down apps running in the background, which can drain your device’s resources and battery.
  • Manages Battery Usage: It monitors for any irregular battery usage patterns and optimizes power-hungry apps to extend your device’s battery life.
  • Scans for Crashed Apps and Malware: Device Care conducts thorough scans to identify any apps that may have crashed or suspicious activities that might indicate malware.

Automate the Optimization Process:

If you’d like your device to perform this optimization automatically when it’s not in use, follow these additional steps:

  1. Tap “More options” within the Device Care settings.
  2. Choose “Automation.”
  3. Look for “Auto optimize daily” and tap the switch to activate it.

Once you are done, your device will be optimized automatically daily when your phone is free of use.

This settings option offers an effective way to care for your device and keep it free and optimized for use always. By regularly clearing out unnecessary cached data and optimizing background processes, you can enjoy a smoother and more efficient smartphone experience. Plus, with the option to automate the process, you can ensure your device stays in top shape without any extra effort.

How to Clear App Cache on Your Device

If you do not clear the cache memory, over time it will accumulate and take a considerable amount of space on your device. Clearing the cache of specific apps can help free up space and potentially resolve issues with app performance. Follow these straightforward steps to clear the cache of any app on your device:

Step 1: Access the Device Settings

Begin by unlocking your device and locating the Settings app. The Settings app is typically represented by a gear or cogwheel icon. Tap on it to access your device’s settings.

Step 2: Navigate to the Apps Section

Within the Settings menu, scroll down or search for the “Apps” or “Applications” option. 

Step 3: Locate the App to Clear Cache

In the Apps section, you’ll find a list of installed applications. You can either scroll through the list to find the app you want to clear the cache for or use the search bar to quickly locate it. For example, if you want to clear the cache of the Gmail app, locate and tap on “Gmail” in the list.

Step 4: Access the Storage Settings

After selecting the app you want to clear the cache for, you’ll be taken to the app’s information page. To clear the cache, tap on the “Storage” option.

Step 5: Clear the Cache

Within the Storage section, you’ll find various data categories related to the app, including “Cache.” Tap on “Clear cache” to initiate the cache-clearing process.

Keep in mind that clearing the cache won’t delete your app’s essential data, such as login credentials or preferences.

Why Clear Cache on Samsung

Clearing the cache on your Samsung device is like giving it a little spring cleaning. Here’s why it’s important and how it helps:

  1. Speeds Up Your Device: As you use apps, they store temporary data called cache. Over time, this cache can pile up and slow down your device. Clearing it makes your device run faster and smoother.
  2. Frees Up Space: Cache takes up storage space on your phone or tablet. By clearing it, you create room for more photos, videos, and apps.
  3. Fixes App Problems: If an app is acting up—crashing, freezing, or not working as it should—clearing its cache can often make it behave better. It’s like a reset button for that app.
  4. Protects Your Privacy: Cached data might contain personal information, like your login details or browsing history. Clearing it helps keep your private info safe.
  5. Routine Maintenance: Think of it as regular upkeep for your device. Just like you clean your house or car, clearing the cache keeps your Samsung device in good shape.
  6. After App Updates: When you update an app, it’s a good idea to clear its cache. This ensures it works smoothly with the new version.

So, clearing your Samsung device’s cache is a smart way to keep it running well, free up space, fix app issues, protect your privacy, and make sure it stays speedy and efficient. It’s like a little tune-up for your Smartphone!


Were you able to clear your cache on Samsung after reading this piece? Please leave a comment if you have another issue that has not been attended to in this post.

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