How to Fix Samsung Screen Not working But Phone is On

How to Fix Samsung Screen Not working But Phone is On

Our cell phones have become a vital part of our lives in today’s fast-paced world, acting as a means of information, communication, and entertainment. Consider your dismay when your Samsung phone’s screen refuses to cooperate, leaving you perplexed and unconnected. This post seeks to give practical alternatives for when your Samsung screen stops working but the phone continues to function normally.

Supported Samsung Galaxy Device

Samsung Galaxy F34, Samsung F32, Samsung F31, Samsung F30, Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 5, Z Fold 4, Z Fold 3, Z Fold 2, Z Fold, Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 5, Z Flip 4, Z Flip 3, Z Flip 2, Z Flip, Samsung Galaxy M34, Samsung M33, Samsung M32, Samsung M31, Samsung M30, Samsung Galaxy F54, Samsung F53, Samsung F52, Samsung F51, Samsuing F50, Samsung Galaxy A24, Samsung A23, Samsung A22, Samsung A22, Samsung A21, Samsung A20, Samsung Galaxy F14, Samsung F13, Samsung F12, Samsung F11, Samsung F10, Samsung Galaxy M54, Samsung M53, Samsung M52, Samsung M51, Samsung M50, Samsung Galaxy A54, Samsung A53, Samsung A52, Samsung A51, Samsung A50, Samsung Galaxy A34, Samsung A33, Samsung A32, Samsung A31, Samsung A30, Samsung Galaxy M14, Samsung M13, Samsung M12, Samsung M11, Samsung M10, Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra, Samsung S23 Plus, Samsung S23, Samsung S22, Samsung S22 Ultra, Samsung S21, Samsung S21 Ultra, Samsung S20, Samsung S20 Plus, Samsung Galaxy A14, Samsung A13, Samsung A12, Samsung A11, Samsung A10, Samsung Galaxy F04, Samsung F03, Samsung F02, Samsung F01, Samsung Galaxy A04e, Samsung A03e, Samsung A02, Samsung A04s, Samsung A03s, Samsung Galaxy Xcover 6, Samsung Xcover 5, Samsung Xcover 4, Samsung Xcover 3, Samsung Xcover 2.

Common Cause of Screen Failure

A faulty screen can be caused by a variety of circumstances, ranging from hardware faults to software flaws. Before getting into troubleshooting, it is critical to understand these alternatives.

Display hardware difficulties might occur as a result of a loose connection between the display components or an entirely defective screen. Software glitches, on the other hand, can stem from third-party apps conflicting with the device’s operating system or outdated software. Furthermore, physical damage, such as a drop or water exposure, can significantly impair the screen’s functionality.

Steps for Troubleshooting

When dealing with a non-responsive screen, it’s critical to take a methodical approach to diagnosing and perhaps resolving the problem.

Basic Procedures

Starting with the basics can frequently provide unexpected consequences. Start by resetting your phone, since this can occasionally remove temporary issues. Check for any outstanding software upgrades, since these releases frequently include bug fixes and enhancements that might help with the problem. Furthermore, temporarily deactivating third-party applications can aid in determining which apps are generating issues.

Advanced Procedures

More complex troubleshooting methods might be done for persistent situations. A soft reset is accomplished by removing the battery (if feasible) and holding down the power button for 15 seconds before restarting the device. Booting the phone into safe mode disables all third-party apps, helping to pinpoint if the problem lies within one of these apps. As a last resort, a factory reset can be considered, although this should be approached with caution as it erases all data.

Dealing with Hardware Issues

If the issue is hardware-related, performing the necessary procedures may be able to restore the screen’s functioning.

Checking for Physical Damage

Examine your phone for physical damage, such as fractures or water damage. Physical damage is frequently a clear indicator of the origins of a problem. If there is obvious damage, it is advisable to seek expert assistance rather than attempting repairs yourself.

Reconnecting Display Cables

Gently reconnecting any loose display wires can occasionally remedy the issue for people who are comfortable opening their devices. This is especially important if the screen malfunctions as a result of a fall or accident.

Seeking Professional Help

If the problem persists or you are uneasy with DIY methods, call Samsung support or visit an authorized service facility. Certified technicians have the knowledge and experience to effectively diagnose and repair hardware-related issues.

Addressing Software Glitches

Many software bugs can be fixed with a few easy actions.

Clearing Cache and Data

Clear the cache and data from the afflicted app’s settings. This can help to resolve any conflicts that are impeding the app’s operation.

Software Updates

Updating your phone’s software is critical for optimal functioning. Check for software updates on a regular basis and install them as soon as possible to benefit from bug fixes and upgrades.

Hard Resetting the Device

In severe instances, a hard reset may be required. This involves performing a factory reset from the device’s recovery menu. Remember, this step erases all data, so be sure to back up your important information beforehand.

DIY Fixes for Minor Physical Damage

A few do-it-yourself fixes for minor physical damage may be sufficient.

Screen Protector Removal

If you have a cracked screen protector, removing it may help to improve touch sensitivity. After that, replace it with a new protection.

Heat Application

Gently reheat the afflicted part of the screen using a hairdryer set to low heat. This can occasionally correct display difficulties caused by small thermal aberrations.

Pressure Application

Applying mild pressure near the faulty location may help to re-establish connection points. However, take care not to apply too much force and cause more harm.

Preventing Future Issues

Preventing reoccurring difficulties with your Samsung screen is critical.

Making Use of a Case and a Screen Protector

Investing in a sturdy case and high-quality screen protector provides an added layer of protection against accidental drops and scratches.

Using the Device With Caution

Handle your phone with care to avoid accidental drops or mishandling. Simple safeguards can go a long way toward protecting your device’s functioning.

Can I fix a cracked screen myself?

While it is feasible to attempt to repair a broken screen yourself, a few variables must be considered before beginning. DIY screen repair can be difficult and may not always produce the best results. If you’re handy with electronics and don’t mind dismantling your phone, you might attempt changing the screen yourself by following online instructions or guidelines. However, bear the following in mind:

  • Risk of Further Damage: Disassembling a phone without the right understanding might result in extra harm, exacerbating the condition.
  • Specialized Tools: Repairing a screen frequently necessitates the use of specialized equipment and adhesives that are not always readily available.
  • Voided Warranty: If your phone is still under warranty, performing DIY repairs may invalidate it, leaving you without manufacturer assistance.
  • Quality Issues: Non-official replacement screens may not be of the same quality as the original, compromising touch sensitivity, color accuracy, and overall performance.
  • Time and ability: Do-it-yourself repairs can take time and demand a certain amount of ability and patience.

If the fracture is minimal, you can consider applying a screen protector or transparent tape to avoid future damage. For major cracks or if you’re hesitant about the process, it’s best to get professional assistance from authorized service facilities or experts who have the necessary skills and instruments to assure a successful repair.


A broken screen on your Samsung phone can be an unpleasant experience, but with the correct knowledge and troubleshooting methods, you can usually cure the problem on your own. You’ll be more able to bring your screen back to life if you diagnose the problem methodically and examine both hardware and software elements. Remember that getting expert assistance is always an option, particularly for sophisticated hardware concerns.


Will a factory reset wipe off all of my data?

Yes, a factory reset will return your phone to its original settings, wiping off all data. Before you begin, make a backup of your crucial data.

How can I avoid software bugs?

Update your device’s software on a regular basis, and be cautious when installing third-party programs. Before downloading apps, use reliable sources and check reviews.

Is it worthwhile to fix an outdated phone with a broken screen?

It is determined by the severity of the problem and the general state of the phone. If the cost of repair exceeds the worth of the gadget, it may be time to consider an upgrade.

Is it possible to repair a damaged screen at home?

While tiny cracks may occasionally be repaired with heat or pressure, it is best to seek expert help for thorough repair.

Why is my screen unresponsive even after a restart?

Persistent unresponsiveness might indicate a more serious hardware issue. Try booting into safe mode to rule out software conflicts, but if the problem persists, seek technical help.

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