How to turn on Hisense Tv without Remote

Hisense TVs are very famous for their high-quality videos, sound quality, built-in wifi, and low budget. For you to control any smart tv, you will need a remote control. In instances where you have lost your remote control, or the remote has become ineffective, even with less functionality, you can control your Hisense Tv without the use of remote control.

How to turn on Hisense TV without a remote Control

By Using the Power buttons on the TV

Virtually all Hisense TV like the smart tv, ECT has some control button.
This can be the most simple solution for your usage If you don’t have a remote to turn on your tv.

By Using a Universal Remote Controls

A universal remote control can help you to organize any of your home gadgets. You can also use this to switch on your TV when you don’t have a remote.

To get started, pair it with the tv, you will need some universal codes to pair both devices. The codes are:

  • 0848
  • 0508
  • 0156
  • 0009
  • 0073
  • 0216
  • 0696
  • 1170
  • 0220
  • 0780
  • 0219

You should power on your Tv manually, then bring the Universal remote to your tv.

Press the tv button on it for some time. Stop the pressing of the button when the LED light of the remote turns on.

Enter those codes listed above one by one by dialing it on the remote. If you enter the correct code, the LED light will flash twice.

If it tells you it is the wrong code, then enter another one to get the proper code. Repeat the same technique till you get the correct code.

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After finding the right code, then you can proceed to turn on or off your Tv using the Universal remote control.

Hisense TV

By using the Google Assistant

Google Assistant will make it simple to control your smart home gadgets. You can even control your Hisense tv by utilizing Google assistant.

Firstly you will need to Play the Store or App Store depending on the type of mobile device.
Install the “Google Home” app. Your Mobile phone and Tv should be connected on the same wifi.
Now scroll down the app. You will see the name of your Tv there. Click on it to connect the Tv with the app.

After doing the above that you can directly control this on a mobile screen through the app. Or you can give a voice command to the Google Assistant
Now give the Google assistant a command like ” OK Google switch tv on”, It will turn on the Tv without a remote control.

By using a Mobile App

With the use of a mobile app, you can easily turn on your Hisense Tv without a remote. You can turn your phone to the remote control. Not only that, but you can also control many other things using this app. Although there is no official application for Hisense TV.

Still, some apps can be used to turn on your Hisense Tv without a remote control. There are two operating systems for Hisense Tv. The Roku OS and the Android OS.

For RokuOS Hisense TVs

The “Roku Hisense TV Remote”, can be downloaded from Play Store and App Store. Using this app, you can turn on your TV and also access other Amazing functions.

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First, you have to download the application from the play store on a mobile phone.
After downloading the app, install it

Then, open the app to find the name of your Tv on the app. Click on the name after finding it and pair it with your TV.

  • Search for the “Remote Tab” below the screen and click on it.
  • Now, a power button will appear in the body of the app screen. Tap on it to turn on your Tv.

Hisense Android TV

The steps are similar to the Roku Hisense TV. With this, you’ll make use of the app “Android Remote TV”.

  • Download and Install the application.
  • Then launch it on your phone and agree with the stated conditions.
  • Then search for your tv, After finding it, tap on it to pair it with the application on the phone.
  • After pairing it, you will see a “power button” at the center of your mobile phone screen. Click it to turn on your tv.


What should you do when you can’t turn on your Hisense Tv

Inspect the position of the power cord of your Tv. Plug it into another wall socket, If it’s still not back to normal, repeat this process after waiting for 60 seconds.

How do I Reset Hisense TV without a Remote

If your Hisense TV does not deliver high-quality images or audio, it would be of great help if you can reset the picture or sound settings.

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Below are the steps to restore your TV to its factory settings.

Locate the Reset small button behind your TV. Depending on the model, the Reset button might be located at the side.

Get a small pin, screwdriver, or paper clip and press the button. Hold tight the screwdriver until the TV restarts.

N.B Before using this method to reset your TV, try to disconnect and reconnect its Tv plug. If the problem continues, you can use the step listed above to perform a hard reset.

How do I Program my favorite Channels on Hisense TV without a Remote Control?

The following steps can help you to set the channels on a Hisense TV. Nevertheless, it might not work for all TV models from the brand.

  • Turn on your Hisense TV
  • Click on the Menu button on the television
  • Navigate through the screen with the channel buttons and go to “Setup”
  • Stop at Program channels. If you are using an external Antenna, select “Antenna” although “Cable” is ideal for satellite TV.
  • Complete the process by clicking on “Digital Scan”

How do I change the input settings of my Hisense Tv

You can change the input settings of your Hisense TV, Even if you can’t find the remote control, the following steps can help you operate the devices.

Press the input button at the bottom or side of the TV.

Use the Up and Down buttons to scroll through the inputs and select your preferred option

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